Maybe some do, but most of them definitely don’t. Arguments will not convince them to change their mind.

Both individuals are credible only if the public wants them to be. More, from head to tail Chi Feng are persevering in peaceful protests, physically, nonviolence. ", In her letter, Chau-mei said that the government's efforts to convict the three young men suggested the city had become "depraved.". However, the Hong Kong government decided to re-open the case, saying the previous non-custodial sentences were too lenient. That, just few weeks before the ‘protesters’ went on a rampage, after marching on the US diplomatic mission, demanding that the US “liberates” their city from China.

No matter how much the Western mass media supports, even glorifies Joshua Wong and his black-mask-wearing hooligans-followers, the majority of the people of Hong Kong are clearly supporting Beijing, and are actually horrified by the rioters, who have been destroying public property, and are indiscriminately beating anyone who dares to show respect for the Mainland China and its flag. Mr. Wong, you want your country to be attacked, and bombed by the United States. Juan Guaido and Joshua Wong are definitely as right-wing as Mother Teresa was, but not as “credible”. It is actually easy to laugh at their programs and ‘programmers’. Tưởng Niệm 4 Năm Bác sĩ Richard Teo (1972-2012). He was not elected by anyone; he has no support of any substantial group of people, except an unidentified minority of the right-wing elites. Their prison sentences would disqualify them from running for the Hong Kong legislature for the next five years. Both are young, egocentric, aggressive and absolutely unabashed.

Almost miraculously, all these glorious individuals are doing and saying precisely what is expected from them in London, Paris and Washington.

When I asked those who knew her personally, they described her as a spiteful, vindictive person, with a short temper. This young leader faces choet, cheek click milk, wise eyes as the baby Hanoi or jump tramway, or stand in any city truck pumps. Decaying Hong Kong, rescued by Beijing, is their worst ideological nightmare. The “saints” from the bygone days were masterpieces of the propagandists. You take dictates from the foreign and hostile powers. According to the Catholic Church and Western propaganda apparatus, she was helping the poor. One of the greatest critics of Mother Teresa was an English-American author, Christopher Eric Hitchens, who wrote about her, frankly and openly: “This returns us to the medieval corruption of the church, which sold indulgences to the rich while preaching hellfire and continence to the poor. she continued. They do it out of racism against China, and out of spite towards the patriotic Latin American socialism. They are not as successfully crafted as their predecessors. "The justice department vowed to imprison them based on what they said ... and to eliminate young people's passion and ideals, as well as their vision and commitment for the society," she wrote. Juan Guaido, you are selling your beautiful nation to the powers that have been colonizing and plundering it, for decades and centuries. Narcotic mafias in Latin America have always been used by the West, when the war against left-wing governments had been raging. Needless to say that by this action they, de facto committed treason. An evangelical fanatic, educated in a private Christian school in Kowloon, he “developed organizational and speaking skills through involvement in church groups”. “Saints” produced by the West, in all corners of the world, have been extremely damaging to their nations and humanity.