- Pick up 8 points into intelligence. Here’s a few tips for starting out in Last Epoch and making your own build.

We will take 1/3 Acolyte’s Ferver and 2/5 Sadism, which are requirement for reaching the good Perk Pale blood to replenish mana when you use Transplant, you can either use 2/3 or 3/3, depending on how much cooldown we have. This is best done on an already leveled character which can look at the active skill trees AND at the passive trees. Lots of build guides are available on the forums, in class specific sections. If it is double your HP pool, you’ll resist 66%, The term “effective HP pool” means health +. The skill transforms the Lich into a reaper, adding duplicate life pools that degenerate slowly over time, giving you a new transformation attack and the movement skill called Reap. There isn't one yet, but the devs have told us they intend to make some sort of in-game calculator/planner, Right now the best place to get build-planning would be the Discord where many people discuss builds (among other things). 3/3 Dance of Blood is another good way to add more poison stacks, by hitting enemies 3 more times, and can also heal some extra life. Builds should be created in the Builds: namespace on the wiki. I think the devs should address this issue. This site is not affiliated with Eleventh Hour Games. Don’t neglect defenses! ], - If Spellblade, Iceward is really good for blocking. If you’re an attacker, make sure to have a healthy balance of flat damage (sources = your, If you’re a caster, make sure you use a weapon with a high “+adaptive spell damage” implicit and get a decent increased damage scaling (sources = passive tree and gear). Last updated on August 26th, 2020. Once you reach The End of Time and get to master the Lich class, you will be able to invest in this tree. There are differences between Added and Base damage, between %more and %increased damage. Oh yeah, minions are unbelievably powerful in PoE with the right gems. “increases from stats” refers to the sum of inreases from the, Base damage refers to a skill’s innate damage, Added damage refers to all the rest, which is mostly damage received from. Arab hardcore PC gamer, I'm from Egypt, and I've been gaming on PC and writing since 2003. Last Epoch has very deep customization options for passive trees, and Skill perks, that can be difficult to navigate.

One of the best movement spells in last Epoch, and the best utility skill in our arsenal. You always need to maintain enough points in prerequisite points when respecing. I like pet builds, but I don't like them enough to play them if they're trash. We take 4/4 in Plague Rat, and 3/3 in Rot Weaver, for increased area of effect, and higher poison frequency on enemies. Woven Flesh is best unique item in game, giving many benefits to every build in game (with its generic stats), but I honestly prefer well crafted rare Profane Robes with way more resistances and better life. -Bob. I have a question regarding uniques. Plan your build. Get defenses and plan which ones you'll use. Feature updates for Windows 10 are released twice a year, around March and September, via the Semi-Annual Channel. At the same time, I could farm the Monolith level 100 with ease, so this build becomes pretty useful in terms of the different content it can take on. [A nerf is expected but even at 1/10th of it's current strength it would be worth it. Try to edge around them, with Reap and Transplant, and be sure Wandering Spirits is doing their job even if you don’t get in melee range for Aura of Decay. The trademark of Lich class that you get by mastering it, is when you finish the first quest for The End of Time. It hits multiple times, deals hit damage and possesses the target, applying Necrotic damage over time, so you will open all fights with it, and you will find it can carry you through a quite good amount of the way through the game. Most of Last Epoch's strong ennemies have ground-pointers indicating where they'll do damage.

(for more info see, Watch the ground !

Each point costs gold, the more points in a specific passive, or the further in the tree the passive is, the more gold it costs.