termine de assistir Lost, hoje, mas fiquei triste, porque nao entendi o final.

Sayid dies midway through season six saving his friends from a bomb, and Sun and Jin die later in the same episode, drowning together in a sinking submarine.

Hurley and Ben Talking Outside the Church, This scene takes place around Part 2, 29:13.

The first episode opened on a shot of Jack's eye opening, and the series ended on a similar shot of his eyes closing, bookending the series on Jack's point of view. The version that aired on ABC May 23, 2010 has a runtime of 104 minutes, while the version on Netflix comes in at 86 minutes on the U.S. site—two parts that are 43 minutes apiece. Kate, Rose (L. Scott Caldwell), Bernard (Sam Anderson), Sawyer, Desmond, Penny (Sonya Walger), and Claire all survive the finale, and presumably die at some point in the years afterward.

But Lost's finale was a beautifully simplistic finish to an often convoluted series.

I imagine that when we’re allowed to hug our friends again, the flood of what pre-pandemic life felt like will come rushing back, the same way island life did for Locke, Kate, Sun, Jin, Sawyer, Juliet, and all of the rest. It doesn't pack a high laughs-per-minute ratio, but that's not really what he's going for in this series. A seven season micro-budget mockumentary might sound like hard work, but actually you'll find yourself chomping your way through this hidden gem in no time. When we’re not watching old TV shows and movies or setting up video chats with friends we haven’t seen in years, we’re cleaning out our closets and attics, immersing ourselves in mementos and old photographs that transport us to 1985, or 1999, or 2010, when we hosted that amazing Lost finale watch party and served all our guests homemade Dharma fish biscuits. When Christian opens the doors at the end of the episode and light floods the church, it's safe to assume that signifies "moving on," whatever that means. laying alongside a fatally injured Jack—was simply beautiful. He hated that the finale barely tried to answer the questions. Kevin Spacey plays conniving congressman Frank Underwood, who will walk over anyone's dead body (maybe literally?) And they needed you.” In the end, Lost, above all other things, was about how crucial it is to love and have the backs of your fellow humans. Complete your LOST collection with this spectacular 5-disc set, and experience the final 16 episodes of a landmark in television history. Not fantastic, but more original than a lot of the Scandi dramas out there.

After Jack is appointed as Jacob's successor as protector of the island, he promptly gets into a knife fight with the Man in Black, where he's mortally wounded. Season 1 is up now, and season 2 is right around the corner (arrives 6 June). Facebook. One Redditor reported that a scene between Widmore and Desmond that took place during a benefit concert was also cut. While Christian Shephard explains to Jack that the church exists to help all of the Oceanic 815 survivors "move on" with the people who'd been most significant to them in their lives, that doesn't explain what Christian himself is doing there, along with infants Aaron and Ji Yeon. Dja Dja Wurrung Totem, Like watching a standard ABC sitcom if the entire cast were on amphetamines. It's a potentially hokey premise, but there is something beautiful in the fact that there is so much of the series that we don't understand, and yet it doesn't matter. But while the series' first season was mostly focused on the Oceanic survivors simply trying to stay alive in their new tropical home, subsequent seasons became increasingly more convoluted as the show delved into the bizarre history of the island, its strange electromagnetic properties, and the mysteriously intertwined histories of the survivors themselves. So make sure your carry-on luggage is stowed, your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position, and that your seat belt is properly fastened, because we're about to take a deep dive into the ending of Lost, and it may be a bumpy ride. If not the best TV series of all time then certainly the most entertaining, Breaking Bad tells the story of a cancer-stricken chemistry teacher who throws his hand in and decides to cook crystal meth instead.

