Hi all! We fished 20+ FOW, shallows, and brush.

Although this is our home water, we fish many other area lakes. Custom times and waterways are available. New locations added monthly. It is an impoundment of the Chippewa River. Tip-ups rigged with golden shiners should be set over fish cribs or along steep drop-offs. We will be as flexible as we can with our hours to best meet your needs.

What I Provide.

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New for 2019 I will be guiding the Flambeau river from Big Falls to Holcombe Flowage, And the Chippewa River from Radisson to the Mississippi and also some other rivers which I won't mention. Mobile users, please scroll down for more info.

I've been fishing since the age of 3, and spend all my free time on the waters of Northwestern Wisconsin. At HookandBullet, we make it easy for you to find the fishing related businesses in the area. ● Depths of 15 to 20 feet hold good numbers of fish. Guided walleye and smallmouth bass fishing on Lake Wissota with Jason Halfen Outdoors 1

Jason Halfen is a professional walleye angler and guide on Lake Wissota. We did not catch a fish. Jason Halfen is a professional walleye angler and guide on Lake Wissota. Full Day Guided Trip (9 Hours)Half Day Guided Trip (4 Hours).

The first one I thought was a smallie they way it fought but ended up being a channel cat. Fill out the short form below to submit your booking request and one of our guides will contact you within 24 hours. A small reward would be paid. Coming down tomorrow to take my father in law out. If anyone has any advice or pointers I'd be happy to hear it! I’m not from the area, and never fished the lake before. Although this is our home water, we fish many other area lakes.

I have a trailer at O’neil Creek Campground and want to get my kids in on some action- not wanting any secret, family honey holes, just some places to start. also caught  a few nice crappie's and one very large channel cat.

When it did get warmer with little wind on Friday afternoon, I fished brush piles all around Moon Bay- Kamp Kenwood and into Pine Harbor Bay thinking some crappies might be biting, with no luck. Maybe up near camp Kenwood? Will be coming up to Jim Falls this weekend with the wife.

Where the yellow river comes into Wissota proper I used to take the kids when they were small straight out from the stairway from the state park lookout area there is a trough that comes up from the deep water slip bobbers and leeches should be the ticket great numbers spot but not for size lots of action. Water temp 55-57 so it hasn't been warming the last couple weeks.

● Yellow River and Little Lake Wissota are popular with winter walleye anglers. Anglers should work the baits parallel to these structures. Chippman. Go Down, I don't think it's you. Please contact businesses directly for up-to-date details. Hey folks, my son is up from lacrosse and he digs the catfish bite. Vital State-istics: Meet America's Dairyland Cows! Never fished this part of the lake or this lake in general and wondering maybe where to start or even what to target here. maybe 15-20 inches? Your year round fishing guide for the amazing Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls area!

Tried small plastics, dragging a jig with a minnow, and slip bobbers. Thank you in advance!! Surprise! Book a Wisconsin fishing guide online today. And just like that, it’s fall… With Labor Day in the rear view mirror, the change of seasons wasted no…, Sorry for the silence. Ideas to install a rear deck seat post on a Ranger 619FS. Your Guided Fishing Experience Begins HEre. If anyone has questions about any area lakes im happy to help. We were targeting crappie and walleye. Weedbeds, fish cribs and steep breaks attract walleye in summer. ● Following the spawn, walleye move deeper and begin a slow migration downstream into the main lake basin. Lake Wissota fishing guide Mark Caine. Beds adjacent to deep water are especially productive. Although my specialty is catching the elusive Musky, I will cater to any type of outing you are looking for.

2018 Crestliner Fish Hawk, with full … Might be a little early but worth a shot.

Not sure what else you could have done. Full or half day trips available with great rates. Come fish for muskie in the Eau Claire area. Lake Wissota and it's biggest tributary, the Chippewa River, are my home waters. Currently available at select locations. They seemed to be in more of a snacking mode, not a feeding mode. second time with cooler weather got minnows and have to agree with the snacking went thru a scoop of minnow in two hours over fifty bites and only caught eight walleyes and a couple of crappies along with another large channel cat. It’d give the kids something to do if the fish don’t cooperate!! When working shallower water, planer boards can increase success. Stumps, flooded timber and shallow rock bars pose serious navigational hazards. Maybe wash the gasoline off your fingers before you bait the hook? Your Guided Fishing Experience Begins HEre. The recent warm up has pushed water temperatures into the 60’s in…. Pick up your chicken hot, ready-to-eat for tonight’s dinner or cold, sealed fresh for tomorrow’s lunch. I can tell by which size lure they prefer and how active they are.

Lake Wissota/Chippewa River, Chippewa Co. With over 6,000 acres of surface area, this Nortwestern Wisconsin water can be a little bit intimidating. NOTE: Regulations listed below may not reflect fish species actually found in the lake.

Whatever happened to minding your own business? During early spring, muskie and northern pike move into the major tributaries to spawn. See Lake Wissota's WDNR Lake Page for more information on this lake's characteristics. Raising Caine Guide Service musky adventures in northwest Wisconsin. Here are some tips for locating and catching walleye in Lake Wissota: ● During spring, walleye anglers focus on shallow rock and gravel bars adjacent to river channels. On the northeastern shore lies Lake Wissota State Park, popular with campers, hikers, swimmers, and anglers. Fishing Reports and Discussions for Lake Wissota, Chippewa County - Wisconsin

Where on Wissota would be a good place to find catfish or walleyes. Lake Wissota State Park on the northeast end of the lake provides great camping facilities along with day-use areas. Rates and the Services. So if your targeting them should be good. 715-577-9771.

Trophy fish potential on these waters is … Check current availability by clicking Book Now. Favorite rod, pulled in off my dock yesterday afternoon. 2018 Crestliner Fish Hawk, with full windshield to help keep you dry. Any info on how the catfish bite has been? If anyone snags a St Croix Rod and Pflueger real with yellow braid on it, or catches a fish with it attached in Lake Wissota. I have a trailer at O’neil Creek Campground and want to get my kids in on some action- not wanting any secret, family honey holes, …