By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. [11], At some point, Kyo received a hat as a present from Kazuma. Family Two glowing eyes stared at us from the back of our driveway. Tohru holds Kyo's, in his true form, hand. Kyo and Saki share a casual relationship that is only linked through Tohru. It would cause her to fall over, causing him to transform. He often hurts Momiji's feelings. During these moments, she would seek comfort in Kyo. Anime/Manga Fruits Basket. He is also viewed as charismatic and wears his emotions on his sleeves, which causes people to gather around him, and it also allows Kyo to socialize with outsiders with ease. Saki Hanajima | [9] He also becomes kinder, more sensitive, affectionate, level-headed and laidback, smiles more often, and has much less of a temper, which Tohru describes the way the original Kyo was like, untainted by hatred.[8]. According to Natsuki Takaya, when she was developing the series, he is 15 years of age, Kyo was one of the first three characters she developed and was "based on a real person who really transformed into a cat and had to wear a bracelet or would turn into a monster...without any hesitation.

Do-Gooder However, he rejects his own feelings because he feels like he doesn’t deserve to be with Tohru due to apparently letting Tohru's beloved mother die, and since he has limited time outside. And when she discovered his true form and ran away from him, Kyo was hurt by this and began distancing himself from her, which left their relationship strained. He is often seen sitting on a roof because like a cat, he is drawn to high places. But Kyoko's persistence broke through as she would do the talking and all he had to do was listen. He is near the same height as Tohru at the beginning of the series, and as the story goes on, he gets much more muscular and his build gets bigger, being very much taller than Tohru by the end of the Summer Vacation. This is seen when he jumped out of his school window from the second floor without any injuries. Now knowing each others' feelings, Kyo and Kazuma firmly reconcile their relationship as Kyo vows to become stronger so he one day can call Kazuma his father.[3]. Kyo vows to spend his remaining time by Tohru's side. Even though Kyo is content by only staying by her side without any reciprocal feelings, his love for her grows stronger, making him more physically- and emotionally intimate with her. Press J to jump to the feed.

[4] Little by little, his heart heals by finding true love in Tohru, and he can, in turn, help Tohru with her self-doubt.

It is not known whether Kyo really took over Shishou's dojo. [17], For the following months, Kyo takes a part of his school's cultural festival,[18] and gets to know Tohru's friends Arisa Uotani and Saki Hanajima. Follow/Fav Kyon Kyon's Term Paper. He only vows to spend as much of his time "outside" as he can with her. When Kagura was seven and Kyo was five, and he was all alone because he carried the curse of the cat, she played with him, and one day threatened him into proposing to her (using a knife in the manga, a boulder in the anime). When Tohru is discharged from the hospital, Kyo apologizes for trampling over Tohru's feelings and asks her for forgiveness as well as one last chance to make things right, since he wanted to be with her forever. ○   Anagrams But Kyo tells her that she can talk like that as much as she wants and what made her think less of herself wouldn’t make him think any less of her. However, four months before the start of the series, Kyoko is hit by a truck and dies. He turns into a bright orange cat when hugged by a girl, and when his bracelet is taken off, he turns into a monster that smells of rotting flesh, better known as the cat`s vengeful spirit. Right before thinking that he would be better off dead, Kyo's thoughts once again shifted to Yuki, and he blamed his mistakes and misfortunes on Yuki. According to Kyo, she would always cover up her fear of his true form by displaying her motherly love, a love he did not appreciate. Kyo's mother eventually committed suicide by stepping in front of a moving train.

Following this, Kyo and Kagura began avoiding one another and Kyo's mother grew increasingly protective of him. ○   Boggle. Kyo had spotted a car approaching Kyoko. As Kazuma mentioned, Kyo likes to hide behind walls when he wishes to talk to someone urgently, and he seems to get frightened by loud noises too, becoming startled like a cat. Although they haven't truly reconciled, Kyo seems to have forgiven Akito to a certain degree and doesn't mind Tohru being friends with her.

Kyo thinks back on everything Tohru has done for him, and soon realizes, in tears and anguish, that he has fallen so deeply in love with her. He turns into a bright orange cat when hugged by a girl, and when his bracelet is taken off, he turns into a monster that smells of rotting flesh, better known as the cat's vengeful spirit. One of these days, Kyo met Kyoko Honda, whose workplace was in the neighborhood. Kagura breaks down in tears while repeatedly telling Kyo that she loves him; realizing that somewhere along the line, she had genuinely fallen in love with him. At some point, Kagura insisted that she wanted to wear Kyo's Juzu bead bracelet, and she eventually took it by force when Kyo rejected the idea. He is the main love interest of Tohru Honda. For almost a decade, Kyo never saw or visited Kyoko again. Despite many months of strict training, however, Kyo never lands a decent blow on Yuki. Kyo and Tohru, however, develop a deeper bond, as they spend fun time together and Kyo tells her the truth about his rosary. This struck a chord in Kyo; he thinks back to Kyoko saying the exact same thing to him and blames himself for apparently troubling Tohru. Fan Art - OC. [34] Akito also went to the beach, where she ordered all the Zodiacs, minus Kyo, to spend time with her, so she could isolate Tohru from everyone else.

Enemies It is not known whether Kyo really took over Shishou's dojo. Kyo and Tohru enter a committed relationship with one another, and Kyo is last seen walking hand in hand with Tohru in their old age, as their children and grandchildren talk about their love fondly. After hearing about his parent's past, Hajime decided to enroll at the same high school they attended, because he wanted to understand which environment they spent their time in to come where they are now. [6] However, Kyo eventually come to realize how unfair and self-serving his way of thinking was, and properly apologizes to Tohru. This animal is not in the Chinese zodiac, but legend says would have been if it had not been tricked by the rat into missing the induction feast. However, Tohru assures Kyo that whatever Kyoko said, her words were not born of hate. After the nature of her love is questioned by Rin, Kagura eventually admits to Kyo that her love was based on pity, much as Kazuma fears Tohru's is, and that she has clung to him because she has it easy compared to the cat. His Zodiac form had purple eyes instead of orange. So, does is he a journeyist ( If such a word exists ) or a traveler? Simple. When she is discharged from hospital, Kyo waits for her outside. He views her as a sadistic and cruel person and holds no positive feelings towards her. He is described as 'handsome' and 'orange'. The wordgames anagrams, crossword, Lettris and Boggle are provided by Memodata. His abusive father later abandoned him as well, blaming Kyo for his mother's death. Kazuma Sohma and Kyo Sohma`s Relationship, an offensive content(racist, pornographic, injurious, etc.