Due to the sheer scale of this comment community, we are not able to give each post the same level of attention, but we have preserved this area in the interests of open debate. “We are in the middle of correcting now and will have the uncut version back streaming as soon as possible. Season 2 is even better than the first and watching it is like sitting down to eat a 16oz steak, so dense is the political plotting. That Ben was drawn to the church with the rest of them may be an indication that, cosmically at least, his service to the island was enough to redeem him for the horrible things he'd done in life, and that he could move on with the others. Cosmic Microwave Background, Each character in the final season comes to reconcile both of their worlds, realizing that the one constant is the people they've shared their time with. That’s why watching “The End” again recently was such a cathartic and moving experience. Still, I anticipated on this rewatch that I might fall into that pessimist camp. Jacob assigned a number to each of the candidates he drew to the island, and the final six candidates each synced up perfectly with one of the numbers: Locke was 4, Hurley was 8, Sawyer was 15, Sayid was 16, Jack was 23, and 42 referred to either Sun or Jin Kwon. To the characters, it feels as though they all arrived around the same time, even if their actual deaths were many decades apart. In the Netflix version, Ben only talks to John outside the church and then the scene cuts to Jack and Kate in the car. After Jack saved the island and everyone he loved, he finally succumbed to his wounds and died. It’s a trigger that reminds me of my mother, who loved Lost so very much and died two years after it ended; and of the nights I spent puzzling over Lost theories while rocking my then-infant son to sleep; and of the world it opened to me as a writer at the Washington Post, where my colleague and friend Liz Kelly Nelson recapped each episode every week. Audiences waited for a finale that answered the logical puzzles Lost overtly posited, when its creators aimed to home in on a nuance that had been subtly woven in over the course of six years.

Kid Trunks Idk, If nothing else, an answer to the question 'What did Jason Segal, Seth Rogen and James Franco look like in the 90s?'. Very funny and very innovative, though the latest season, a half-Netflix original, may be too meta and ambitious for its own good. He subsequently was transported to 1974 with a group of other survivors, where they wound up joining the DHARMA Initiative, and he and Juliet fell in love.

“I felt that the thematic intentions of nobody doing it alone — you need them and they need you — a lot of the emotionality of the themes was very poignant in this particular moment, when we’re all separated from each other by a pandemic,” Cuse said. Further, "The End" takes pains to explicitly clarify that all the events that took place on the island were, in fact, real. After Jack leaves to restore the Heart, Ben also suggests to Hurley that he doesn't have to "protect" the island in the same way that Jacob did, and that maybe Hurley will find a better way. On the island, after pursuing Kate romantically for the first few seasons, Sawyer gave up his chance to escape the island in order to allow Kate and the rest of the Oceanic Six to leave. scene. Camilla Cleese Height, Start by watching Louis C.K's stand-up Live at the Beacon Theater (also on Netflix) then plough on into this series.

But is this all a dream? For the next 2000 years, Jacob and the Man in Black oppose one another, as the Man in Black searches for a way around the supernatural law that keeps him from killing Jacob. Uiteindelijk hebben we er zes jaar op gewacht, maar vanavond zit heel Amerika en de rest van de wereld – behalve Nederland – aan de buis gekluisterd om de finale van Lost te kijken. Both Cuse and Lindelof are still very proud of “The End,” but, as all artists do when looking back at their past work, appreciated certain parts more than others. Take one part Bret Easton Ellis novel, one part Showtime series Weeds, shake and pour over ice and you have Californication. Eveline James Joyce Motifs,

Those moments, in which physical contact sparks recollection of a life left behind, got me choked up for a similar reason. Want an ad-free experience?Subscribe to Independent Premium. “The End” unfolds, like so many Lost episodes, on two parallel narrative tracks. The film’s stars including Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, and Chris Pine have all been quarantined. Like most of the other strange occurrences on the show, it turns out that the circumstances leading to the crash were more complex than it initially appeared.

Is it maybe a parallel dimension created by the wonky powers of the island? Araby Resolution, Saying that the biggest reveal came while the end credits were rolling is like saying a movie's climax …

And it turns out that the smoke monster is another form of the Man in Black, Jacob's immortal twin brother. This scene was in Part 2, around 18:48.

Sawyer was instrumental in uncovering the Man in Black's plan to destroy the island, and in helping Jack figure out a way to defeat him. Still, some thought the finale's church-set ending confirmed that Abrams, Lindelof, and Cuse had been lying the whole time, and that the entire show had taken place in the afterlife. Native American Rights Petition, By the time Oceanic 815 crashed, DHARMA was long gone, leading the plane survivors to wonder whether DHARMA might've been responsible for some of the strange happenings on the island.

For years, those who tuned in every week to check in with the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 have wrestled with the implications of a feature-length final episode — aptly titled "The End" — which was jam-packed with mind-bending twists and ambiguous answers that only seemed to set up more questions.

Michael Boulos Wealth, Over the years, he assumes his smoke monster form in order to kill the candidates Jacob brings to the island, hoping that if Jacob dies and leaves no successor, the Man in Black can finally leave.