While escaping, Asuna explains that Sōta has been afflicted with the Game Disorder, a computer virus which has mutated to infect humans, which has a rather predictable twist about its origins later on, for this reason it is called the Bugster Virus, which much like a real computer virus or cancer in a body, will multiply in its host until it completely takes over: the only way to save them is using the Gamer Driver, but only those who've had the Compatibility Surgery performed on them can use it, without permission, Emu takes the Gamer Driver Asuna was planning to give to M, and uses it to become a Kamen Rider, revealing that he is M during the fight. Emu then decides to fight Parad and attacks him with the Gashacon Key Slasher charged with the Maximum Mighty X Gashat.

After taking Emu to a park, Parad reveals that he is actually the Bugster who infected his body, and both were separated during the operation performed by Michihiko Zaizen under Kuroto's request. Emu is still hoping to save Shūhei, and understand why he hates Christmas and cakes, despite his mother's insistence to the contrary. Shocker gets their hands on the Pirazaurus whose poison can kill a giant dinosaur in mere seconds and begin to create a cyborg by combining it with a human. With all four Kamen Riders having access to Level 3, and therefore are once again on a level playing field, he decides only he is needed to fight the Bugster, and draws Ex-Aid and Brave out to fight. Just when Nico and the others are about to lose hope, Hiiro appears to operate on Taiga. As he moves to take Emu's, the Bugster inside takes over and forces him back. Back to the CR, Kuroto concludes that Emu did not manage to use Hyper Muteki as his "M" personality was deleted when he reprogrammed Parad. However, Graphite is enraged that he refuses to let them win fairly, and attacks Cronus to unpause the game, taking Nico's attack, destroying him. Emu then becomes surprised upon knowing that Kiriya has returned. Please try again. While going through Kiriya's notes, Hiiro realized Kiriya was killed to keep him from devising a means to eliminate the Bugster Virus. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hongo learns from the Boys Rider Squad members of strange occurances in the Tanzawa district and heads to the scene, but he is attacked there by Boys Gel-Shocker Squad. The three are then attacked by Ren Amagasaki, who reveals he is Loverica, a Bugster from Toki Meki Crisis. Check out the discussion page and revision history for further clues about what needs to be updated in this article. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid (仮面ライダーエグゼイド Kamen Raidā Eguzeido) is a Japanese tokusatsu drama in Toei Company's Kamen Rider Series. Back at the CR, Emu and Kuroto devise a plan to defeat Cronus despite his ability to pause. All the fighting stops and Parad leaves. When the others attempt to escape with Emu, Parad instead possesses his body and leaves with him. This triggers a memory of Kiriya's dying words that causes Emu to consciously activate his Bugster Virus and empowers the blank Gashat to create a new game, Maximum Mighty X. Emu transforms into Ex-Aid Maximum Gamer Level 99 to trounce the grunts while reprograming the Dangerous Zombie Gashat to render Genm mortal. He explains his Gashat is the alpha Gashat, the very first one he ever developed, and he gave it the ability to continue, meaning Para-DX only cost him the first of 99 lives. However one scientist, Takashi, does escape and attacks his wife's hospital. Ex-Aid manages to get the Bugster to withdraw into the host's body, revealed to be Kuroto.

Taiga hears this and blasts Genm, with Emu smashing him across the field, reducing his health to one bar. Meanwhile, Masamune informs Johnny Maxima that he had prepared one Gamer Driver to give him as he asked. Less than two hours before the event begins, Emu, Kuroto and Taiga arrive to face Cronus, accompanied by Hiiro and Kiriya. In the next day, Taiga awakens, much to everybody's joy and both Hiiro and Taiga set aside their differences and reconcile. Gel-Shocker's Garaox uses his demon fog that can make objects float to attack vehicles. However, Hiiro cites how he is the greatest doctor in the world because of the willpower he has to do anything to save his patients, and takes control of the power.

With Emu only a week away from completing his internship, a new Bugster escapes from a small boy about to be discharged from the hospital. When Emu returns to confront Gatton and save the patient, Hiiro appears once again to stop him, but this time, Emu fights back and defeats him, destroying Gatton in the process, while Parad and Graphite uses Gamedeus' sample to negate Cronus' pause function when Kamen Rider Lazer Turbo arrives and erases the sample with his Level 0 ability, allowing Masamune to pause and singlehandedly defeat Parad, Graphite and Emu. All of the episodes were written by Yuya Takahashi. Take Off Against the Direction of the Wind! S01:E72 - Vampiric Mosquilas vs. Two Riders. At an amusement park's botanical gardens, people begin to go missing. Masked Rider, having fallen into a pit trap, loses his power in the secret room where no wind can reach and reverts back to his form as Hongo. The doctors appear to fight them, when Kamen Rider Cronus appears and freezes time around them with his Buggle Driver Ⅱ's "pause" function. Starting on February 12, 2017, the series was joined by Uchu Sentai KyurangerIcon-crosswiki in the Super Hero Time line-up. With the 13 Gashatrophies gathered, they are used to access the final level, but Cronus tries to reset the game again. Kiriya then asks for the Hyper Muteki Gashat as a reward should he defeats Ex-Aid. While all eyes look skyward at the arrival of Kamen Rider Chronicle's final boss Gamedeus, Johnny Maxima sneaks away unnoticed with Graphite's Gashacon Bugvisor. S01:E31 - Deathmatch! When the others arrive, Ex-Aid Maximum Gamer takes on Parad while Brave Beat Quest Gamer, Snipe Simulation Gamer and Ride-Player Nico attack Poppy, scaring off the two Ride-Players. Taiga is defeated by Graphite, but he refuses to give up, and is then critically injured, leading Hiiro to stop fighting as well and give the Bugsters the chance to escape. Investigating where he fell, Emu discovers the truth. Emu and Hiiro help a young woman who not only was infected with the last Bugster Emu defeated, but is still infected with a second one that now threatens her life. These omissions are so great that the article's factual accuracy has been compromised. Moreover, to defeat Shocker Rider, they begin special training under Tobei's tutelage. They begin the realise the only way forward is to work together. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid is a Japanese tokusatsu drama in the Kamen Rider series. Brave and Snipe are easily beaten by Alhambra and Genm, until Emu arrives and loads the new Gashat, which infects him with massive amounts of virus. S01:E37 - Poisonous Gas Monster Trickabuto's G-Plan. Hiiro then arrives and gives the blank Gashat to Emu, saying he is the only one who can make it work, as he created Mighty Brothers XX since it was a product of his childhood dream realized. S01:E36 - Resurrected Mummy Monster, Egyptus. Now a member of the CR, Emu is introduced to his co-worker the genius surgeon Hiiro Kagami, also known as Kamen Rider Brave, but Emu's disapproval of Hiiro's detached attitude towards the patients leads to professional difficulties between the Pedatrics Intern, and the Genius Surgeon, they also encounter a mysterious Masked Rider, one whom uses the power of Mighty Action X Beta appears during surgery, and beats them up. S01:E96 - Takeshi Hongo, Cactus Monster Exposed!? The boy reveals that a girl in his class he likes asked him to the amusement park, but he doesn't like thrill rides.

Arriving at the blockade, Kuroto gloats that its pointless Emu until realizing that Emu is using Kiriya's Gamer Driver. They arrive on scene to find a Ride-Player being beaten by Revol and his troops. Taiga Hanaya/Kamen Rider Snipe locates the Bugster which escaped in the last episode, and obtains the Jet Combat Gashat, however rather than destroy the bugster to cure the patient, he takes it hostage leaving Emu unable to cure the old man.