They are both named after iconic US military assault weapons as Mark is proud of his country and his association with the US military. It will feel heavier when static, but much lighter when it’s moving. Covid-19 continues to impact our suppliers. Our 2020 Titanium Hammer Buying Guide Mark Martinez is clearly a man who can’t stop working and sure enough, he found himself one day in his local tool store cradling a claw hammer thinking, “I can do better than this.” So he got back in touch with some of his key players from his days at Stiletto and basically said, “Hey I’m putting the band back together.”. Interested in buying a Manual drive Push Reel Mower? What did I pay for it…..the same relative price as a framing nailer.

We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Klein 803-12 Ball Peen Hammer Hickory 12-1/2 Inches Ace Tool Price: $25.76 . There are situations where a nailer can’t be used in lieu of a hammer. The way you hold a hammer in your hand and the arc of your blow means that as the head strikes the nail the face is actually 5 degrees off the square!

Milled or smooth face, straight or curved grip. Most certainly yes! Keep an M79 head in your toolbox and swap it out onto your Martinez shaft any time you like. But rest assured that we’re still here, open and continuing to build and ship our tools to you. Footnote : If anyone that knows me is reading this I would  like to point out I have a birthday coming up! I doubt there is any other possibility. He wants to celebrate some of that in his products and it’s a theme he will continue to carry through all his other products. Construction workers are always going to break hammers, but what if you could replace the head simply and easily in two minutes flat and be back to earning PDQ? No more hammer slip when wet or sweaty! I guess that Occidental is acting as a distributor for Martinez. Mark has proven that this system put ⅓ more force into the nail than a solid titanium hammer! A 12 oz ( 14, 16 etc ) titanium body and steel head hammer will do exactly the same job as a same shape ( probably patented that side nail puller ) no name steel hammer. Looks like they are still that price Brian. with the head weighing 15-ounces alone. The titanium-handled and wood handled steel head hammers are made in the USA. He was the man who created the first Titanium hammer when he owned Stiletto and then steered them to huge success.

Build Your Custom Martinez Titanium Hammer, Pre-order today!

Whilst it maintains its ability to maximize the power of the tool, it is much more controllable M79 Sledge Hammers £70. There is no magic in it. Martinez Tools M1 Titanium Handle 15oz Milled Steel Head Curved Grip Framing Hammer, Martinez Tools M1 Titanium Handle 15oz Milled Steel Head Straight Grip Framing Hammer, Martinez Tools M1 Titanium Handle 15oz Smooth Steel Head Curved Grip Framing Hammer, Martinez Tools M1 Titanium Handle 15oz Smooth Steel Head Straight Grip Framing Hammer, Martinez Tools M4 Titanium Handle 12oz Smooth Face Steel Head Curved Grip Finish Hammer, Martinez Tools M4 Titanium Handle 12oz Dimple Face Steel Head Curved Grip Finish Hammer, Martinez Tools M4 Titanium Handle 12oz Smooth Face Steel Head Straight Grip Finish Hammer, Martinez Tools M4 Titanium Handle 12oz Dimple Face Steel Head Straight Grip Finish Hammer. A: Yes and you can also put an M1 head on the shorter M4 shaft.

Too much weight and the club would drag you off the front of the tee like Thor when he throws his mighty hammer ! It doesn’t look so new anymore.

These tools are made with titanium handles which reduce the shock levels when using the tool.

Mark Martinez, creator of the highly regarded Stiletto Titanium Hammers, is back with a new generation of framing and finish hammers and other specialty tools. I'm Jim Waugh a 50 something tool mad Scot who grew up on a farm. Just received an M4 today. Limited quantities. Mark’s original titanium hammer design created a one piece titanium unit which, whilst it was light and a dream to wield, it had a significant drawback ! I’ve got the Martinez M4, with curved handle and dimpled face. This website uses Google Analytics combined with Monster Insights to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site and the most popular pages. In his original thread starting post @dirtywhiteboy said they were $269 at his Woodcraft store, I think the 169 was a typo. I use it about as much for demolition work as I … You wouldn’t expect to buy a Hummer for the price of a Ford Pickup would you? By keeping the titanium shaft light and making the head heavy, Mark has managed to keep the overall weights the same as the Stiletto equivalent but has transferred more power into hammer face. You could say these are weapons of mass construction. I paid $225 for mine, have they gone up since?

