Starring: Kim Woo-bin as Shin Joon-young, Bae Suzy as Noh Eul, Lim Yu-hwan as Choi Ji-Tae, Lim Ju-Eun as Yoon Jeong-Eun. 3. The two make a deadly main couple. Top 50 Romance Korean Dramas That Will Melt Your Heart (Updated 2019).

Currently watching: “Clean With Passion For Now” and “Encounter” All-time favorite dramas: “Secret Garden,” “Goblin,” “Because This Is My First Life,” “Star In My Heart” Looking forward to: Won Bin‘s return to the small screen and Song Joong Ki‘s next drama. Ha Won is a bright college student who had a dream to become a teacher. >.<. Park Yuchun, Han Ji Min, Jeong Yu Mi, Lee Tae Sung, 13. Gradually they learn about each other’s worlds. 2. It’s a fairy-tale come true as it involves a rich heir trying to sweep a poor girl off her feet. It’s a trope that is pretty predictable, yet we can’t help but get sucked into it. Chae Rim, Choi Si Won, 11. This series wasn’t exactly known for its rich/poor K-drama trope, but it does involve a poor girl who falls in love with a rich goblin. Somehow Yoo-rin clears up the debts.
The number of rich guy poor girl dramas is balanced with woman supporting her man dramas. Full List from the Video: Although it has the cliche trope of the rich CEO and poor girl who can’t seem to catch a break, the two main leads have amazing chemistry and it really makes you want to root for the couple until the end. It’s got charming characters and a whole lot of good-looking rich people doing crazy rich things. My Husband Oh Jakdoo – 데릴남편 오작두 It is a story about three rich guys and a poor girl. He meets Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), a poor stuntwoman who couldn’t be bothered with the type of man Joo Won is, but he ends up falling in love with her. At first glance, this series is a total K-drama cliche.

Although it seems like a superficial storyline, this K-drama really does tug at the heartstrings! Boys Over Flowers 꽃보다 남자 (2009) The series is endearingly romantic and although it can be seen as a typical rom-com, it’s also very heartwarming and will tug at your heartstrings! Embarrassed and heart broke, Ha Ni reaches her house and collapses. Joon-ki grew up in poverty, and since a young age, he has worked hard to get himself into high ranking positions in the higher class. She once helped an older man, due to which she moves into a gorgeous mansion with three spoiled cousins. Lee Ji-Yi is her best friend and Chang-Soo’s girlfriend, who always had a dream to marry a rich guy because she has always been poor but not knowing the fact that her best friend Yoon-ha is from a wealthy family. [Top 30] Rich Guy Poor Girl Korean Drama Korean, Top 10. How to Make a Portfolio in WordPress (Step-By-Step Guide), Build A Stunning Digital Portfolio [How To Setup & What To Include], Best WordPress Plugins For Photography Blog, No thanks, I just want to download Portfolio Designer Lite. It’s the Cinderella princess story line that girls are fed at a young age and swoon for. Hey Soompiers, what is your favorite rich/poor trope K-drama? Oh! It’s mainly focused on F4, the most popular and influential group of boys at the prestigious Shinhwa High School whose leader was Jun-Pyo. He is arrogant and self-absorbed, and obviously has a lot of money. She is both strong and graceful.

The story takes a complete twist when Gae in gets to know that her roommate isn’t actually gay, and might be interested in her.

© 2012-2020 Hallyu Back. Hwan Jung Eum certainly is the only one who can make comical characters look so loving and adorable. Plus, you’ve got Hallyu stars Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum – you can’t go wrong!

Song Hye Kyo, Rain, Han Eun Jeong, Jang Yong, 3. Aside from this fact, the cinematography and simplicity of the series is beautiful and you will find yourself taken aback by certain lines and moments from the characters.

Start watching “Because This Is My First Life”: “Goblin” stars Gong Yoo as Shin, who is in search of his goblin bride. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop 꽃미남 라면가게 (2011) Here are some of the best websites where you can watch your favorite Korean dramas.

Cheongdamdong Alice 청담동 앨리스 (2012) This series is a delight to watch. Over the years, K-dramas have featured girls dressing up as guys and becoming eunuchs, members of boy bands, and students in all-boys schools.

Ha Ji Won, Hyun Bin, Yoon Sang Hyun, Kim Sa Rang, 2.

It’s mainly focused on F4, the most popular and influential group of boys at the prestigious Shinhwa High School whose leader was Jun-Pyo. It’s officially June! The series has a bit of a fantasy element to it as well, as the two characters end up switching bodies in the middle of the series. I personally am a countryside girl, and the drama portrays the beauty and serenity of a small town island life that one doesn’t get to see. One day, she meets Gong-chan, the sole heir to the L`Avenuse Hotel fortune. It’s actually quite toxic logic if you ask me – both for the girl and the guy – because to truly have a strong power couple you’ve got to have equals & a girl with stronger intuition than what products best clean a dirty wood floor.

This Korean drama has a fantastic twist among rich guy poor girl Korean dramas.

There are obviously times when dramas fail to impress and we’re left with just a cliche K-drama that lacks depth, but I’m here to reveal some K-dramas that have this popular trope and are actually pretty good.