OUT OF STOCK (0) WARNE MAXIMA MARLIN LEVERED 2PC BSE. Heavy on the pistol calibers, Marlin is featuring the 1894CST, a threaded barrel carbine chambered in .38 Special/.357 Magnum. Our Price: $39.95 .

Features: Mounts rock solid to withstand the heaviest recoil. The ODHA is an organization dedicated to preserving wildlife, hunting, reloading, and recreational shooting. This is probably the most accurate load I have found so far.

In Stock MI-MAR336A Marlin® 336 Hand Guard Adaptor 100 % Made in the USA. OUT OF STOCK (0) Marlin 70404 1894 Dark 44 Mag 7+1 16.25 Black Hardwood Black Pa. OUT OF STOCK (0) MIDWEST 1894 MARLIN TOP RAIL. A .357 bullet fired from a carbine has more energy at 150 yards  than the same round has from a revolver at the muzzle! XS patented Lever Scout™ Picatinny Style rail allows easy forward mounting of Scout Scopes or Red Dot Sights. Weaver makes a couple of long mounts that conflict with the iron sites. … Built tough from lightweight aircraft aluminum. Start lower and work up to max loads for your particular gun. Average Rating: 5 of 5 Total Reviews: 24 Write a ... Super happy with how this rail compliments my Marlin. I wish there were more threaded models available. Site fueled by HYDRA. After all, I will be using the same .357 ammo in my revolver as the rifle. I like the looks of the old scope on this rifle and it made 50 yard testing easy (my 100 range is closed at this time). When deer season is over, I can adjust the scope back to 38’s. This doesn’t work too well with the  .357 rifle because the point of impact between 38’s and hot .357 Magnum loads is about 6-8″ different at 50 yards. Pulsar Thermal Night Vision – New for 2020.

Lever Scout mounts fit round barrel guns only, not available for octagon barrel guns. Besides the 38/357 chamberings, Marlin is making the new carbines available in .44 Special/.44 Magnum. Remember – Never try to load .357’s for rifle hotter than a revolver. Monday—Friday: When Not Hunting Complete kit is provided for home assembly. MI Marlin® M-Lok T1/Micro Red Dot Side Mount 100 % Made in the USA. American Made Mounts rock solid to withstand the heaviest recoil. Hard anodized for surface hardness and scratch resistance. Factory .357 loads ranged from 1500 fps up to 2000 feet per second depending on the brand of ammo. For testing I added an old 3X weaver. With MSRP set for around $1,100 for the two models detailed below, rumors are hinting at a street price of about $900. I know some people say a scope on a lever action carbine looks pretty lame but my eyes are not the best any more so I thought I would put a low power scope on it to see what kind of accuracy I could get with .357’s and 38’s. The results below were better than I expected. Maximum loads of Hodgdon Lil’ Gun powder pushes Hornady 158 grain bullets at over 2100 fps. You may also want to read about the Ruger 77/357 review and test. Some do not like the safety but others do. Crafted from lightweight & tough anodized aluminum, The Marlin Model 1894CS chambered for .357 Magnum (also uses 38 Spl) is a great little rifle and cartridge combination, especially if you already own a .357 Magnum or 38 Special revolver. Designed for Marlin® 1895/1894 Rifles with handguard cap; ... Marlin 1894 CST upgrade w/ Midwest Industries Handguard . This System allows shooting Drop-in installation using the rear sight dovetail and front receiver screw holes. It extends a little beyond the receiver which gives more mounting options than two piece bases would. I first saw the Ruger 77/357 at a Ducks Unlimited event and went out the next day get one, only to find out it is almost impossible to find. What model Marlin is needing an XS Sights upgrade? My only suggestion would be to use a better torx bit than the one supplied. Picatinny Style rail allows easy forward mounting of Scout The country of origin is United States. Pulsar Thermion XQ50 Thermal Scope With the new XS Lever Rail you can use: XS patented Lever Scout™ From the looks of the information posted in this thread on AR15.com, there are a number of new lever action rifles poised to hit the market.

The Marlin Model 1894CS chambered for .357 Magnum (also uses 38 Spl) is a great little rifle and cartridge combination, especially if you already own a .357 Magnum or 38 Special revolver. Our Price: $34.95 (Out of Stock) MI-1894R Marlin® 1894 Rail 100 % Made in the USA. For accuracy, Winchester 296 really did great, producing 1800 fps velocity with 158 grain bullets. Since I want to hunt with my rifle more than use it for target shooting, I zeroed it for hand loaded .357 Magnums and put the 38’s back on the shelf. Long sought after by silencer lovers, lever gun hosts were sent to gunsmiths for barrel threading and, in many cases, magazine tube shortening. That being said, I have been on the prowl for a .357 rifle for several months. with both eyes open for quick moving target acquisition. With the right loads, this rifle is quite capable of taking deer out to 100 yards. My next move was to look at the lever action guns by Marlin, Rossi and Henry. Posted December 28, 2017 in Breaking News, Companies, Rifles by Pete with 77 CommentsTags: 1894, 1894CST, lever action, Marlin, Suppressor ready. There is one drawback to the rifle. $2,495.00. It shoots pretty flat and enough power for deer out to a 100 yards or so. My goal was to get 2000 fps using a 158 grain bullet, so I backed off a full grain of powder to 18.0 grains of Lil’ Gun pushing the 158’s to a tad over 2000 fps. Never fear, I have a loading press and when you have a rifle that shoots pistol ammo, hand loading makes this combo shine. gives you plenty of options. The 1894CS is the small frame version of Marlin’s classic lever action hunting rifle.

It is a challenge to find the right scope mount for the rifle. I ordered the one that works with Leupold dovetail rings but I would have had to take the rear site off the gun to use it. Editor In Chief- TFB It broke when I … Marlin 70403 1894 Walnut Stock Lever .45 LC 20 10+1 American Bl. Along with the hand loads, I had three factory .357 Magnum loads I wanted to chronograph.

Did not want to do that so I finally found a two-piece Weaver mount that uses Weaver type rings made for a Marlin 336 that worked. Crafted from lightweight & tough anodized aluminum, Requires no gunsmithing. the new XS Lever Rail for Marlin, Can use with Weaver or Picatinny ringsXS Lever Scout Mount™. Scopes or Red Dot Sights. Although details are slim at the moment, information from multiple sources is revealing a variety of new Marlin lever action rifles set to be available to consumers soon. The “C” indicates it has a carbine length barrel and the “S” indicates it is the more modern version with the cross bolt safety which has been around since 1983/84. Aim for Hope - Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative. After getting the scope on the .357, I loaded up several different 38 Special and .357 Magnum loads with 158 and 125 grain lead and jacketed bullets for testing. Install was easy and quality is great. And the difference is not just elevation. This is a very well made scope rail and was a perfect fit on my Marlin 1894 44 mag.

Tags: 1894, 1894CST, lever action, Marlin, Suppressor ready. Built tough from lightweight aircraft aluminum.