Check the struts and the underside of the car for any oil leaks. Watch out for balance shaft and idler gear issues in the M272 and M273 engines. The resulting reduction in exhaust emissions is also due to a large extent to the optimized catalytic converter system.

It produces 730 PS (537 kW; 720 hp) at 5800 rpm[1] and 1,000 N⋅m (738 lb⋅ft) of torque at 2250-4500 rpm. Luckily, there are repair kits available on the market these days, which makes this a much smaller issue.

js = d.createElement(s); = id; The hydraulic pump will need replacing at some point (very expensive). In response to the failing OM651-powered cars, Mercedes-Benz initially decided to replace the faulty injectors with new ones, but eventually, scrapped the piezoelectric injectors completely.

Driving with air leaks will prematurely kill the air pump because then it has to turn on more often to replace the escaping air.

The Mercedes-Benz M273 engine was a 90-degree V8 petrol engine that was If you are in the market to buy a Mercedes-Benz W221 with one of these direct-injection engines, definitely check if the engine doesn’t rattle during a cold start. Coolant entering the combustion chamber can also cause increased smoking and a rough idle. It wasn’t an official recall, but in reality, it kind of was. The final solution to the injector problems was to recall the cars to fit solenoid injectors, which is an older but proven technology.

Several variations of the M275 V12 Bi-turbo engine have p… The air suspension in Mercedes-Benz cars can react in the same way, and it’s capable of changing the ride height and damping stiffness. The M275 is based on the M137 – a naturally aspirated V12 engine that had some issues. These are standard systems used in virtually all road cars. Output is 410 kW (557 PS; 550 hp) at 5250 rpm with 900 N⋅m (664 lb⋅ft) of torque at 2300-3000 rpm. Humming or howling noise between idle and 2000 RPM means that the pulsation damper has failed. This means that nearly all (if not all) Mercedes-Benz W221 models with the M276, M278 and M157 engines are affected. Well, this is partially correct because the first Mercedes-Benz hybrid was a bus: This section contains Mercedes-Benz W221 specifications. It is very labour intensive, which makes it a very expensive repair. Replace the camshaft adjustment solenoids. Part number A000 998 55 90: two small expansion plugs (approximately Both types of noises are a bad sign. Latest model £170,000 a 2004/ 2005 £35,000 - £40,000. If it takes much longer than that, the pump may be on its way out. Keep in mind that disabling emissions controlling equipment is considered illegal in most countries. M275 V12 Bi-Turbo Platform - Technical discussion relating to models sharing the M275 V12 Bi-Turbo (V12 TT). Here’s how the ABC is different from coil spring suspension: hydraulic piston pump (generates pressure for the entire system), four struts (a strut is coil spring, shock absorber and hydraulic actuator integrated into one unit), two accumulators (nitrogen spheres) – one per car axle, pulsation damper and return accumulator (two more nitrogen spheres), hydraulic hoses that connect all of the above. Luckily, there are repair kits available on the market these days, which makes this a much smaller issue. Things to check regarding the Vario roof: Check for any dampness in the footwells and carpets.

The first indication of a problem is the “Check Engine” light and P0017 or P0016 error codes. The roof lock cylinder is usually the first one to fail. The oil cooler issues were on the non turbo 2001-2002 5.8 v12 Mercedes . You will also find technical information regarding the engines used in these cars.

engines without vacuum pump). Some people got burned by trying to fix their Airmatic suspensions at a Mercedes-Benz dealership. This car may be equipped with hydro-pneumatic suspension called Active Body Control (ABC). Once the affected cars have been sorted out by the recall, the system is reasonably reliable. In older Citroen cars, which were famous for their hydro-pneumatic suspensions, there is a nitrogen sphere at each wheel that serves the function of both the shock absorber and the spring. The M275 is better in this regard, but it’s still a huge engine that fills out the engine bay completely, so replacing parts can be a nightmare. If any of the bolts holding the cylinder heads break off, a severe head gasket leak may appear. The ABC is a complex, high-performance system and it will be more expensive to maintain than standard suspension or even the Airmatic. Illumination of the check engine light; and. The ride should be smooth and at the same time, there should be very little body lean when cornering or braking. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Coupled with steel that isn’t very corrosion resistant and no galvanizing process, the early R230 models are susceptible to corrosion. As for potential camshaft wear in M156 engines, the safest thing to do would be to remove the valve covers and inspect the camshaft for wear before buying a second-hand SL 63 AMG.