It’s the perfect spot for an afternoon of relaxation. The staff are very accommodating and holds fun events. Easier than a house as don’t have to worry about bills!

Very good location for university. To learn more about what it was like to live in these halls I interviewed Zandrea and Abbie. Living here gives you the choice of an en-suite room or a studio. Not many social areas - only downside. Just 15 minutes away, you’ll also find the neighbourhood of Cathays, with its range of bars, pubs and restaurants catering to the students that flock to these vibrant streets. The rooms are spacious and have plenty of storage space. the flats of 5 made it easy to make friends, without cliques happening. The best Cities and Towns to be a Student.

En suites are a decent size.

Living here …

Not much of a social area just a few sofas in reception but lovely staff and maintenance is quick for your room. Room has a double bed and large desk, tv point too.

Also handy that reception collect parcels so don’t have to be in for deliveries.

However the kitchens and social area lacks facilities. The facilities were nothing special, they were fairly modern, clean and did what they needed too, but there was no real social area other than a kitchen. Interaction with other student is easy and very sociable. Anti social behaviour after 1 am isn't delt with. Being less than 30-minutes away from both universities on foot, it’s an ideal place to call home.

Was a really good place to stay especially for first year! Outside of your flat, you’ll find even more space to socialise. It also is reallyclose to Heath park which is a lovely green open space with a beautiful lake and a rose garden. Lovely rooms and kictchens, quite quiet so if you want a really social halls maybe go for talybont. Nice admin and security for the students. The maintenance are always up to speed and dealt with ASAP. The 380 rooms at Clodien House (previously Liberty House) are reserved exclusively for you. Staff are very friendly but unfortunately maintenance isn’t a good as Liberty Cambrian point. Loved living in Liberty House, really nice flat & very safe. The location is brilliant for med students but it’s a bit of a walk to town! Very good rooms. Good location right next to the hospital. My flat had three rooms. While this was helpful for sleeping it meant as I knew no one at uni it was already limiting the people I could meet. You get to meet other students.

An en-suite room is a great option, as you’ll be sharing a fully-fitted kitchen and living space with your flatmates. Studying at Cardiff University or Cardiff Metropolitan University?

Cardiff Metropolitan Accommodation 2015 - FB Groups Question about the accommodation as a medical studentl in Cardiff Cardiff university accommodation Liberty house Cardiff Cardiff university Accomodation at cardiff Cardiff Metropolitan Accommodation 2015/16 Facilities are good.

The staff onsite are lovely, the uni room is spacious and well designed. Staff are very friendly but unfortunately maintenance isn’t a good as Liberty … Liberty house, also known as Clodien house is perfect for medical students as it is so close to the Heath campus. No matter which one you choose, you’ll have your own bathroom. Anonymous Bit out of way from the university (35 min walk) and a 45 min walk into city centre. The location was ok as I could get the bus to uni but without that you were left a bit far from the uni and the town itself. Head just one mile to the east of Clodien House and you’ll stumble upon the beautiful Roath Park, with a lovely lake and spacious green areas.