In light of this discovery, it was concluded that the other body had indeed been Delia Parker Young, the headstone was changed accordingly, and Susie Roberts was buried beside her.

} Twitter users claimed a Georgia lake was haunted after two boaters went missing after a Wednesday boat crash. The body was decomposed to the point of being unidentifiable, but the belongings found on it, including a purse, rings, and watch were able to conclusively prove that the body was that of the long missing Susie Roberts.

This popular Georgia lake is a must for summer vacations and weekend trips to get away from it all. Interestingly, although the deaths of Delia Parker Young and Susie Roberts is an old, mostly forgotten case, it has spawned one of the area’s most persistent and frightening local legends. });

Are the deaths just regular crimes or is there something more at work? It is unclear whether these reports of giant catfish in Lake Lanier are true, exaggerations, or pure urban legend, but it is certainly enough to give one pause before getting into the water here. Many of the drowning cases are somewhat odd in that they have happened very close to shore with strong swimmers and in calm conditions, which considering the history of the lake have given rise to rumors that Lake Lanier is somehow haunted or cursed. Only a few weeks ago, Twitter was swept with a shockwave when a similar incident occurred. The sinister stories behind Lake Lanier include strange phenomena, odd creatures, and most spine-tingling of all—inexplicable death. Two brothers, 21-year-old Kevin George Jr and 20-year-old Zion George drowned and died in the Murderkill River. They would never return.

This rather eerie history and the spooky presence of whole underwater ghost towns, derelict ghost ships, and desecrated cemeteries, are far from the only strange things about Lake Lanier, and indeed it has accrued a rather sinister reputation for drawing death and suffering to itself. document.querySelector("#google_image_div").addEventListener('click',function(){ One of the most popular local tales concerning the alleged giant catfish of Lake Lanier concerns a truck carrying live chickens, which supposedly hurtled off of the Thompson Bridge in the 1980s and sank to the bottom along with its cargo. Lake Lanier is a man-made lake built in the 1950s.

Whatever answers may lie behind these various mysteries, they are certainly strange, and it is hard to look at Georgia’s largest lake without wondering what they may be. In this case the mysterious raft was around half a mile away and in an estimated 45 feet of water, yet the rider was bizarrely pushing it along with a pole nevertheless. Besides being a water source and hydroelectric plant for Atlanta and the surrounding areas, from around 1962, Lake Lanier has become a popular recreational area complete with hotels, full-service boating marinas, restaurants, campgrounds, stables, beaches, a golf course, and even a full water park. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), Other stories have described fishermen hooking into the enormous fish and having their boats towed around the lake.


As a result of the multiple incidents reported, residents and visitors alike have charged that the lake is haunted. These tragic accidents took the media by storm, and before long Lake Lanier was being deemed “cursed” and “a death trap” by the news and social media sites such as Twitter, with many people insisting that it was an evil, vile place that was best avoided.

You'll receive your first newsletter soon! hitType: 'event', These and other spooky tales have haunted Lake Lanier, in the foothills of the northern Georgia mountains, for decades. Making the case even creepier was a series of tweets Hannah had made on Twitter shortly before her death that expressed general discontent with her life at the apartment complex and her fear of a stalker, with one chilling tweet allegedly stating “So scared right now.” Hannah’s father would later claim that his daughter had made no mention of being under any duress and had not seemed any different or more upset than usual in the days leading up to her disappearance and death. When the fishermen shone their boat’s spotlight out across the water they could find no sign of the raft or the mysterious occupant who had jumped into the water. It is a haunted lake built atop flooded buildings, graveyards, and roads.

A massive search would subsequently be launched for Nash, involving authorities, family and friends, and dogs specially trained to sniff out dead bodies, and a $50,000 reward was offered for any information, yet no trace of the man or his whereabouts were found. Many of them have even asked why would someone even swim in a lake which holds a reputation for being dangerous. Oddly, the corpse, which could not be completely positively identified at the time, was missing two toes from the left foot and both hands. The black surface of the lake remained calm and the raft would not appear again. The first of this wave of deaths happened on June 18, 2012, when 9-year-old Jake Prince and his brother Griffin, 13, were riding a pontoon out on the lake and were struck and killed by a speeding boat driven by a Johns Creek business owner named Paul J Bennett, 44. As construction crews were dredging the bottom of the lake in order to set up pillars for the expansion, they uncovered a rusted out hulk of a 1954 Ford which held within it the remains of a human body.

Flickr Tony Seneadza It all started as a manmade lake which eventually lost control, filling and spreading and devouring towns, bridges, historical landmarks and nearby businesses along the way. The lake is located in northern Georgia about 60 miles away from Atlanta and its shoreline borders six counties, making it the largest lake in the state.