Pucci's stand can accelerate time and it has a full monopoly over time. The mysterious Passione mob boss known as Diavolo (Italian for "Devil") appears late in Golden Wind and decimates Giorno's squad with it. Most of the stands are unable to keep up with the speed of Star Platinum and thus end up getting beaten in a matter of seconds. Also, it can alter life itself if given enough time.

Stardust Crusaders Stands.

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The development is fast, taking three minutes for Babyface's spawn to fully develop into a new junior[4] that then appears near the host. Brian Hanford Heroes and villains alike wield stands, but not all stands are created equal. The stand has no notable speed and power. She eventually awakens her own Stand, Spice Girl,and grows into a valuable ally for the team. It is a very lethal ability as it can cause a lot of deaths within an area, however, the aging can be stopped. Since it is born with intellect but no knowledge, it requires proper education to ensure positive growth; otherwise, it will become disobedient and uncontrollable.[3]. Narciso Anasui. RELATED: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: The 10 Most Underrated Stands. However, the stand is slow to react and is easily outclassed by other short distance stands. This is useful for spying or even assassination, at least in theory. Pucci was able to take on a combined team of Annasui, Jolyne, and Jotaro Kujo.

Jojo part 5 characters. Star Platinum.


The time acceleration also makes the ability to stop time almost useless. Purple Haze is the stand of Pannacotta Fugo. JoJo: Stands We Wish Were Real (& 5 We're Glad Aren't) The JoJo franchise has tons of useful stands to go along with some pretty terrifying ones.

The virus just needs 30 seconds to turn an adult into goo. From JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia - JoJo Wiki.

Range But in battle, Mr. Kira has some flashy powers with Killer Queen. Polnareff and Kakyoin fought this terrifying stand in the streets of India, and the Hanged Man proved itself a worthy foe. JapaneseVoice Actor

Automatic Stand

The stand's power is dependent on whether there is a source of electricity nearby. This allows for some easy assassinations, and with it, Dio can get out of nearly any situation. The stand is very powerful as it allowed Diavolo to skip time, and it could also foresee any action that an enemy was planning. It is a unique stand as it doesn't manifest as a single body but rather as many small bodies. Category:Part 4 Stands.

A running theme in the Stand abilities of main antagonists is the power to manipulate time and/or space at some point.

Jotaro Kujo.

This terrifying stand can not only freeze time, but erase a snippet of time up to 12 seconds long and gain the upper hand in battle.

But his back was up against the wall once he faced King Crimson, and Polnareff's discovery of Requiem opened the door to victory. It is notable that Baby Face can be seen by ordinary people.The junior it generates takes the form of a humanoid with no noteworthy features save for the crest of spikes on its head.

D&D Beyond

From Part Three onward, JoJo features stands or supernatural beings that aid their users in battle. More to the point, this stand only has an effect if the target admits defeat in a game with the user. This stand attached itself to Joseph's arm like a parasite, and slowly grew into a sentient being that refused to come off.

In the colored manga, Kraft Work is presented as being mostly white with yellow eyes, blue "skin" underneath its armor, and yellow stripes on its face and torso.


NEXT: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: 10 Biggest Plot Twists That No One Saw Coming. Whitesnake.

Type The new form allows Giorno to revert any action that could possibly harm him. It has no mouth. JoJo Part 1-5 Stands. Comment.

From the bottom of the computer protrudes a large face, and occasionally limbs.

[7][8] The junior can thus hide inside an object, go into any adjacent object, or even fly about as a mass of cubes in order to evade attacks. Anyone else who views the user's back will become its new host, and the current user will drop dead in a gruesome fashion.

Over the years, I have grown very fond of it and, now it is my passion.

It is a close-range stand that can deliver lightning-fast punches when it is close to the target.

With Kraft Work's power, Sale builds energy into a bullet... ...then releases it, sending it back at Mista, Attempting to deflect a bullet sent back by Mista's, ...which splits in half, continuing to fly towards.

It is powerful by default, can develop further depending on the progenitor, and its demise doesn't affect Melone, making it useful as a proxy assassin.


And the victim can block this power merely by pressing their back against a wall, as Rohan does. Babyhead Baby Face primarily takes the form of a laptop equipped with a trackball, in which there is a hole where Melone can insert a small bottle of sampled DNA.

