Like Kipo, Wolf and Benson adjust their impressions of people once they come to know them. The members of this motley crew are each other's best hope for surviving in a world dominated by mutated creatures with varying degrees of nefarious plans for humans. Families can talk about the uncertain world in which Kipo finds herself. Thank you for your support. Karen Fukuhara, Sydney Mikayla, Deon Cole, Season 3 Trailer: Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, Season 2 Trailer: Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, Season 1 Trailer: Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts.

Enter Dave with a tale about fanatics — and one awesome fan.

18 Comments. To the Age of Wonderbeasts. Themes of perseverance, friendship dominate dystopian tale. A series gets an Average Tomatometer when at least 50 percent of its seasons have a score. Making her way in a world of mutant animals, a sheltered yet scrappy girl learns to survive — and discovers her powers — with help from a ragtag crew. In 1980s Amsterdam, a family starts the first-ever phone sex line — but being in the business of sexual desires leads them to question their own. Scarlemagne makes a whopping discovery. Scarlemagne turns to Lio for help. With a little help from friends, Kipo breaks the chains of mind control as chaos comes to the coronation. Frequent chase scenes and perilous scenarios, from which Kipo and friends narrowly escape.

Dr. Emilia and her army work through the death ivy while the alliance creates cunning traps. Are second chances possible? Can she talk it out with a Mega Mute? The wolves break the news to Scarlemagne as Kipo tries to crack her father’s code. Kipo Oak voiced by Karen Fukuhara and 1 other . and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Wolf voiced by Sydney Mikayla and 1 other . Leading an army of new allies, Kipo argues with Wolf about the best way to avoid a hissy fit on Umlaut Snäke turf. Together her new friends band together in an effort to get Kipo home ... if they can avoid the many dangers that threaten their very survival on the surface. Kipo (voiced by Karen Fukuhara) is an appealing main character who refuses to let her circumstances get her down. This unique series has broad viewing appeal and is one that families with older kids and tweens will enjoy. Kipo and her pals must keep their cool as they stake out the doc's unexpected hideout. OUTCASTComix. But it'll take a hopping mad Mega Bunny to get them out of another jam. A "cured" chum returns. © Common Sense Media. How does believing the best in people and in situations help her overcome challenges? Now they're on a mission to fight a fierce anti-Mute evildoer: Dr. Emilia. How Technology Is Reshaping Democracy and Our Lives, Participate in DigCit Week with your kid by using curated activities from Wide Open School, Online Playdates, Game Nights, and Other Ways to Socialize at a Distance, Keeping Kids Motivated for Online Learning, Set limits for violence and more with Plus, Kipo and the age of wonderbeasts is a much watch, Amazing animation and story, diverse characters. The Great Mutant Outbreak of 2017 caused creatures to grow to an incredible size and develop incredible intelligence, forcing humans to scatter for underground. The chase continues for the old burrow, but first, Kipo and Wolf must keep their cool among the Deathstalkers. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. In that way she is in sharp contrast to Wolf, whose awareness of the harsh realities of life on the surface give her a shrewdness that often comes across as ill temper. Engaging, quirky fantasy series has broad viewing appeal. CountANDRA. 899 Favourites. All rights reserved.

Benson gets a jump on the Mod Frogs to save Kipo, Wolf and his little buddy Dave.

Themes about perseverance, courage throughout. But will they all end up on the menu?

If so, how does this serve her in the unfamiliar territory? Kipo reaches out to alliance stopper Scarlemagne, and Margot asks Wolf for a favor. A Mega gets a helping hand from Scarlemagne. What accounts for Kipo's optimism? Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts 2019 TV-Y7 3 Seasons Kids' TV Making her way in a world of mutant animals, a sheltered yet scrappy girl learns to survive — and discovers her powers — … The hunt is on for Dr. Emilia, and friends start to vanish. Then Benson gives the burrow girl a 13th birthday surprise — or two. After a giant mutant attack dumps her on the surface far away from her Terrarium home, Kipo gets a crash course on apocalyptic survival. With her good friends by her side, Kipo must be stronger than ever, and hang on to hope as she faces formidable new foes. Kipo. We use cookies (why?). Dr. Emilia's determination runs deep — and gets dark. Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance principles. Searching for streaming and purchasing options ... Common Sense is a nonprofit organization. Swept from her safe burrow, Kipo emerges in a wild surface world full of weird mutant animals. Some hitting, use of handheld weapons like clubs and maces. Kipo and company look for answers — and an anchor — in her parents’ old quarters.

The hunt is on. Massive animals and insects cause fright at times. Kipo. Your privacy is important to us. Time to throw Kipo an anchor as the Mega Monkey moves on.

The chums frolic with the pushy player till a slippery helper arrives. The friends stumble upon tardigrade dream-maker Tad Mulholland, who allows the gang to realize their bliss. As Kipo (voiced by Karen Fukuhara) explores her new surroundings and tries to figure out a way to get home, she encounters mutant animals, dilapidated urban remnants of a bygone time, and an uncertain destiny. Kipo flies off to find Scarlemagne and save her father. By interacting with this site, you agree to our use of cookies. The race for a vaccine begins after a feverish frolic with the Dubstep Bees. She soon bands together with other surface dwellers--both human and mutant--on her journey to locate home, her father and the missing people of her underground city.

What qualities does Kipo value in other people? She gets lost after escaping during an attack.

But let's get real: It comes at a price. We display the minimum age for which content is developmentally appropriate. He gets limited screen-time and we screen all movies, shows, and even the few educational games he is allowed t... Love, love, love this show! Browse titles with similar subject matter. In this English-language special, Icelandic comedian Ari Eldjárn pokes fun at Nordic rivalries, Hollywood's take on Thor, the whims of toddlers and more. The cheese sees all. Kipo Oakis the titular main protagonist ofKipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts. See something that needs to be addressed?

Will her new friends Wolf and Mandu help her get home?

Time to learn Timbercat survival skills. Fun Gus is among us.

Our ratings are based on child development best practices. Copyright © Fandango. As they find common ground, they also find common enemies in mutants they encounter.

In the divided world of the future, two girls want to do the forbidden: the human wants to play the violin, and the vampire wants to see a wider world. Are futuristic stories like Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts entirely far-fetched, or are there any elements of possible truth in them?