Indian Brahmins should show their unity .


Bihari brahmins are interested only in ego games and have not erudition/scholarly bent of mind.

They migrated to the region between Malvan and Sangameshwar near the Konkan coast and made it their home land.The Karhade section, though it takes its name from Karad, a place in the Deccan region, is found chiefly in the Konkan coast. Please enter the following surnames of brahmins who generally belongs to Madhya Pradesh (Baghel khand area Satna Rewa sidhi sahdol distt) and other parts in mpSharmaRaoBhattBhat DasaundhiGargPathakParauhaDubeyTiwariChoubeyTrivediChaturvediShuklaShukulMishra. Is Nataraj also a surname and if so..are they Brahmins.. My friend has it at the end of his name but quite not sure. Chamoli10 Thapliyal11 Dyundi12 Nawani(Nauni)13 Hatwal14 Kothiyal15 Satti/Sati16 Bijalwan17 Lakhera18 Pujari19 Bahuguna20 Dangwal21 Dobhal22 Uniyal23 Ghildiyal24 Naithani25 Juyal26 Saklani27 Joshi28 Tiwadi/Tiwari29 Painyuli30 Chandola31 Dhaundiyal32 Mamgain33 Badthwal34 Naudiyal35 Kukreti36 Dhasmana37 Kainthola38 Suyal39 Bangwal40 Anthwal41 Baukhandi42 Jugran43 Malkoti44 Balodi45 Ghanshala46 Madwal47 Devrani48 Pokhriyal49 Dabral50 Sundriyal51 Kimothi52 Kothari53 Badola54 Baloni55 Panthri56 Badoni57 Purohit58 Kotnala59 Kala60 Malasi61 Pharasi62 Badani/Badhani63 Kudiyal/Kuriyal64 Bhatt65 Baudai66 Godura67 Silwal68 Amoli.

Our kul devanand is Ravalnath vyghrambari . Khanduri 5. [12], Traditionally, the Karhade Brahmins were a community of priests who offered religious services in Hindu temple and to other communities. Along with the Deshastha and Konkanastha Brahmins, the Karhade Brahmins are referred to as Maharashtrian Brahmins. So, it is possible that they are migrants from North-western part of India.

What about the guru avtar of lord.vishnu as datta?what about lord.hanuman being the vaishnav avtar of lord.shiva? Which is why Karhades are far less in number (<100,000) compared to the overall population of India, even today.

At one time North Indian Brahmins were famous for their scholarship and erudition and the central Gangetic basin was considered the seat of Vedic learning. The link is:Why are most Bengalis anti-Hindu, illogical, argumentative and anti-national?

Along with the Deshastha and Konkanastha Brahmins, the Karhade Brahmins are referred to as Maharashtrian Brahmins. The modern-day Karad was also referred to in various inscriptions as karahada (करहड) as well as karahāta (करहाट) as mentioned before. Mishra is a common surname among Hindu Brahmins from the northern, eastern and central parts of India. Karha is the river with its origins in the western Sahyadri range, and it is likely these people were called Karhade from that. We truly need to respect and acknowledge each one's contribution to society. Brahmins in TN are not anti hindi nor anti north indian but are created as an image, Most Iyers are having names that are of Shiva and Vishnu namesIyengars are strictly holding Vishnu namesIyers have names that Iyengars havebut it isnt other way around. Biggest brahmin caste of india.

Names like Krishnan and Rangarajan are used by most castes not just Brahmins in TN. — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2001:569:72C8:3E00:B85B:C3D8:A5FF:5BFC (talk) 04:59, 17 February 2018 (UTC), There is a lot of speculation floating around here and on the Wikipage under the guise of evidence. So, there is a possibility that there has been some inter-mixing with people of Muslim origin even outside of India, perhaps more than a thousand years ago.

In this article I will share Brahmin surnames list in India based on my ongoing research on Brahmins. nowadays, there are a number of brahmins who even haven't heard or known about even adi sankara and about upanishads.

Another possibility is that the Karhades in and around Goa may be of Portuguese origin. The "pandit" in Hemadri Pandit's name is a title, or उपाधि, reserved for scholars of renown and repute in medieval India, and is unlikely to be the surname "Pandit" found predominantly in the karhāḍe brāhmaṇ group. idiot brahmins, you all should be massacred like Mr.Hitler did to jews .. you spoiled hinduism and very culture, you nomads. They can be Saraswat brahmins as well, I dontr know how come you have been putting rubbish and ignorance here and want people to believe it. In maharashtarian list add this surnames kamat,samant,ghangrekar, soman, oak,khanolkar,dixit,karandikar, walawalkar,gvankar,kale,koshe,mondkar,wagle,kinare,kane, prabhavalkar,redkar ,Tendulkar, karnik,laud,khedkar,kasbekar,naik,gadgil,gokhale,thakur, DADHE.UPASNI AND KAPSE WE CANADD IN MAHARASHTRA, Wanjarkhedkar and Prasad are also bramhin in Maharashtra. Modern Asian Studies, 10(3), pp.321-348. In the section "Religious condition" in the same Introduction as well as elsewhere in the same chapter, the historical reference to the karhāde brāhmaṇas finds mention. I am removing Hemadri's mention from the "Notables" section for the reasons mentioned above: "* Hemadpant, Prime Minister of Yadavas in the 13th century" ThakurPradeep (talk) 11:43, 23 October 2015 (UTC). During the rule of the Sinda and Shilāhāra Kings at Karad (9th-12th century A.D.), the town was known by the name karahāta, or करहाट. This comment has been removed by the author. The Shilāhāra rulers of karahāta maintained the practice of appending the prefix "Lord of karahāta", or करहाटपति, to their royal names. kuniyal, uniyal, nautiyal. [13], Karhade Brahmins generally follow a vegetarian diet.[14]. Brahmin Goswami is in Bihar, UP, Jharkhand, Assam, Uttrakhand, N Chhattisgarh. People with Karhade Brahmin surnames in Varhaad region in Maharashtra migrated during Peshwai (1700s) for political and social administration.

