It is ideal for food items, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dairy products, etc. Enhance product visibility and control your speed-tomarket. These are your three choices when you go to LBC – it is highly recommended for you to think about the quantity and volume of materials that you will be sending home. Due to pandemic-related restrictions, this is our new delivery lead-time. How to avail Book now. LBC Express is the largest Express Courier, Cargo, and Money Remittance service company in the Here the Total Size = Longest side length + girth. ‘E’ and ‘F’ flute profiles are rather new with 1.6mm and 0.8mm thickness respectively.

Cardboard size matters more considering the dimensional weight shipping rates applied by companies such as UPS and FedEx. Get to know our products: Kilo Box Small. Malate Construction and Development Corp. It is advised to put several layers of packaging tape. We guarantee affordable rates and speedy next day door delivery no matter where you and your recipient are in the country. Secure all breakable and easily-damaged items in bubble wrap and pack them in the center of the box. Shipping companies use a variety of packing boxes depending on the mass, shape, and size of the shipped product.
For designer items, you could use a UV-treated, high-gloss coating box that keeps its contents secure as well as gives a striking appearance. 2. Send documents, parcels, and cargo anywhere in the Philippines with LBC Express’ 24-48 hour package delivery.

Ensure that Security Tapes and Seals are applied on the boxes and explained by the LBC Customer Associate. Select the size of your Balikbayan Box. The postage rate will be based on the package weighing 20 lbs instead of the actual weight.
If you are shipping a package using Parcel Select or Priority Mail to a destination in USPS zones 1-4, then you could be subjected to balloon rate. ISLANDERS (MARINDUQUE, MASBATE, PALAWAN, ROMBLON, VIRAC), ISLBATOCCMIN (BATANES, OCCIDENTAL & ORIENTAL MINDORO), Central Affirmative Co Inc ( Afficionado ), Noreco ( Negros Oriental Electric Cooperative Inc). This cardboard box is designed to carry electronic gadgets, lamp bases, outdoor tools, small kitchen appliances. Malate Construction and Development Corp.

This study examines the role of picky eating in a randomized controlled obesity intervention for preschoolers using subscales from two instruments: The Child Eating Behavior Questionnaire (CEBQ) and the Lifestyle Behavior Checklist (LBC). List down ALL items to be sent. Before you put anything on your balikbayan box, be sure to place a material to protect the contents further like bubble wraps. They are typically sold in rolls, which is used to wrap products for cushioning and prevent shipping damages. With LBC Branches everywhere, it's now safe and secure to sell online and receive payments without setting up the difficult and expensive payment gateway. Send me amazing promos and exciting LBC updates. If you are entering into the e-commerce business, you must know about the corrugated boxes you will be used for shipping your products. door tracking and LBC branch Tip 2. Paperboards are lightweight and give a vivid print on the package, which is great for branding. may be. If you are shipping internationally, you should consider the package box’s ability to survive mishandling, drops, weather damages, slides, rolls, etc. Give us a few minutes to get your note to the right person and we'll be in touch. 3. We serve Filipinos with our excellent service no matter where in the world they We've been at it since. TFT Lifestyle TV goes through the entire process step-by-step with LBC to ensure that you’ll find it easy to send yours home, from selecting the box to counting the number of days till your loved ones receive it.

Done at your site or LBC warehouse, we consolidate your items for temporary storage or delivery to your customers. From single to multiple on full or less than a container, your shipments are right on time. 4.5 cubic foot boxes are the large boxes and are used to pack and ship larger and heavier items such as clothes, linens, toys, kitchen items, lamp shades, etc.

It is also called as the book box is the smallest of the lot. It is designed such that the box doesn’t have to support much of the load. Shipping boxes made from corrugated cardboard are a great option to ship fragile and heavy items. Our land freight services allow you to move: Documents such as passports, visas, birth, marriage, or death certificates, NBI clearances, report cards, bank statements, application forms, reports and even photos. Folding cartons are the most common type of shipping boxes used and were the first to be in the packaging industry. Negros Occidental Electric Cooperative, Inc. Pangasinan III Electric Cooperative, Inc. Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). For oddly shaped products you could order a custom-made packaging box for the product from package manufacturers. in individual sealed containers and note these are only allowed via sea cargo.