Just hook up your water hoses and away you go. All vehicles retain the spacious, open feel that is synonymous with the SLRV range of 4×4 expedition vehicles. Chosen by selected bodybuilders: Bimobil – Bocklet – Carthago – Concorde – Dethleffs – Dopfer – FormIT – Kerkamm – Laika Morelo – Niesmann + Bischoff – Notin – Pilote Le Voyageur – Phoenix – Protec – Swift – Woelcke, Please give us your details below to find out more. Thanks to its unlimited climbing ability and amazing Off-Road features, you can enjoy it on any terrain, as it can easily overcome any difficulty. Super singles create a large footprint thus increasing off-road performance. Cabinet carcass’ are constructed from an ultralight, waterproof and fire retardant plastic material, giving high strength and durability. The amount of charging time available depends a lot on your style of touring. By doing this, various quality water can be stored in separate tanks and accessed for specific uses – ultimately enabling you to conserve your water. Units such as cooktops, water heaters, room heaters and even diesel-powered ovens can provide a very efficient source of heat for cooking and comfort. SLRV manufacture its own range of aluminium hatch’s. Available in early 2020, the new Daily is available in a 3480mm, 3780mm & 4175mm wheelbase – giving 3 possible body sizes. This also increases off-road performance by allowing the wheels to remain in contact with the ground.

This allows the body and truck chassis to twist independently – minimising transfer of these forces into the motorhome body. Composite door panels open with gas strut assist and LED lights automatically turn on inside the hatch area. As with other Bozcrome units, this bar and guard will provide extreme clearance and protection for the vehicle. SLRV are proud partners with Mastervolt – the world leaders in Lithium battery systems. The entire vehicle has been specifically designed to withstand harsh off-road conditions – and does so with ease. SLRV’s custom aluminium expedition roof rack provides additional storage area over the cab of the truck. The new under bench ‘side by side’ marine compressor fridge creates a huge amount of additional bench space and adds to the open feel. SLRV are currently developing a separate long range tank for this vehicle – with an expected volume of around 300 litres. With a range of interior finishes including: You’re sure to find a style that makes you feel right at home. You can easily engage the low speed ratio by activating the ergonomic button on the dashboard. Water is undoubtedly our most precious commodity when remote touring. Let’s have a look how it works……………. But don’t think because its small in size, that it doesn’t have a spacious living area. Gaining unlimited climbing ability while maintaining maximum comfort. Chosen by selected bodybuilders: With water tanks set up in separate cells, it is possible to isolate and store water from various sources such as creeks, dams or rivers.

A good array of panels will, in fact, keep the basic appliances in this vehicle running self sufficiently – given a decent ray of sunshine. If your holidays take you off the beaten track, the Daily 4x4 is the solution for you: it will take your mobile dream home wherever you want to go, easily overcoming every difficulty on all terrains. This can be pumped into a dedicated tank using the ‘Thirsty Boy’ – and used for tasks including showering or doing a washing cycle. Featuring heaps […], Its here – the new SLRV Unimog U430.

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