I could do the serious dive bombs with the Floyd Rose, but it would go out of tune even with the locking nut after a serious dive. Kramer Striker Series 605ST - Red - 2nd Hand. These also sported the banana style headstock and rosewood board. Best Kramer to get used is the Focus 1000.   Your link has been automatically embedded. The 400ST being the Randy Rhoads type body(same as the Focus 4000) with This seller has not set a shipping cost for United Kingdom. $300.00 to $450.00 - apply Price filter. and two tones. Please note: stock may sell or location may change. GBP I'm not familiar with the ST Series Kramer guitars.

The item is currently in our Warehouse and not currently available in store. This item can ONLY be shipped withing the UK. The Striker 600ST came out in 1986 and was the twin to the Focus 6000; no pickguard, 3 on/off switches, coil tap(some without) and a volume knob. Hardware was black and In 85, the 400ST and 500ST models were introduced. I wouldn't say they were "budget" guitars, more mid-priced. bodies, this theory does not seem far-fetched. Great guitars. Please note: stock may sell or location may change.

locking non-tuner Floyds. Powered by Invision Community. Mine was good for hard rock/heavy metal tone. Then again in 1986, the heads were changed to a slimmer It's a 00's, made by Musicyo/Korea, by Gibson's Kramer specifications. three-piece laminated maple necks with maple or rosewood 22 fret fretboards It had (has I still have it though it is not playable) two humbuckers and the Floyd Rose II tremolo. United Kingdom, Rich Tone Music Ltd,

FYI: I just inserted the link for the page that had the pricing on the 1986 models. Is it worth it ? Currency:

Probably not much more than that though. NEVER BEFORE has purchasing your dream guitar/amp etc, been easier, with so many hidden gems sat in stock in supplier's warehouses, why not put your name on one of them today?! j. Faulty goods of course are subject to our usual returns procedure. Single humbucker pup. The

The Kramer Striker In 1984, Kramer released the Korean-made alternative to the USA and Japanese Kramer lines, the Striker series.

Available In Store and Online. Other features included an angled humbucker at the bridge and two single coil pickups, 3 on/off switches, a coil tap, a single volume knob, Floyd Rose II tremolo with fine tuners, recessed cavity and a locking nut. The tone that was common in the mid-80s. The Kramer Striker 605ST was made from around 1988 to 1989. Front headstock has some surface scratches. If you aren't happy after you buy it, sell it to me. Kramer ST605 (1988) Overview. Different suppliers and manufacturers will have different delivery timescales. We can usually ship next day in the UK. on/off switches, coil tap(some without) and a volume knob. The Floyds had the same type saddles with © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. Probably not a bad deal if in good shape. I believe this guitar is from the budget category of Kramer, even though It wasn't by any means a cheap guitar when I bought it.

guitars, the ST100, ST200, ST300, ST400, ST600, ST605, and the ST700 Kramer Striker Series 605ST - Red - 2nd Hand, Supplier stock can be available to you for delivery and/or in store collection, We are able to provide accurate ETAs for delivery, You can rest assured all products go through the usual Rich Tone Quality Control/Inspection process. By continuing, you agree to our cookie policy. I probably had that guitar longer than any other guitar. 3 Piece Maple Neck. metallic silver, candy red, violet, fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow the majority of the Focus lines involvement with completely similar Take the KRAMER STRIKER ST605 price survey. Think 80s heavy metal. The ST700 1988 Kramer ST-605 Striker Construction: bolt-on Body: plywood Neck: maple Fingerboard: rosewood Scale: 25,5" Frets: 22 Bridge: Floyd Rose II Tuners: - Pickups: Designed by Seymour Duncan Controls: 5-Way Switch, 1 volume, 2 tone, 1 …

They had to special order it because I wanted this deep metallic blue finish, all their floor models were flat colors. Overall neck is in great to excellent condition. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. single Kramer Striker ST605. The item is currently in stock at our Sheffield Store. Clear editor. By now, the bridge of choice was the Floyd I ran across one today as well at a pawn shop, a Striker 605, Neptune NJ made if I recall. Kramer Electric Guitar Striker 211 6 String Burst List Price $499.99 A plethora of great tones are generated by the Kramer Striker 211 guitar's Alnico V bridge humbucker and dual single-coil pickups in the middle and neck. As shown by the pictures, one of the holes for the mounting screws was "routed" to become too big. I always use it at all playing live and work in the studio . cover(100ST, 200ST,etc) with the Kramer pyramid logo alone on the face Also missing one of the screws for the nut locks) Selling a STOCK 1986 Kramer Striker ST605 that is non-functioning.   You cannot paste images directly.