The following day during a fan conclave, Chikara held a contest to see if anyone could be able to Bodyslam the 375 lb (170 kg) BDK member Tursas.

In 2012, the Colony, along with several other top Chikara wrestlers, started feuding with the Gekido stable, focusing specifically on the masked trio of assailAnt, deviAnt and combatAnt, also known as the Swarm. Meanwhile, assailAnt proved his loyalty by refusing deviAnt's orders to burn down the Wrestle Factory and not crossing the line at National pro Wrestling Day. [9], On 8 March 2012, Ryder decided to take an indefinite break from international cricket following injury concerns and a prolonged history of disciplinary issues. During his time on the independent circuit, he was a member of "The Gentleman's Club" faction, alongside Chuck Taylor and Drew Gulak. He had previously performed for Chikara, under the name Fire Ant as part of the Colony stable. Their Blackcaps teammates were reportedly livid over the latest late night session and New Zealand Cricket (NZC) reacted furiously at the news. "I just think he let out some frustration and it worked for us". Ryder became the first New Zealander since Nathan Astle to score two centuries in two consecutive Test matches. Ryder returned to the Otago Volts to finish out the remainder of the New Zealand domestic series. Orange Cassidy On April 25, The Colony defeated Team Osaka Pro (Atsushi Kotoge, Daisuke Harada and Tadasuke) to make their way to the finals of the tournament, where they were defeated by the BDK trio of Ares, Castagnoli and Tursas, after referee Derek Sabato turned rudo, revealing himself as being aligned with BDK and performing a fast count to end the match. He continued to accompany Best Friends during many of their matches and he would often distract their opponents. The following day, The Colony defeated The Osirian Portal (Amasis, Hieracon and Ophidian) to advance to their second King of Trios final in a row.

The official Wrestling page for the Rider University Broncs On December 3, 2016, it was announced that Soldier Ant would be forced to retire "due to injuries suffered in the war with Nazmaldun".

Cipperly made his AEW debut at AEW All Out on August 31, 2019 as Orange Cassidy, aligning himself with Best Friends and aiding them against The Dark Order. #NotManyIfAny".

Ryder was subsequently dropped for the second test match against India beginning 14 February 2014 after this third incident. He is best known for his appearances in Beyond Wrestling and CHIKARA. Beginning in 2008, Fire Ant once again began competing semi-regularly as a singles wrestler and began a heated feud with former ally Equinox, who had since unmasked himself and began competing under his real name, Vin Gerard. Ryder also "fell off the wagon after 100 hard-fought days of sobriety",[30] according to the NZ Herald. 5 ft 10 in. During 2017, Silver Ant also left Chikara, leaving Fire Ant as the lone Ant left in the promotion.

This came while New Zealand were chasing a mammoth Indian first innings total of 429.

A statement from NZC said that Ryder had not satisfied the selectors that he had his off field issues under control. In April 2010 he played a first class game for Wellington and scored 103.

The punishment is not known.[16]. The new Colony then departed together, leaving Soldier Ant alone at ringside.

Birth Place On December 6 at Tomorrow Never Dies, the Ants faced off in the annual torneo cibernetico with Fire Ant, Silver Ant and Worker Ant representing Chikara and Soldier Ant representing The Flood. He was engaged in a 194 run partnership with debutant Kane Williamson who finished the day on 87*.

During the face-off, assailAnt received an invitation to join the rudo group, but chose to remain with Chikara and the Colony in the ensuing battle, which the Chikara roster won, leading to the promotion announcing its return.

Known for his professional wrestling persona of an aloof, laidback slacker, SBNation described him as "the most popular wrestler of AEW". The rivalry between Soldier Ant and his former Colony stablemates concluded a year later at Top Banana, the season 15 finale on December 5, 2015, where he and Fire Ant faced off in a singles match. "Wherever" This time around, the Colony was victorious, winning the title in two straight falls. (Chuck Taylor, Icarus and Johnny Gargano) in the finals to win the 2011 King of Trios.

Along with Ryder, they helped New Zealand set the team record for the most sixes in an ODI innings.

Initially, Fire Ant had issues with the two new ants, saying that they were "not The Colony", until King Of Trios 2018, where they would win the entire tournament. Orange Cassidy is a Professional wrestler.


[8], Ryder was injured from October 2009 to March 2010 and so did not play for New Zealand.

He is commonly referred to as "The King of Sloth Style" due to his slow way of movement and lazy attacks in the ring. The rivalry also saw Vavasseur strip The Colony of their King of Trios medals and award them to The Colony: Xtreme Force.