E Localized Name C Due to this, when Risotto fought against Diavolo, he had the upper hand for most of the fight. The stand can even power up other stands and thus, make the users lose control over their stands.

There wasn't any doubt that it would finish at the very top because it is simply too overpowered for a stand.

At first, Josuke Higashikata's stand seems pretty staightforward. [9], On the other hand, it is free-spirited and may go berserk[6] and disobey Melone's orders, especially if its "mother" was strong-willed. Destructive Power A Both Joseph and Avdol fall prey to this, but it takes a whole afternoon, and they were still able to defeat Bast in the end. Japanese Name The stand is capable of manipulating souls and regenerating any lost parts with ease. The user has to lure someone else into the pylon, and they become the new prisoner as the current one leaves. He is blind, but he can use sound and vibrations in the ground to sense a person's location. The problem is that this ability takes an awfully long time to bear fruit, and Joseph defeated it rather easily once he found the right materials. The one used against Bruno Bucciarati's group had a hotheaded "mother" and demonstrated such personality traits. I started reading manga five years ago. [4], If Sale moves far enough from immobilized objects or people, the effects of Kraft Work's ability will eventually dissipate. 30. The junior's personality is based on its "mother" and shaped by Melone's "education" as it develops. Diver Down.

The stand attacks the fastest object which is within its range.

Star Platinum. Heroes and villains alike wield stands, but not all stands are created equal.

The stand belonged to Ghiaccio, who was one of the members of the Hitman Team, which was led by Risotto Nero. The stand is able to stay active even after the user's death. At the top of the list is Gold Experience Requiem. At full power, it was capable of blitzing Crazy Diamond, which is a very fast stand itself. GW Episode 17 - Baby Face

Appearing in Diamond is Unbreakable, this peculiar (and ugly) stand is an assassin... with a silly method of killing. While Baby Face itself is not shown in the PS2 game, the junior is shown as being white with lime green spikes.

[2], Kraft Work can also add kinetic energy to frozen objects, such as using the bullets it stopped from Guido Mista's gun as weapons against him. It is notable for being able to deflect bullets with ease, indicating exceptional speed.[2]. Speed

Descriptions for Stands with names that have not been revealed are found in the List of Unnamed Stands.

It is a unique stand as it doesn't manifest as a …

But, it was a wrong estimate as Crazy Diamond was able to match the speed of Star Platinum, which moves at the speed of light. This gold humanoid is not only a brutal melee fighter, but it has the incredible power to pause time for a few seconds. This stand is considered by DIO as the weakest in existence. Jojos openings. While most autonomous Stands, such as Killer Queen's Sheer Heart Attack, lack precision or the ability to allow their users a sense of awareness to their current condition and status, Baby Face is able to assimilate information witnessed or heard.

It is the evolved form of Gold Experience after it was penetrated by the arrow.

For the most part, Rolling Stones usually takes on the appearance of a normal rock. Made in Heaven in the stand of Enrico Pucci, and is the evolved form of Whitesnake.

In part 4, Josuke proclaims that Crazy Diamond can punch at the speed of 300km/h.

Its creation is also a lengthy and intensive process, as Melone must find a suitable "mother" and train the resulting junior in order to carry out its mission. It is a close range stand and it was first introduced in Stardust Crusaders. This stand is indeed a cheap trick, but nothing more than that. Sale uses this to stop a bullet from penetrating his skull.

JJBA Incest Ships (Parts 1 - 8) JoJo Characters Metaphorical D*ck Size.

The stand is able to accelerate the aging of a person. Geb is cohesive water that can form sharp, cutting blades, or morph into a hand and attack someone.


If Melone possesses a sample of a target's blood, he can incorporate it into the junior by placing the sample in a niche beside Baby Face's keyboard.

Some traits that are identified include the woman's age and health (used to determine the physical strength of their "child"), their blood type and horoscope (which determine their "compatibility" with Melone's target; a poor compatibility leads to an aggressive "child"), and their preferred sex positions from the Kama Sutra (the relevance of this is unknown).

Stands appearing in miscellaneous JoJo-related media.

Heaven's Door.

The Stands of each protagonist follow a naming convention of special materials: platinum, diamond, gold, stone, bone, and flesh (.