List the 5 reasons for using food additives. Your email address will not be published. Factory farms are hiding suffering animals behind deceptive labels like “cage-free” and “humane meat.” Most of the time, cage-free does not mean healthy or happy. it should be put to death rather than just letting it live, for animals too feel pain, moreover, we can also ensure that they are looked after well. Whether they come from Chinese fur farms or Indian slaughterhouses, an immeasurable amount of suffering goes into every fur coat made. It should only be morally acceptable if the hunter is killing the animal for food for survival. It’s meant to show what it takes to love all animals, regardless of the base level of compassion we might feel towards a few. Scholars The torture and cruelty, these dumb animals have to go through, wheel research is being carried out on them, is a well known fact. This is just a sample. So according to the Theory of Evolution, eating meat is what enabled us to rise above the other animals and become a civilized species yet many people argue that we are not supposed to be eating meat because it is wrong for many silly reasons, most of them ethical and conservationist. Alcohol/drug free In many religions, animals were worshipped in the past and any cruelty towards them was condemned by the society and so their rights were protected, but, today we are becoming insensitive not only towards animals but also towards other human beings. Innocent animals are being use for lab experiments, for the safety of new products for us humans to buy later in the future. Instead, they say that we should only eat vegetables and fruits. I do not mean the same rights and morals as a human being, but a right to be free from harm by human beings.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, How Much of the Planet Do Animals Need to Survive, Beyond Meat Files for the Plant-Based Food Industry’s First IPO, Book Review: Ethical Vegetarianism and Veganism edited by Andrew Linzey and Clair Linzey, This Utah Farm Is Sparing 100 Turkeys from the Thanksgiving Slaughter, Book Review: The Cow with Ear Tag #1389 by Kathryn Gillespie, There’s No Covering Up the Awful Smell of Factory Farming. The manner in which fish are unintentionally caught varies by species. Essay Example on Khan Vs Simbillo. Essay : Animal Rights And Human Rights 1160 Words | 5 Pages. People often hurt these dumb creatures without even realizing that they too feel pain. Stopped feeling their pain.

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We all eat to survive, in fact, every living organism on the face of the earth must consume some form of energy containing material in order to grow and reproduce.

...Ever wonder how animals are being processed in the industry?

Thesis Generator. They are as alive as we are and they also want to live.

These animals do have a way of morality they will distinguish right from wrong and smart and unhealthy behavior. We kill billions of wild fish, but fish are not always considered the easiest animal to sympathize with. Producers: Some organisms make or produce food. Stuck on your essay? This shows that we are also wild and furious and we are not very differ from them. They cannot enter our society or make moral choices. This brings a serious cause because most of the animals are in the endangered species list, and almost being extinct. In the modern age, many people claim that eating meat places too much work on our digestive systems since they were not designed to deal with meat. Also how animals are being hunted down just for the joy or for food. Video from the first large-scale investigation of intensive fish farming in Europe shows fish thoughtlessly scooped out of nets and thrown into plastic containers, where they slowly asphyxiate. Improving nutrition... ...Foods to avoid: The idea of a life lived in a long line of animals waiting to be killed can feel out of reach, which is why we chose to include some of the more disturbing images from factory farms in this article.