And then you will have the right to put price tags with lump sums on your own (not someone’s) pieces of art. The miniature pistol presented on our website combines unprecedented size and excellent shot power. Sometimes it can be found in special literature with such designations: 2.7 mm Kolibri Auto Pistol; 2.7 × 9 mm Kolibri; 2 mm Kolibri; 2.7 Kolibri Selbstlade Pistole; 2.7mm Colibri; 2.7 × 9 Kolibri Auto 1913; XCR 03,009 CGC010; SAA 0015. Ordinary pistol variants had steel or nickel-plated parts and black plastic handle cheeks. Some pistols had an inscription on the right removable plate «PFANNL.S AUTOMAT PISTOL». This model is created by mechanics and jewelers.

Mock-ups are usually made of cheap materials which can be easily molded and processed: plastic, rubber, and wood, alloys of light metals (brass, nickel and zinc). ... Related: antique gun antique rifle antique revolver black powder pistols vintage gun parts vintage pistol flintlock antique sword antique colt antique pistol parts antique gun parts muzzleloader. Combining small size and functionality is a very difficult technical problem. They can fire not only blanks and rockets, but live ammunition of an appropriate caliber. The central ignition cartridges, which are used to charge it, weigh only 0.04 grams. Any mechanic can carve a few details of the metal.

We will only mention several unique materials that were used in the manufacture of the gun: gold and mammoth bone. Although, such a tiny models rarely repeat the mechanism with all accuracy. Shop with confidence. The gun allows a bullet caliber of 2.7 mm to speed up to 200 m/s, which is barely enough to dip the bullet in dry pine at a depth of 40 mm. He will be interested in glorifying his own name, creating something that reflects his personality. And this is his personal time because most tasks cannot be delegated to apprentices. But not always. On the other hand, they are easily accessible. Why are these people ready to pay such an extraordinary price for some rare model? There are also silver, gold, diamonds, ivory and mother of pearls used in VIP-versions. During this period, a second «Kolibri» model was released. One of these controversial miniature models is the «Kolibri». If you are interested in details about this handgun or ready to make an order, you can do it here. It had a variety of gun accessories such as a holster-purse and beautiful boxes for storing. There are no trifles here. However, it’s better to see once. A 3-mm Kolibri round sometimes can be found in directories under the following names: 3.1 × 8.25; 3 × 8 mm Kolibri Auto 1914; 3 mm Kolibri Selbstlade pistole; XCR 03 008 010 CGC, SAA 0025. People are usually surprised by the price of miniatures. Even the real one is cheaper!” But it is the same as to look at a marble statue in The Louvre and say: “Why should I go to Paris when there is a similar stone woman in our local park?”. The right side plate has a window for the sleeve ejection.

Their price is usually lower than the price of original things, made by one master from the beginning to the end with the application of manual tuning. The only exception is steel springs, which are used in watches and are also ordered from Switzerland. The automatic pistol «Kolibri» (Kolibri) works due to free shutter recoil.

Currently, you can find some exemplars having rounded muzzle-sights on their receivers (there was also the image of a gun with a muzzle-sight in the magazine advertising). The site presents the work of the tandem masters - a professional jeweler and a watchmaker. This separation is a result of not only aesthetic goals, but also because white gold is harder as it has palladium in its structure, so it can bear more load. The presence of small screws and parts did not contribute to the ease of using this gun. On the right side of the shutter is the ejector.

Step right on up and see if you are up to the challenge. But if you just take the ruler and measure them, it will become obvious which one is the leader regarding miniatures. Many of the gun’s parts are technological, including the frame that is manufactured by stamping. Weapons became more practical, convenient and easy to use. And this is far beyond limitation: there are mini firearms, which price is counted by tens thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The majority of people exclaims: “Why so expensive?

Some guns had smooth pearl handles. As we see, even on this specific market nobody cancelled the concept of famous brand. And this is far beyond limitation: there are mini firearms, which price is counted by tens thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. This activity is closer to the art than to handicraft or business. The debate about who is actually a designer of this pistol still continues. The core rule could be formulated like this: the closer to the original – the better. Although all other parameters are equal (including the scale of 1:3), the cost is three times higher. There is the precedent with a great French master named Michelle Lefaivre who is known as the best craftsman among modern world masters.

