Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 39 Though he still makes the same cocky smile as before, showing that he can actually shift into his gamer persona at will. Emu is the first rider to have two Level 3 forms to debut in series. Earlier from Ghost's perspective, Ex-Aid inexplicably appeared on the Island of Eyecons as Takeru and his friends were being pursued by the Gamma. Motif: Emu and Asuna follow a witness report to find Graphite in a pile of rubble. Chapter 9: Overlap, the Swordsman's Timbre. The main tool of Para-DX in this form is the Materialize Smasher (マテリアライズスマッシャー, Materiaraizu Sumasshā), which was Puzzle Gamer's shoulder parts. Final KamenRide: Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer: This card can be used in Decade's Neodecadriver to transform into Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer. If there any errors appear, please reload the page first. First appearing as Action Gamer Level 1, Ex-Aid fought off Space Ikadevil, allowing Sasori Orange to get away. The attack hits, and Parado is left digitizing; Ex-Aid reaches into his chest and crushes his heart, declaring victory as Parado scatters and fades. Although he and the rest of the doctors were told to not interfere with the Chronicle, Emu eventually went against the order to save the Ride-Players despite their refusal. This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider Ex-Aid "Tricks": Kamen Rider Lazer. Given that the accident takes place sixteen years before the series, that places Emu at approximately 24 years old, which is confirmed in the character description for Emu in TOEI's official website for the series. Furthermore, all Riders involved have identical physical stats, making them evenly matched.

This form initially had a side effect; when Emu deactivates his transformation, he gets massive headaches that are unbearable and cause him to faint. Take Off Against the Direction of the Wind! After confirming Sota's health, he becomes part of the CR and Asuna reveals to him that her true identity is a Kamen Rider navigator, Poppy Pipopapo.

In his office, Masamune gets updated on his efforts to release Kamen Rider Chronicle worldwide: manufacturer Machina Vision and their president Johnny Makishima have agreed to help them produce the game copies if they are given a Gamer Driver. Kabuto Gamer Level 2 (カブトゲーマーレベル2, Kabuto Gēmā Reberu Tsū) is Ex-Aid's crossover form themed after Kamen Rider Kabuto, activated by inserting the Insect Wars Kabuto Gashat into the Gamer Driver, and pulling the lever. powered by Disqus. Rescue the Partner! Go Together, Embracing Your Ambitions! This event would inspire Emu to become a doctor and help children like the one who saved him. Sometime later, his fame as "M" would earn the interest of Asuna Karino as a potential candidate for using the Gamer Driver. Ghost Gamer Level 1 (ゴーストゲーマーレベル1, Gōsuto Gēmā Reberu Wan) is Ex-Aid's crossover form themed after Kamen Rider Ghost, activated by inserting the Kaigan Ghost Gashat into the Gamer Driver. Final Story (Special Edition): Future! Period with Tears

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III: Final Legend Stage, At Seito Hospital, Emu bumped into an unidentified man. Before we go to the rider gears, here is the said rumor for the main guy of the series and please, take this with a grain of salt: "The main character is a 24-year-old resident physician. As a result of Parado hijacking Emu's body in Episode 28, later transformations of Double Action Gamer Level XX will have Parado taking place of Genius Gamer M as Ex-Aid Level XX R instead. These Forms are exclusive to Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing. This is the first season where there are two female riders taking a central part in the show. Appearances: Ex-Aid Episodes 1, "Tricks": Virtual Operations (Ex-Aid), Ex-Aid 2-7, 9, 10, Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Riders, "Tricks": Kamen Rider Genm (Legend Gamer Stage), Ex-Aid 11-16, Kyuranger Episode 7, Ex-Aid 44, Action Gamer Level 2 (Disguise Energy Item). Emu's last name, Hojo, is a pun on the Japanese word for "assistance" (補助, Hojo), reflecting his job as a doctor. This form finisher is the Kaigan Critical Strike (カイガンクリティカルストライク, Kaigan Kuritikaru Sutoraiku): Ex-Aid, along with Ghost Ex-Aid Damashii, performs a flying kick into the enemy while uses spiritual energy which makes their body and mask of glow (in Ex-Aid case), he is enveloped in an orange flame. After disabling the Bugster, Ex-Aid was confused to see what he recognized as the "black Ex-Aid" adopting Wizard Gamer Level 2 before being swiftly defeated by the enigmatic Kamen Rider who announced that he had collected all the data he needed as he used the power of the Legend Rider Gashats to complete his Ganbarizing Gashat. Both Lead Riders wear Magenta colored armor. This led Emu to be confronted by the revived serial killer - Kamen Rider Ouja - Takeshi Asakura, who was after the Gashat as part of his sick "game" before becoming bored and proceeding to give Emu a savage beating. Video GameGamepadGamerPlatform game 2. After he gains his resolve, he loses his fear of becoming Ex-Aid. This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: ~Mighty Novel X~. Defined Destiny We're Kamen Riders! Dear valued customer, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer. Emu can also transform by installing both Gashats into their proper ports and activating them simultaneously. Take Off Against the Direction of the Wind! Level X & Level XX's ending theme is entitled "Let's Try Together". Inserting the Gashat into his Kimewaza Slot Holder, Genm activated a Critical Strike which imbued him with the combined power of Ex-Aid's seventeen Heisei Rider predecessors, allowing him to defeat all three Riders with a single Rider Kick. This form is unseen as Ex-Aid transforms directly into Drive Gamer Level 2 from Ghost Gamer Level 2. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Emu transformed straight into Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer in this episode, the Maximum Gamer was absent this time. In this form, Ex-aid gain abilities similar to Kamen Rider Ghost. This form's finisher is the Gekitotsu Critical Strike (ゲキトツクリティカルストライク, Gekitotsu Kuritikaru Sutoraiku, Clash Critical Strike): Ex-Aid fires the Gekitotsu Smasher at the enemy and then punches the enemy while putting the Gekitotsu Smasher back on, dealing massive damage with the after-shock created. This form's finisher is the Mighty Double Critical Strike (マイティダブルクリティカルストライク, Maiti Daburu Kuritikaru Sutoraiku): Ex-Aid performs a series of kicks at the enemy. Proto Robot Action Gamer Level 0 (プロトロボットアクションゲーマーレベル0, Puroto Robotto Akushon Gēma Reberu Zero) is Ex-aid's upgraded form, accessed by inserting the Proto Gekitotsu Robots Gashat along with the Mighty Action X Gashat into the Gamer Driver and pulling the lever. Despite that, Emu remained confident in his belief that the advancements in medical science would one day allow the data to be rescued, as he presented to a press conference alongside Deputy Director-General Kyotaro. Resolution of The White Knight! If errors re-appear then report to us. This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider Ex-Aid "Tricks": Kamen Rider Genm "Legend Rider Stage". Much to Asuna's surprise, Emu was able to transform into as he reveals that he was in fact, the prodigy gamer "M" that she was looking for. Emu deduces that Sota's stress may be related to being confined in the hospital and unable to see the release of the awaited video game, Mighty Action X. As opposed to becoming slightly weaker like going from Level 1 to Level 2, leveling up into this form offers a massive power boost, as all of Ex-Aid's stats are increased.