by Tom Orry, Audience Development Manager, Gamer Network My favorite that I show method simply cannot be topped. I know it's scary, but you're going to need to rush the hell out of the Lynel so you can put the fight on your terms.

After your fifth swing, you will be thrown off the back of the Lynel. Learn how to beat and kill Red Lynels and Silver Lynels with incredibly fast and crushing force. You are guaranteed 5 hits, as long as you continually swing your weapon.

By waiting until the Stasis wears off, the Lynel will be stunned and you can immediately mount him. Top 25 Biggest Open World Games This Console Generation (Biggest Video Game Maps), Breath of the Wild: How to Get the Sheikah Heirloom (Stolen Heirloom Quest Guide), Best Zelda: Breath of the Wild Mods That You Have to See in Action, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Shows Photo Mode in New Screenshots; Will Be Available at Launch, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Gets New Screenshots From PS5 & PS4 Versions, Sims Holiday Gift Guide 2020 for the Dedicated Simmer, The Ultimate Final Fantasy Gift Guide for the Holidays, PS5 Recommended Settings, Data Transfer, & Account Setup Detailed in New Support Videos, Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to Beat Lynel Easily. After Stasis runs off, the Lynel will kneel down like he is stunned but he will stand right back up. If you are confident with a bow, hitting a Lynel in the face will stun it.

Lynel are one of the tougher beasts you’ll face on your adventure in Breath of the Wild, and you’ll come face-to-face with one while helping out the Zora Prince. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. Here's what you need to do in order to take down those Lynels quickly, without expending a lot of resources: Equip all the gear listed in the prerequisites section above & eat your food. After this crit shot, the Lynel will actually be stunned and allow you to mount him. Thank you for the support in advance! The critical spot can be hit from behind, but it is a bit tricky to aim, since you're essentially aiming for the same spot, but have the back of the body as reference instead. Tom started life on a circus in Australia before his family moved to the UK. As soon as Stasis wears off, get a critical hit with an arrow.

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Top 10 Kids Who Are Unique & Amazing In The World – Kids With Unusual Features! This video shows you How to Beat a Lynel in 30 Seconds or Less in Zelda Breath of The Wild.

It's much easier to crit shot a stationary target rather than a maniacally charging horse demi-god. These Guardians respawn every blood moon, meaning this is an extremely easy to acquire high damaging Guardian weapon. This video shows you How to Beat a Lynel in 30 Seconds or Less in Zelda Breath of The Wild. With this method, I can take one out in well under a minute and only need to mount twice, while keeping my weapon brand new and replenishing all other used resources (arrows and bows). News, Reviews, and Guides for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and more! GUIDE: How to Hold 11 Fairies at Once (MAX FAIRY FARMING). Any Guardian weapon of equal or higher attack value will work as a substitute. Yakuza Localization Head Says Next Step For Franchise Is Simultaneous Global Release. GDQ is sticking with social distancing, which means we get another round of off-beat speedrun showcases. Press and then ➕ Add to Home, How to Easily Kill a Lynel Holding a Sword, Top 10 Amazing And Unique People Around The World #4, TOP 10 BEST PLACES TO LIVE IN THE WORLD IN 2020, Jenius Kash Ain’t Surfin Off mixtape “The Package” releasing This Halloween, Organic Tapioca Cultivation / Harvesting tapioca / Harvesting Cassava. Ruined King, a League of Legends RPG, Is Coming in Early 2021.

This guide does not aim to be "the ultimate", "worlds fastest", or "most optimized" way to take down a Lynel. Sega Entertainment Sells Most of Its Arcade Business, But the Infamous Sega Branding Will Survive. When you load the save point, the Lynel will not know you are there allowing you to make the first move. I've been killing lots of Lynels, and have acquired several Crushers at 100+ attack each, with my highest being 108. That's all we have on this subject, but worry not as there's plenty more Breath of the Wild content right here on USG. How to Easily Kill a Lynel Holding a Sword For those who already know how to take down Lynels, this method works wonders on resource conservation and efficiency. Lynels can be mounted after they have been stunned. Your Videos - How to Easily Kill a Lynel. Don't Camp Out For a PlayStation 5, Sony Says. ), GUIDE: Ultimate Cooking - Health / Stamina Recovery - (Overfill with Easily Farmable Ingredients), PSA: Hold On To These Weapons!

Lynels are quite possibly the strongest type of enemy that Link can go up against in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

This can be a Lynel Bow, Forest Dweller Bow, or even a Duplex Bow. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Guide Look directly up into the chin of the Lynel and get a critical hit with an arrow.

You are guaranteed 5 hits worth of damage while mounted on a Lynel. While the blue Lynel uses the same attacks and attack patterns as the red Lynel, the loot dropped afterwards is far more powerful. To do this, wait until the Lynel swings for you. When stunned, Lynels will bow their heads and a prompt will appear if you are close enough to them allowing you to mount them.

Come and join the discussion about Nintendo's latest open world adventure! They just charge for some reason).

How to maximize your Lynel farming gains, and a simple method to taking down Silver Lynels. Game Pass subscribers get EA Play on the same day it receives Respawn's Star Wars title.