They meet Mark, his team and the tools. These will only be released in limited quantities a few times per year. $297 tax included. M4 Titanium Handle 12oz Smooth Steel Wide Claw Head Straight Grip Finish Hammer USD $ 254.95 Add to cart Martinez Tools 19oz Wood Handle Steel Head Framing Hammer This is frankly the ultimate hand hammer, the last hammer you will ever need buy! Kevin I’m not even trying or dare to question you or somebody else about how you spend your money. COVID-19 has changed the world and our way of life. Mark saw this as a flaw and one of his main drivers when creating his system. Ace Tool Price: $28.51 .

Please know that we will email you shipping confirmation the day your order ships. $350 tax included from atlasmachinery for a 12 oz hammer. Too little weight and that little white ball is going nowhere ! Klein 803-24 Ball Peen Hammer Hickory 15 in. Well, the good folks at Martinez have stopped all that nonsense with their replaceable handles. Thank you for visiting Martinez Tools!

But if I used everyday as tool I needed to make a living I would most likely buy one. The pendulum effect of the weight in the head helps speed up the swing. They reduce the shock of the blow transferring up along the arm of the user. Compatible with the M4 Dimple Head, M4 Smooth Head and the M4 Wide Claw.

Mark has taken his quest to transfer more power to the nail a step further. This Martinez weapons grade series of titanium shafted hammers are clearly the top of the tree when it comes to hand hammers for professional use. I must be too cheap. Instant install and removal. $297 tax included. The overall shaft length at 14 inches is 2 inches shorter than the M1.

With options of a Straight grip or curved grip, you can choose whichever you would prefer to maximise efficiency and productivity. Co., Inc. for their amazing level vials, Made In America strong!

Before you place an order, we’d like to let everyone know the following: For additional information please contact I paid $225 for mine, have they gone up since? The first solid Titanium hammer can be traced back to the year 1998. Stiletto TBM14RMS TiBone Mini-14 ounce Replaceable Milled Face Hammer with a Straight 16" Titanium Handle 4.5 out of 5 stars 23 $249.99 $ 249 . Hope to be able to try it out soon. Close this message if you are happy to receive all cookies on our website or find out more here.

As the years passed more and more people discovered all of the benefits of them and now with each passing year their popularity only grows. M4 Titanium Handle 12oz Dimple Steel Head Curved Grip Finish Hammer, M4 Titanium Handle 12oz Smooth Steel Head Curved Grip Finish Hammer, M79 SLEDGE HEAD INSTALLED ON M1 FRAMING HANDLE WITH CURVED GRIP, Martinez M1 Titanium Handle 15oz Milled Steel Head Curved Grip Framing Hammer, Martinez M1 Titanium Handle 15oz Smooth Steel Head Curved Grip Framing Hammer, Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. We are deligently working to get these orders shipped as soon as possible. The handle is made from material created for the golf industry, where grip is everything. Mark Martinez invented the solid titanium framing hammer in the late 1990s and produced it under the Stiletto Tools … The Martinez modular system is not cheap. For a professional who swings a hammer every day, either is a first choice.

That price is more then what I would pay for a hammer. A bit cheaper than the hammer. That first pic is before I ever used it.

I just ordered a 20V, 18 gauge Dewalt nailer from the same company. The M4 is a finish / siding hammer with a 12 oz head. Registered England No 4519982, Apply for a Trade Account and Save on Time and Money, Heavy Section Washered Hex Head Tek Screws, Light Section Washered Hex Head Tek Screws. The whole thing comes apart in seconds. I can see the confusion on your faces from here! To replace your grip, simply run a craft knife down the back edge, peel it off and slip a new one down the shaft. Both feature the awesome Martinez titanium shaft.

Unsure whether you should get one? You lose some of that power on the strike, so by angling his hammer faces off by 5 degrees, Mark has simply straightened out the curve.