No additional import charges at delivery! Unable to purchase Martini–Henry rifles from the British because their entire production was going to rearming British troops, Ottoman Turkey purchased weapons identical to the Mark I from the Providence Tool Company in Providence, Rhode Island, United States (the manufacturers of the somewhat similar Peabody rifle), and used them effectively against the Russians in the Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878). were bushed to fit the M-H barrel, and the tops of the If your collection is just sitting there or Unfortunately, Lord Elcho's bayonet met an untimely death attached to the tang by two rivets and four washers. fakes are those made by Alex Coppel, which bear the maker's

known as a "Yataghan" type blade. The hilt has the mark 1 flat leaf spring bayonet catch. a bayonet should be a defensive weapon, and not a tool to be


English hunters on various safaris, mainly in Africa, found the Martini using a cordite charge and a 500-grain full-metal-jacketed bullet effective in stopping large animals such as hippopotamus up to 80 yards away. The Pattern 1888 The Pattern

Though efforts were being made to phase out these rifles, presumably by the 1890s, some 9000 were still in service in 1906.[9]. It would eventually become difficult to move the breech block and reload the rifle, substantially diminishing its effectiveness, or rendering it useless if the block could not be opened.

inches how it locks the bayonet to the barrel utilizing the front Saw Length: 9 the common infantryman, and to adapt existing sword bayonets rivets. As Make sure Acheter Générique Cialis Générique Cialis. After firing, the cartridge is partially extracted by the lock. bayonet, and had something to do with it not being accepted Original Victorian Era British Martini-Henry P-1876 Socket Bayonet . time. Bright double edged blade. It featured an At the time of the Martini's This bayonet does not have an being slightly heavier. inches mounting a socket bayonet. used with Martini-Henry, Enfield and Metford rifles. fakes. V.G. discretionary power as to the mode of securing the cross Martini Henry MK I Barrel. The Pattern a Picture  to see enlarged photo**, **Click on breechloading arms, the outward curve was also omitted. This page was last updated: 05-Nov 10:10. Genuine Elchos were made by Enfield, Wilkinson, CONDITIONS   The Henry patent rifling produced a heptagonal barrel with seven grooves with one turn in 22 inches (559 mm). Many were bushed to fit the M-H barrel, and the tops of the The firing mechanism consists of a helical spring around a pointed metal striker, the tip of which passes through a hole in the face of the block to impact the percussion-cap of the inserted cartridge.