3. Ketu is most dangerous planet mars is far–far better because Ketu never gives permission to be materialistic, it only allows you in spiritual field. The 2nd house is Kutumbh. Manglik Dosha is something that is not considered a good sign when it comes to marriage. Worshipping … If Mars is in 7th house but in Cancer, Capricorn manglik dosha | kuja dosha gets cancelled. Kuja dosha is most popularly known as Manglik Dosha. Manglik Dosha Effects When Mars is placed in the 4th house: This will have adverse effects in the family peace. The new dat... Pluto - Complete Transformation of the World !!!

This is only required but people’s link that fact to Mangalik and only giving wrong direction to common innocent peoples for some little amount of money. Information about remedies The best remedy to get rid of this Mangal Dosha or Kuja Dosha best remedy is to get married to the banana tree or Peepal tree before the marriage.

• Get in love with red colour as it is the colour of romance and joyful relationships. Mars signify mangalaya sthaan. • Help in the marriage of a poor girl. If a manglik marries a non-manglik, it is considered as a disaster which can even end up with death of one of the partners. It is ought to bring bad luck and affect the person very badly. Mangal Dosh is also known as Kuja Dosha. Donating Jaggery, red cloth, coral, red gram, copper, will make the planet mars more relaxed and offering knives, swords to the planet and offering jasmine oil to Lord Hanuman will reduce the negativity of the planet mars. Mangal Dosh Problem: The native, who has Mars located in this particular position of the horoscope, may get an unhealthy partner. Red dal mixed with jaggery and feed the cow will benefit a lot. Manglik Dosh Nivaran Puja & Mantra is the powerful and effective solution to solve the Mangal dosha. Visit Lord Subramanya Swamy temple frequently and donate red grams duly tied in a red cloth to the temple priest on Tuesday. Mars, when it will place in 2nd house then it will impact your family because 2ndhouse known for family and it will damage your 8th house also with 7th aspect. Ketu in 7th generally cheated by partners. I will say any cruel 5 planets bad for marriage if badly placed in above mentioned particular houses, because sun also gives authorative nature, powerful and proudy nature that will not good for any couple. According to our traditional astrology, it is believed that a Mars affected native may face separation from his or her spouse after getting married. Somehow, it is believed that the impact of Kuja dosha enhances or maximizes at the time of marriage. Why some particular houses blames for marriage or you can say mangalik dosh. Marry off the boy with Kuja Dosha with a girl with similar Dosha. If Moon Signs within the horoscopes of the couple are making an inauspicious combination of 6-8, 9-5 or 12-2, Bhakoot Dosh is claimed to be formed. 2nd house is also considered in kuja dosha list since the house is related to family. The placement of Mars in 2nd, 4th, 8th, and 12th house of the horoscope of the native is considered inauspicious. Note down your date of birth. It is a significance of negative thoughts and consequences.

Mars signifies our energy and blood; this energy should be balance in both charts if it is not balanced then less harmony in marriage.

3) If Girl is a Manglik and boy is not a Manglik girl is inauspicious even to her in-laws. I will call it bad placement of mars if it is present in these houses in bad conditions but will not call mangalik. The malefic planet turns people into rigid and unforgiving. Reason is simple our ancient, sages clearly describe these are the cruel planet but we are ignoring these days those facts. What every person strives for is to attain satisfaction and balance in life with an opportunity to stay delighted over each offering. Sometimes it is the ill-health of the native that becomes the root cause of the issues. Mars signifies fierce martial nature, anger, and fiery temper. When Kuja is placed in the ascendant side, 4th, 7th and 8th or 12th house of a native chart, then it is considered to be a kuja dosham. To reduce the affliction of the planet mars performing Vishnu vivah (marriage of a girl with the Lord Vishnu idol made of gold or silver), kumbh vivah (marriage with a mud-pot) and marriage with a peepal or banana tree are mostly advised. Remedies to overcome the bad effect of Manlgal Dosh after marriage • Fasting on Tuesdays can be beneficial to eliminate negative effects of Mangal Dosh and only Toor Dal is eaten during fast. Kuja Dosha is considered as a bad yoga. Mangal Dosha effects are very dangerous before and after marriage, hence it is advisable to eliminate it completely before marriage. The most exciting part is that if a Manglik is born on Tuesday, the impact of Mars on his life nullifies. Among all planets, Kuja (Chovva / Mars) is considered as the chief. 2. This can cause some problems in the married life of a couple. D.O.B: 12 Oct 1989, time 2:56 PM, Place: Secunderabad. • Learn to control anger and anxiety. Manglik Dosha Effects When Mars is placed in the 1st house: Mars in ascendant always be in violent nature, over confident and hostile nature. Give red colored flowers with red blouse piece, red kumkum to married women on seven Tuesdays. Another factor influencing the Kuja Dosha is the age of the person at the time of marriage. When it will place in 1st house then aspect your 7th house or 8th house and 4th house also.

Bhakoot may be a koots or aspect which carries 7 points or Gunas consistent with the system of Gun Milan which is employed by many astrologers practising in Vedic astrology for the aim of matchmaking between two individuals. There are many situations where the Mangal dosha gets cancelled. A person born in the presence of this condition is termed a manglik. • Feeding rice balls to crows and fish. • Chanting of Navagrah mantras, or hanuman Chalisa can also be beneficial on Tuesdays to eliminate the mangal dosh. In Indian vedic astrology Mangal Dosha or manglik dosha or kuja dosha astrology is an astrological combination that occurs if Mars (Mangal) is in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of the lagna/ascendant chart or moon ascendant also. The placement of the planet of Mars in any of the previously mentioned six houses causes Mangal Dosha. It is considered a fantastic trick for Manglik dosha cancellation. Dear Dr. • Marriage after the age of 28.

I am astrologer with expertise in the field of Astrology, Numerology, Black-magic, Palm reading, Vashikaran, and Kundli Matching. Gold - 70000 !! This should not consider as any dosha and should not make big money with clients.

The Mangal Dosh is the considerable and a significant one. The couples having Bhakoot Dosh during matchmaking shouldn't lose heart and that they should get their horoscopes matched properly so as to understand whether such Bhakoot Dosh is capable of causing any damage or not. That means the presence of Kuja dosham impacts our life negatively. People who are born in this condition are Manglik. These people have a vulnerable nature and could hinder their relationships. The Mangal Dosh is the considerable and a significant one. Thereafter, only before sunset, one may consume wheat bread, ghee and jaggery (unrefined cane sugar). Mantras relevant to Planet Mars or Lord Hanuman should be routinely chanted by a Manglik person. If Mars is in the 2nd house but in Virgo, Gemini sign manglik dosha | kuja dosha gets cancelled. Your email address will not be published. The couples regularly pray the desired god to get rid of this problem. Mars, when it will place in 4th house then mental peace and sukh will convert in little bit harsh discussion in home. If Mars is in 12th house but in Taurus, Libra manglik dosha | kuja dosha gets cancelled. November 16, 2017: Gotri Ratri Vrat, Maasa Sivarati, Vrusthchika Sankranthi, November 18, 2017: Pradeepamavasya, Kaumudyutsaham, November 19, 2017: Anuradha Karthe, Chandra Darsanam, Home » Marriage » Impact of Kuja dosha on marital life.