Your link has been automatically embedded. View all photographs taken by EMULSIVE on 35mm format film. Color chart and measurement of the colors. The three main ones: first, I believe Fujicolor C200 has a little bit of a finer grain to it. Read EMULSIVE’s travelogue articles; travel stories brought to you by the EMULSIVE film photography community. You can check the current prices and availability through the links below. It is almost the same camera as the very fashionable and expensive Contax T3 but with a blobby aluminium instead of square edged titanium body. I ordered the film online and it cost me RMB15 and RMB17.90 per roll for the Kodak ColorPlus 200 and Fujicolor C200, respectively (roughly USD2.20 and USD2.62) plus shipping. Did you feel the Gold would be better than Colorplus? Something cooler like Fujicolor C200 could be more suited. Back when film photography was just called photography, people were far more selective of what, where, and when they shot. I can see myself using something cooler should I ever do a one-film colour street project.

What is available here in my country the Philippines from Kodak was C100 and C200, ProPhoto100 (the one that comes in 5-pack boxes) and Kodak Gold 400. My advice on C41 development as someone who has done it a fair amount but now stopped - start with a film that you already know the character of well. It’s all down to personal taste. × Also the scene photographed should be in the exact same light conditions for all films and it should be use the same camera/lens system.

If you found that Kodak Gold 200 review useful, why not take a look at these other fantastic films too: And if you think others will also enjoy or benefit from this film review, help them find it by sharing or pinning. I am from San Diego, CA... where I work as a registered nurse and if I'm not working I'm either surfing, climbing/hiking or reading a book.…. The best place to start would be Kodak’s own technical data sheet right here. I will say this, though.

Why Leica signed off on a plastic foot for such a large and heavy flash as the SF58, totally escapes me. Fujicolor c200 vs kodak colorplus 200 kodak colorplus 200 vs fujicolor c200 foroffice kodak gold 200 vs fuji c200 we compare fujicolor 200 vs, Fujicolor C200 Vs Kodak Colorplus 200 Showdown You, Foroffice Kodak Colorplus 200 Vs Fujicolor C200, We Compare Fujicolor 200 Vs Professional Grade Ektar 100, Gold 200 Colorplus Agfaphoto And Fuji C200 Side By, The Color Photography Blind Taste Test Can You Figure This Out, Fujicolor C200 Or Kodak Colorplus 200 I Can T Decide You, How Fuji C200 Convinced Me That Cheap Consumer Grade Still, A Trip To Iran By Theo Santana Kodak Gold 200 Fujicolor C200, Fuji C200 Vs Kodak Colorplus 200 Battle Of The Cheap S, Kodak Color Plus 200 Kodacolor Vs Fuji C200, Kodak Colorplus 200 Over And Underexposure Tested Flickr, Kodak Ultramax 400 Vs Fuji Superia Xtra Lomo Cn400, Fujicolor C200 35mm Review My Favourite Lens, Fujicolor c200 vs kodak colorplus 200 showdown you foroffice kodak colorplus 200 vs fujicolor c200 foroffice kodak gold 200 vs fuji c200 we compare fujicolor 200 vs professional grade ektar 100, Your email address will not be published. Vintage Lenses and Film | Information, Inspiration, and Creation. Considering all this I decided to comparing Kodak ColorPlus 200 and Fuji Fujicolor C200 myself by way of a head-to-head to see how they perform. It has the DX code 512504 and is developed using the regular C-41 process.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'myfavouritelens_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_3',116,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'myfavouritelens_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_4',116,'0','1'])); I don’t develop my own film at this point so all I can do here is send you in the direction of other people’s information.

If you are making errors in development you will spot them easily. If it makes you want to shoot a roll or three, you can get some from B&H Photo, from Amazon, or from Analogue Wonderland. There’s always going to be nostalgia in analogue photography. Essentially it's like a cheap version of Portra, usually sold to wedding photographers on a smaller budget. If I were in commission for a session of portraits, Colorplus 200 wouldn’t be my choice. At the other extreme, some newer films have light leaks and other Instagram filter-style effects added before you even shoot them. Your needs may well differ from mine, so this test isn’t for everyone and shouldn’t be considered “definitive”. I believe this film is not exported to every market, that could be the reason ColorPlus 200 is hard to find in the US, compared to Gold 200. That said, if you prefer to click a few buttons and let it come to you instead, or want to compare prices across a few vendors, you of course have that option too. And while Ilford films have a grand history, I don’t imagine many 1980s holidaying housewives were loading HP5 into their Canon Sure Shots. Film review: Kodak Gold 200 vs Fujicolor C200 comparison – by Dan Marinelli Written by Daniel Marinelli and published on October 16, 2020 September 13, 2019. You can treat them equally, differences are small. Has anybody used the films in the topic, what are the advantages and disadvantages? I've used Fuji Superia and Kodak Gold for never occurred to me that the colors would/could be so different. Here's a shot with Gold 200, in warm light, I guess around half a stop overexposed. That's interesting I was convinced they were the same emulsion. Before that I’ve shot a lot of Agfa Vista 400, since it was discontinued I needed another cheap film to test my new-to-me gear. What is Kodak ColorPlus 200? The film and methodology.