The following leadership games can both make you a better leader, and improve the leadership qualities of your team members. Genuinely interested in learning from diverse viewpoints. That doesn’t mean that book smarts are a waste of time. While Synergists (just 1% of today’s managers) may represent the long-term future of effective leadership, the vital challenge most companies face today is the need to develop Achievers at the upper levels into Catalysts, and Experts at the lower and middle levels into Achievers. We can learn from that history.

Try and start leading your team better.

Set up an audience and a group to perform.

Improv helps with communication, self-awareness, self-confidence and creativity. The following summary outlines the leadership style found at each level of agility, and it identifies how managers at each level engage in three kinds of leadership practices: leading organizational change, leading teams, and navigating pivotal conversations (discussions whose outcomes either contribute to or detract from achieving important organizational objectives). Please share your tricks below! The workshop was engaging, lively, fun and one that they wouldn’t soon forget. Not only will the results be enlightening, it’ll help the group bond. Developing Leadership Agility: A Business Imperative LAP 360 available on pan platform -- reliable and valid assessment of Leadership Agility with a global database representing leaders in numerous industry segments.

Welcome to business in the 21st century, where accelerating change and growing complexity are now the norm.

By all means, read about what makes a great leader, but temper that cerebral exercise with something you can really sink your teeth into. Reconceiving in Artful Making replaces the industrial technique of replication, and the political technique of compromise. After a round of Yes, And, the workshop moves on to engaging participants in additional exercises that are targeted to individual skill building that, taken together, improve everyone’s ability to use Yes, And for real problem solving: The final exercise Constraints is a more intensive Yes, And exercise that involves real problem solving.

Leading Teams: Operates like a full-fledged manager. By continuing on the Management 3.0 website, you're accepting our cookies and, Nearly sold out: Join us for our virtual leadership conference, November 19-20, Artful Making: What Managers Need to Know About How Artists Work. Balancing workload adds productivity and boosts morale.

Top 3 Project Management Skills Every Manager Needs. Making a project plan is how team leaders first communicate. Navigating Pivotal Conversations: Cultivates a present-centered awareness that augments external feedback and supports a strong, subtle connection with others, even during challenging conversations. The exercise continues as each participant accepts what the previous participant provided (as they think through the complexity of the issue and possible resolutions or components of resolutions) and builds on the idea from the perspective of the role they are performing (e.g., are they a Product Manager, Developer, Tester, Business Analyst, Manager or Executive). We’re not talking about your favorite album or book, but life-or-death decision-making, which will illustrate people’s priorities and also show how willing they are to compromise and work together for the greater good. May swing from one style to the other, particularly for different relationships. Empowers direct reports and uses team development as a vehicle for leadership development. Whatever you choose, it’ll be silly, educational and sure to get the creative juices flowing. Believes leadership is ultimately a service to others. They assume sole responsibility for setting objectives, coordinating subordinates’ activities, and managing their performance. Playing this game can have a profound and almost immediate effect in building a mindset of accepting and building.

But when choosing words, make sure they’re specific, meaningful to you and, of course, poetic (musical and pleasing). As you continue, remove even the hand gestures for communication. It’s a great exercise to learn how to work with limitations, and it involves planning, risk-taking and communications, all the basic skills of leading a project. The object of this leadership game is to guide the blindfolded person through the minefield without incident.

They are thrown into situations and must act. Next, establish a limited set of words that can be said to help direct the blindfolded person through the minefield. However, sustained success in an increasingly turbulent business environment requires the postheroic leadership capabilities that emerge at the Catalyst level of agility and beyond.

But the Forbes Study puts a fine point on C-suite buy-in and adoption. Postheroic managers retain ultimate accountability and authority, but they also create highly participative teams and organizations characterized by shared commitment. We are seeking to release the Introvert in all of us so that little and big ideas alike may emerge. The foundational program is a one-hour workshop that introduces the concept of collaborative emergence by presenting examples of emergence from natural and business ecosystems and relates those examples throughout the exercises performed in the workshop.ImprovAgility uses exercises from Improvisational Theater that are targeted to developing skills required to be a great collaborator: The workshop opens with a warm-up exercise Zip, Zap, Zop which engages all of the participants in movement, focus and acting silly, as a reminder that we are all human and we can let loose and have some fun. Focuses on the 5 Drivers of Leadership Agility and the 3 Sub-categories in each Driver. ImprovAgility is a program for developing Agile mindset and behaviors in teams, team members, managers, and executives.

Managers at the Expert and Achiever levels of agility have what David Bradford and Allan Cohen (Power Up, Wiley, 1998) call a heroic leadership mind-set. To offer a bit of direction, require that the poem relate to the five senses, have action words and discuss abstractions. Every worker deserves a cookie and privacy! Some of these can be completed alone, while others should be completed with the help and participation of others. This game involves having a group stand in a circle and hold hands. All rights reserved.

In this uncertain era, the most successful companies will be those who provide the training and coaching needed to help everyone develop to the next level. The ImprovAgility Collaborative Emergence workshop uses this exercise as the platform for training to resolve issues through a truly collaborative effort.

Leading Organizational Change: Organizational initiatives focus primarily on incremental improvements inside unit boundaries with little attention to stakeholders. These conditions have created what we call the agility imperative. What about your team? gives them collaborative features to better communicate and work together, keeping everyone on the same page. To reach them and learn more about this topic, visit

Able to process and seriously consider negative feedback even when highly charged emotionally. Leading Organizational Change: Maintains a deep, empathetic awareness of conflicting stakeholder interests, including their own. Then, set up an obstacle course or minefield around them. They are about people working from their current skill level to develop and improve. Please find our Guest Post Guidelines here. More Free Tools from Workshop Exercises: Leadership Insights. To help you learn the skills that are essential to becoming an effective and efficient leader, we’ve collected the top 5 leadership training activities available to date. Collaborators reconceive a problem or process in light of each other’s contributions, using them as material out of which, in combination with their own ideas, they make new, unpredictable ideas. Your email address will not be published. Companies cannot be expected to become highly adaptive if their managers are stalled at twentieth-century levels of agility. But most importantly, communication, which might be the most fundamental skill for any successful leader to have. Leaders motivate teams but they also manage them, giving them direction and then the autonomy to do the job. Time Management: Strategies and activities to help business leaders manage their time

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As managers grow into each new agility level, they develop new leadership capabilities, yet they also retain the capacities and skills developed at previous levels. Apply that same idea to leadership, and have everyone make a crest that represents the values, beliefs and ideas of a great leader. It should be large enough for everyone to hold with both hands while they stand together in a circle. Why are you interested in writing on our website?

Can amplify or shape group energy dynamics to bring about mutually beneficial results. Successful change is one of biggest problems that modern organizations face.

We recently presented at a conference and the most rewarding feedback included participants expressing that it was a great way to learn and that, in a short hour, they developed a kinship with the other participants that lasted throughout the conference. In our fast-changing world, the strategic imperative to change is often clear: Without doing things differently, our company is unlikely to succeed, or last. The answer may be found in your "Leadership Agility". You’ll want to hone those leadership skills to razor sharpness, because they’ll be challenged constantly. is a cloud-based project management software that helps leaders lead beautifully and get the most out of their team.