Lynels are so tough that they should probably be marked as mini bosses within Breath of the Wild. User Info: brinetold. It's probably done to make sure that any occasional quest for a specific weapon or item does not become impossible to repeat. User Info: thorogood7. so i'm sure you want to know where can i get this easy lynel kill? As soon as it catches sight of Link, the red Lynel will prepare to fire a powerful shock arrow, which deals a hefty amount of damage if caught in the blast area. :), GUIDE: HOW TO KILL ALL SILVER LYNELS WITH A SINGLE WEAPON - (Easy Method - No Dodging - No Parrying - 1 Min./Kill), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Breath_of_the_Wild community, Continue browsing in r/Breath_of_the_Wild, All things The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! Instructions unclear, shot the Lynel in the face. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. A bit late but right?? Once the red Lynel has been defeated, it will drop a Lynel spear and Lynel bow, as well as a Lynel horn and hoof, both of which can be used in recipes or sold to merchants. While normal, fire and ice arrows will have little to no effect on a Lynel, lightning and bomb arrows can be used to scrape off a little bit of health, although it'd probably be a good idea to focus on close quarters combat in a fight with a Lynel, so bring a weapon that Link can use to get in a few quick hits with, like a sword or spear. Xbox Series X Review: Microsoft's Powerful Next-Gen Console is Still Lacking Its Killer App Mash the Y button and Link will begin unleashing hell on the Lynel. See our terms & conditions. ), My suggestion for the dish you should make for Lynel killing is: x3 Might Bananas + x1 Mighty Thistle + x1 Dragon Horn. Shock arrows are a good tip. Magical Elven Woods Music – Whispers Of The Starlight Forest, I beat a whole team on my own!! Install Viral Chop App for iPhone. Charge. I had checked before but it must have been before the blood moon. Lynels are so tough that they should probably be marked as mini bosses within Breath of the Wild. Hey, I keep shooting the lynel in face (The face, not the part where the chin meets the beard) but he's not getting stunned. Home » Guides » Zelda Breath of the Wild: How to Beat Lynel Easily.  | 

- Breath of the Wild Discussions - Switch Discussions - Nintendo Switch Discussions - Waker HD vs 4K comparison Mario Sunshine vs 4K Comparison - Prime vs HD 4K comparison - Skyward Sword vs HD 4K comparison - video would not be possible without the help from AMD \u0026 Antec.List of Zelda Theories! Don't miss: Link will get a Savage Lynel Bow, Savage Lynel Crusher, and either one or two star fragments for each silver Lynel defeated. though a fairy or Mipha's grace is always a good idea in case you accidentally mess up. Hirun Cryer

Before you make your mind to kill a golden lynel, you must know that your task is not as easy as you think.

Or just equip stick and pot lid, and fight it like a MAN. To do this, wait until the Lynel swings for you. Just remember to stick to the tactics provided above, and you'll be farming Lynel weaponry in no time at all. He created UK site, of which he was the Editor for over a decade. Aside from that, you’ll mainly want to make use of your Flurry Rush. Study the GIF's listed above or watch the full video and you should be taking these bad boys out in no time!

I discovered this yesterday. :). I do this exact thing but I also pump a couple arrow shots into his head when he's stunned kneeling down. Keeping moving while generally closing the distance between Link and the Lynel is a good tactic to use, and prepare to either jump or get your shield ready every time the beast charges with its axe. After your fifth swing, you will be thrown off the back of the Lynel. ... with this strategy it should be pretty easy for you all to farm em without taking a hit! This is key. Xbox Series X Review: Microsoft's Powerful Next-Gen Console is Still Lacking Its Killer App, Don't Camp Out For a PlayStation 5, Sony Says, news story on Twitch Plays beating its first Guardian, write-up of the awesome Wind Waker easter egg hidden in the game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review.

It'll be enabled in software later, but for now you'll be stuck with that 825 GB drive. For more tips, tricks, and information on Breath of the Wild, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide. You want to hit him while still in Stasis, because as soon as he breaks free from Stasis he will continue with his attack. The shrine guardians respawn?! Charge like hell. That being said, this method allows you to kill a Silver Lynel: In order to properly utilize this method, you will need the following: Stasis plus allows you to Stasis enemies. His love of gaming started soon after, which essentially meant he bought every video game magazine available and worked numerous part-time jobs as a child in order to afford costly N64 games. Repeat steps 7 - 13 until the Lynel is dead. Well, that's my headcanon. And for plain old farming ancient weapons. Don't worry, even though 5 arrows are shot Link only loses one arrow :) Please Subscribe :) Enjoy!----------------------------------------------------------------------CHECK OUT SOME OF MY OTHER SUPER COOL VIDEOS!$2300 ELIXIR - LYNEL ELIXIR TONS OF ANCIENT ARROWS: TO MAKE MONEY FAST - Used to Make this Video:1) El Gato HD60 Game Capture Card - iMac 27 Inch Retina 5K - Blue Snowball - This video and description has amazon affiliate links, and this means that if you click on one of the product links above which shows the gear I used to make this video with, I’ll get a small commission.