The «Kolibri» pistol was not widely used, and in the mid-thirties of the 20th century, its release was discontinued. The first category pursues commercial purposes: they separate every project into parts, delegate tasks and use wage labor. You have this opportunity in our online-store. It is a replica of the “Derringer” gun on the scale of 1:6. Make Offer - Jay Scott SEDGELEY (Kolibri) & Baby Imitation Pearl Pistol Grips Vintage Jay Scott Laminated Mahogany Pistol Grips 24A-Ruger Bearcat (NEW) $30.00 5d 12h Referring to the works of private masters, you can find many examples. They can only impress you with an appearance on the presentation picture: upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that you are holding a toy in your hands. When this gun first came up for review, I had no idea what 9mm Flobert was, so don’t feel bad if you have never heard of it either. Therefore, according to one version, he is also the developer of the «Kolibri» gun, and the other Austrian citizen, Georg Grabner, was only his commercial partner. If you tighten the mounting screws a little harder than it should, the pistol’s automatic may start to falter. Some guns have the inscription «KREMSa \ D» instead of the inscription «KOLIBRI». Is there any wonder that when one day the master agreed to sell something from his creations, he wasn’t modest in setting a price? Opponents say that Franz Pfannl started the development of the «Kolibri» prototype, and he even got a patent №42314, but then he sold the license to George Grabner, who created the «Kolibri» in the form we know now. By the way, works of such masters are quite often bought by state museums. You may say he is a perfectionist in the best sense of the word. But to polish, to assemble and to adjust them so that they form the exact double of the required weapon model – this is an art that is only accessible to the chosen ones.

A recoil spring is located in the barrel unit over the trunk channel; its guide rod is connected to the shutter. They enjoy the deserved respect and fame, which only grows over the years. Our experience shows that only by joining skills and the knowledge of these items can their combination of aesthetics and functionality be created.

In such cases, the budget of several hundred dollars is provided. This round was similar to the 2.7 mm one with only one difference: its sleeve was shorter and thicker and it had a shell-less lead bullet. It was fitted for a 3-mm round. His works are masterpieces, but to collectors’ regret, it is impossible to buy them.

This model has the most profitable price/quality ratio comparing to other miniatures of such class. Even if it will take a few years for experiments and advertisement. The only difference – this toy has higher quality. It is known that the gun was developed on the base of the «Erika» pistol, which was made by Austrian gunsmith, Franz Pfannl. Sometimes, however, in pursuing fashion to have a compact weapon, armourers designed really funny shooting devices. Cheek-pieces have a knurled surface and they are marked with the abbreviation «FP» in the top part and the inscription «KOLIBRI» at the bottom (usually only on the right cheek). And so does the cost of their work. The third moment – technologies. In the 20th century, this miniature pistol attracted the attention of people who like unconventional firearms. Find great deals on eBay for antique pistol. Unlike serial manufacturers, such a craftsman can construct practically any variant according to individual customer’s preferences. Expensive varieties of pistols had not only pearl handles, but also were engraved and had a gilded finish on their metal parts. Red gold is used in its body, white gold – in the barrel and internal mechanism. The gun was invented in 1913, and in 1914, it was released to the market, and both companions were engaged in its sales. Usually, tiny copies of rifles, machine guns, and pistols are bought for a present. The receiver is installed in the barrel jamb (which is welded to the frame) and fixed there with a transverse pin. Most of the parts are made of gold, even fastening screws. Mini firearms makers can be divided into two main categories due to the technologies they use: manufacturers and craftsmen. The flag type fuse is located on the right side of the frame and when the fuse is on, it blocks the trigger mechanism. The «Kolibri» pistol is most common in standard variant having a total length of 68 mm, height 46 mm, width 10 mm, length of barrel 32 mm, weight 70 grams without cartridges (data are presented according to the instructions for the gun). For example, a small pistol “Kolibri,” which was produced for sale in only one thousand of copies in Austria of the 20th century, can now be bought for $3800. There are plastic cheek-pieces fixed with the screws on the side surfaces of the handle. Supporters of Grabner’s authorship argue that the initials were engraved with the two partners’ consent and it was one of the conditions when George Grabner was buying a license from Franz Pfannl. Therefore, it is much more tempting to design your own model with its own distinctive features, its advantages and particularity. But, of course, not every enthusiast can afford such an acquisition. The pistol is made of two types of gold: white and red. And if you are ready to place an order, you can do so here. The main disadvantages include low shot power, due to weak ammunition and the lack of rifling on the barrel. There are no muzzle-sights on most of these guns. But - what is the chance that you end in gunfight? But the most highly valued are unique instances which can be found nowhere else. For instance, a copy of a threefold reduced Colt can cost $3500 or even more. There are Tula gunsmiths’ arms with the caliber of 1 mm, German mini-guns, and some models from US manufacturers.