On July 17, Kevin's father, J. Talbot Young, took the stand. We were more independent and closer to adults, than today's kids. Enjoyed the narration.

He worried that the government would reinstate the draft. are you guys going to do an episode with your own theories/thoughts? Kevin sounds like he was a ticking time-bomb waiting to go off. On January 8, 2018, detectives began investigating a homicide at 11804 Crofton Rd. Also, some people sleep in the nude. Dan was liked, Kevin not so much.

I’m sorry, but I grew up on Lee road by Fairfax Elementary School and spent literally hundreds of nights walking up walking up and down Lee road/ hanging out at the playground, almost exactly where you are describing. Whatever the case, after that late-night meeting, they repeated damning things about Kevin. So it seems if you are looking for answers on the final read they are not really there. Nice try but stick with what we know and love.

Obviously this was all witness testimony, but an account from the cops on scene would have been nice. By then, Miron had had time to review some evidence related to Dan Dreifort and had some concerns regarding his behavior on the night of the murder. The detectives were particularly suspicious about details in Kevin's statement that didn't jibe with other accounts. She shared with him her "Happy Book," a scrapbook in which she collected newspaper headlines and stories that made her smile. Dan seems like a primary suspect, the one thing that saved him was getting an alibi from the parents. Enjoying the new format thus far. Occasionally, the cough syrup made him black out and act violently, according to witnesses. We welcome readers to submit letters regarding articles and content in Cleveland Scene.

Narrator and Search Warrant - Nic, So many questions- will we ever know why dan was at that clinic?

and formed a band of his own called Your Mother and Her Howling Commandoes. Lisa's father remained in his car in the driveway while Lisa and Dan walked around the corner of the house, where they kissed and talked in private for a few minutes. On a band trip to Toronto in 1988, he had threatened to jump from his hotel balcony because a girl refused to go out with him. He just came out of a mental hospital. I also find it takes a lot of effort to put the action together --- I prefer your more traditional effort. I'm not so fussed about the new format - preferred to hear the banter as you both talk through theories, although for a change it's interesting and like that the Captain gets to feature more (loving that voice) TCG is my gym & driving habit, highly addictive. I hope you'll take a break and stop off at the Shaker Heights exit and when you are done - we will see you on the other side! Just released from a mental institute, she was killed during the time she was supposedly going to his house to meet him, and her body was found on or near his property. This is a very intriguing case and I am holding out on doing my own research because I’d like to hear the totality of Nic and the Captain’s take on it first. It wrapped up super abruptly after an extremely long buildup. Hope this won’t be a regular thing. He hosted "Robo parties" at his house, where everyone drank Robitussin and listened to music. where are Episodes 4,5,6 Though wary at first, he agreed, and over the next several days they formed a quick friendship. Really don’t know what to make of all this. Cheers Nic, Feeling weird about this series. There are a surprising number of loose ends. Lisa told Dan that she was going to sneak out of her house and come back around 12 or 12:30. "Kevin said, 'I don't think she was raped.' Either way, it's a creepy story and I hate that they never got it solved. Too bad they never got the killer. Also, seems like they didn’t really have to go to class & nobody’s parents seem to care where they were or what they were doing. But he had a habit of ranting about blacks and Jews and how they were ruining Shaker Heights. "Tex," as everyone called Ken, and Kevin had become blood brothers the previous year, swearing allegiance to … What would have happened if he just asked for a lawyer right away, as he should have. Fifteen minutes later, the screaming began. I skipped this at first because I was dreading any tinkering with the format, but once I gave it a chance and got going, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Appreciate it. "Then I ran home, called her house, got the answering machine, then called 911."

Or did they want to deflect suspicion from someone else? It's still unsolved and many in Shaker Heights consider the case closed as they still believe that Kevin did it. Still pretending to think like the killer, Kevin told him that the man probably stabbed Lisa from the front just a couple of times. Cheers Nic. He went back outside, he said, alone - and discovered Lisa's bike hidden in the bushes beside the sidewalk at his neighbor's house, at the corner of Lee and South Woodland.

The lack of evidence is disappointing.

Just started listening to the first episode today. No weapon, no bloody clothes, no witnesses, nobody without an alibi....nothing. It’s a shame that interrogations use deception and coercion to illicit confessions which sometimes turn out to be false. In Kohanski's opinion, the results of two were inconclusive. I also agree with someone else- I was a teen in the 90’s but me & my friends didn’t hang out this late on school nights, or call someone’s house at 11pm. His mother put Kevin in touch with the family's attorney, and the interview was over. Anyone with information can contact Shaker Heights detectives at 216.491.1261. Any 18 year old lady like these killing someone with 21 stabs and not leaving a trace is unlikely. I really enjoyed the way this series was done from any other episode so far. So then both his parents covered for him? People sound so rude and entitled in the comments. From this moment on, Kevin was the one and only suspect. Bio PART 7: Dan Dreifort's mom (Mrs. Dreifort, to you,) speaks out. I think he probably had his friends over and said "Who do you think could have done this?" His father picked him up. He was hospitalized and medicated. Never take a polly! This place has fucked me up. They went over strategies for a polygraph interview: Begin at night and be prepared to question him for hours, provide lots of pop and cigarettes, talk about the crime in the third person.Kevin had moved into a dorm at Ohio State and was beginning to think that maybe the whole thing was behind him. My only issue so far is that the woman voicing the boyfriend's mother didn't quite sound natural. Kim wanted Dan to return some of the mementos she'd sent to him to cheer him up at the Clinic. On September 13, at 2 p.m., Dan was discharged. Thanks for mixing it up and giving your listeners something new. Interested in this sample format. Either way, it's a creepy story and I hate that they never got it solved. I think a last episode with just discussion would have improved the series. The mentions in the podcast of the number of wealthy, privileged kids in suburban Shaker Heights, living in huge houses with swimming pools, walking around with pocket knives surprised me. I also never heard of this murder before nor is there a lot of info online, so definitely a good one to cover!

I love all of the hard work you guys do on a regular basis, but I just couldn't get into this experimental format. I loved this series so much it was very great and super informative and a format that I wasn't expecting to like so much but it turned out the party!