All India Brahman Aarakshan Manch ब्राह्मण राज़ लाकर रहेंगे5 लाख ब्राह्मणों को जोड़ेगेअपने दोस्तो,रिलेटिव,से ये फ़ेसबुक पेज को इन्वाईट करके लाइक करवाये भाईयोसहमत हो तो ज्यादा से ज्यादा share करे भाईयो. There ancistors were the porter of Temur len.

The Hemadri-karhāḍe connection has already been removed from the wikipage of Hemadri Pandit [1], because we have no evidence that Hemadri Pandit belonged to the karhāḍe brāhmaṇ group. Who are you to judge and how have you judged them? [7], Ex-mayor Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya openly eats beef. I would wait with all eagerness to see if shree Mukhopadhyay can shed more light on this,inanother article, as to why and when West Bengal Brahmins lost in the way. Stamps released in their memory. This is amusing and not very well informed. Andhra Brahmins are missing.There are two main groups in Andhra:NiyogiVaidiki/DravidaThe surnames of AP brahmins could be very confusing, because in AP brahmins identify themselves with gotra. They used Kharoshti and Brahmi scripts for writing. Names of Marathi and Konkani speaking Karhadas is characterised by three part structure; - Part 1 = Given name, this is the name which is granted to the infant typically during the first month, moreso during the Barsa ceremony. Indigenous origin, which is the mainstream theory, offers a more parsimonious explanation. I can challange, please have a DNA Test of estern Nepali people and middle ast khas and Latinos and I am suru it will matches 100%. This is corroborated with the information about the Shilāhāra kings found in the Vikramānkadevacharita of the Kashmiri poet Bilhana, wherein they are referred to in the singular as karahāta-pati, or "lord of करहाट". Some Iyengar Brahmin name from TN include Rangachari, Rangarajan, Narayanan, Govindarajan, Krishnamachari, Gopalakrishnan, Ranganathan, Ramachandran, Ramakrishnan, Balaraman, Krishnan, Narasimhan, Varadarajan, Andal, Kulasekharan, Kuzhaikathan, Sudarshanan, Jagannathan, Raman. [10] [11]. It was removed due to being too far fetched without proper citations. Also, Karhades tend to follow a very liberal form of Hinduism, in fact, they are more spiritual, non-theistic, unorthodox and forward-looking compared to other Hindus.

Came from northern India between 5th-15 th century. Marathi and Konkani-Speaking Karhade and Padye Brahmins.

Many of these Brahmins were famous for their learning, sophistication and range of knowledge. Nambissan, Varrier in Kerala and the Staanika in Karnataka are same. The explicit nature of this information in the aforementioned treatises calls the speculation of the name "karhade" originating from "orchards, called Karhataks" into question.ThakurPradeep (talk) 11:05, 23 October 2015 (UTC) 6 [7], the author, Dr. Vasudev Vishnu Mirashi, has given the etymology of the name of the modern-day town of Karad. डोभाल - गढ़वाली ब्राह्मणों की प्रमुख शाखा गंगाडी ब्राह्मणों मैं डोभाल जाती सम्वत 945 मै संतोली कर्नाटक से आई मूलतः कान्यकुब्ज ब्रह्मण जाती थी। मूल पुरुष कर्णजीत डोभा गाँव मैं बसने से डोभाल कहलाये।, Gujrat brahmin addPANDYAPALIWALJOSHIPALBARAIYAJANIDHANDHALIYADAVELADHAVAJALELAPAREKH.

By the way where are punjabi and rajisthani brahmins list. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 16:45, 17 December 2007 (UTC), Ashutosh Gowariker is Karhade for sure. Offices. He states that Hemadri has himself mentioned this in his own book along with the names of his father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Not for reservation but for showing strength of Brahmins. Some are Moudgils and Modgil as well Mudgil pronounce like that not its the exact one.Admin please add Modgil. And suffix like Sharma, Deekshitulu, Joshyula, Mishrula, Dwibhashyula, Bhagvatula, Shashtrula, Shastry, Upadhyayula, Suarashtrula, Bhattula, Saraswatula is added.It is so because, Brahmins into AP came from two or three groups. Please find the link below. Semwal 3. In the list gothras ar mixed up with titles. Iyers and Iyengars are truly the only sect of Brahmis who have truly maintained their Brahmanical traditions to this day and in fact I would say that in modern day Hindusim, south Indian Brahmins are playing a much greater role than north Indians. It is possible that they inter-married and got mixed with the local population over time since Karhades have always been more liberal and accepting of other people.

—Preceding unsigned comment added by 01:50, 12 December 2009 (UTC) I completely agree that unless well researched references are provided, the theory of Indo-Scythian origin of Karhades should be dismisse…