What is the right "price" for Italian Dual Citizenship. In adherence to the guidelines outlined by the Italian Consulate, our search for your ancestor’s Naturalization Records is submitted to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) – Homeland Security to obtain Official Reproductions of the Naturalization Records, or Official Statement of Non-Existence of Records from USCIS in Washington, D.C., the National Archives, and State and County Courts.

And these options were not affected by the new Italian Citizenship Law. These type of cases are now Case Law – Which means the previous judicial judgments have strong legal authority. Your first lesson will include an assessment of your Italian language knowledge by your instructor to confirm that you are placed in the correct course. However, they handled my case pretty well and I submitted my application before the anticipated date. If you would like to speak with one of our Italian dual citizenship experts to find out more about services offered by ICA and our fees, you can send a message to us through our contact form click here, 3) Processing fee: If applying in an Italian consulate: The processing fee (which generally also covers translation certification of local documents) is currently €300 (payable in USD to the consulate depending on the quarterly exchange rate). Sure some of the US Docs can be requested on your own and living so close to the county recorders office I was able to do just that, but when it came to the docs from Italy Marco was there to do the research and get everything needed. This package is intended for people who have the time to handle all of the required steps in the process of acquisition of all the necessary US records (under our guidance) and consequently wish to be more involved in the process. During our first consultation call these are the type of questions you will be asked by our Italian citizenship expert: Our mission is to assist you and your family in realizing your dream to become an Italian Citizen. – Marriage certificate. For information on document analysis please contact us. This service is available to individuals who engage in an initial phone consultation. They followed through and battled two more years of bureaucracy. Actually, prior to my hooking up with you, I had decided to quit the pursuit. Contact us for a free eligibility evaluation and to discuss more in detail our services and fees. If that is the case, just ask us to take over the reins and we will collect all of the remaining documentation that is required to apply for dual citizenship. They also helped me fulfill the mandatory residency requirements, file for Italian healthcare coverage, obtain an apartment lease, and even helped me find a good doctor when I needed one! When it was time to do my application, I knew I had to find someone to help me. Alternatively, you may want to collect all the records yourself and hire our firm simply to handle the judicial proceeding in Italy. With the possible exception of occasional forwarding of mail, signatures and/or IDs, all you are basically required to do is authorize us to work on your behalf and attend your appointment(s). Just send Us all documentations, sign the Power of Attorney and we will do everything for You. I recommend to anyone that is interested in applying for Italian citizenship, use ICA!

I thought…how difficult could this be? Our comprehensive services handle all the ‘red tape’ and numerous steps that are entailed. Not only can you fulfill this dream, but Italian citizenship comes with many benefits; you can you live in Italy without restrictions just as any other Italian citizen, or you can choose to live and work legally anywhere else in the European Union (EU) taking advantage of all the associated benefits such as health care, low cost education and much more. A Full Guide [Updated 2020] on the Italian Citizenship Assistance Program. In other words, rather than acquiring all the necessary records in the US we will guide you and walk you through the acquisition process by providing thorough instructions via email (and telephone). – Permesso di Soggiorno (permission of stay/residency permit) costing between €100 – €200 depending on the need and length of the residency permit. My highest recommendation to ICA. When it comes to Italian Citizenship 1948 Rule and Italian Citizenship by Descent through the special way, you will definitely need to rely on an attorney with relevant experience. Date of birth of all your family members, including your Italian ancestors (if you do not know the exact date, the year or an approximate year is a good starting point). I could not have asked for anything more from them. Price for apostilles varies depending on issuing authority (generally between $1 and $40). 1) The documents of all major life events for each member of your direct lineage connecting you back to Italy to the person who you will be making a petition through for the purposes of Italian citizenship. ITALIAN CITIZENSHIP PROCESSING TIME: #3 WAYS TO SPEED UP! If you consider going through the citizenship application process, look no further. With all the documents in hand, We will run through all the details of your case and prepare the actual petition to be filed in court. The official said that I was extremely organized. Marco and Claudia are Worth Every Penny! In lieu of a birth certificate if no birth certificate can be located, a baptismal record is sometimes accepted. What cases can be processed under the Italian Citizenship Assistance Program? I cannot say enough good things about this service.

I have worked with Italian Citizenship Assistance - Marco for over than a year. As said, for the new Italian Citizenship Assistance Program and the 1948 Jure Sanguinis Cases, You need Italian Citizenship Assistance by Italian Citizenship Lawyers.Like Us.

); Certified Engl.>Ita translations of all the records as required by the law; Preparation of all the forms needed to be filed by each applicant together with his/her records, Assistance with passport request and registration with AIRE, Finally, we also offer a service package that is “in between” the above two options: since collecting the necessary records (and amending them when necessary) and apsotilles in the US can be tricky, if you have spare time we can guide you and walk you through the process of acquisition of all the needed US records and apsotilles (to ensure you collect the right records but also to accelerate the process) via email (or telephone, when needed). As You can understand, there was the need of finding a solution and a new way on the Italian Citizenship Assistance Program as a maximum priority. My application was particularly complicated and involved interfacing with three consulates and several municipalities in Italy. Apparently a lot of people go to the appointments somewhat unprepared and missing required information.”, \"The Consulate was very pleased with the translations ICAP did on my documents. Marco and Claudia are fantastic, super organized and professional. And now I have dual citizenship! As we previously talked in this article, recent Judicial Court cases that allow a person to claim his/her Italian Citizenship directly at the Court without passing through the Consulate. They are efficient, precise and accountable.

Your great-grandparent would be your direct link to Italy and your last relative who was born and lived in Italy.

However, our team of experts stand by you every step of the way – from beginning to end – to help you realize and obtain the benefits of Italian citizenship. If you consider going through the citizenship application process, look no further. They are efficient, precise and accountable.

Costs strictly related to the legal proceeding are: Any non-Italian documents will need to be translated and certified by an Italian court if they have not been previously translated and certified by the consulate of presiding over the area that document was issued by. When we went to the consulate  for the interview the consular officer was so impressed with the quality of the paperwork, the translations, the completeness of the application and very professional way the entire package was put together that she joked that my wife should come to work at the consulate to assist others in putting their packages together. ITALIAN CITIZENSHIP: WHAT IF MY ITALIAN ANCESTOR NATURALIZED? – Marriage certificate. Finally, we also offer a service package that is “in between” the above two options: since collecting the necessary records (and amending them when necessary) and apsotilles in the US can be tricky, if you have spare time we can guide you and walk you through the process of acquisition of all the needed US records and apsotilles (to ensure you collect the right records but also to accelerate the process) via email (or telephone, when needed). They are shipping the documents to Italy in the next few days. They didn't. Tip: The Importance of hiring an Italian Citizenship Lawyer. Not to mention they were readily available for any questions or concerns, with an average response time to emails of couple of hours!!!

I loved working with Claudia and team, they were always very responsive and provided a lot of clarity on next steps. I first contacted Italian Citizenship Assistance in October 2018 after I did some initial research into obtaining citizenship by descent. -- Mark S, Los Angeles. I could always rely on them and since I chose to live near their office, they were never too far away to help me with anything I needed. I could not recommend them more highly. Price varies depending on issuing authority.

If the translations are to be certified by an Italian court, there will be some costs to be covered for the revenue stamps to be attached to the translations. Cookie policy, Italian Citizenship Assistance Program ►#1 HUGE Guide. I couldn't give Marco (and ICA generally) a stronger, more positive recommendation. This firm is absolutely amazing. In December 2017, my children and I became Italian citizens. Every time I had a question, she was there to answer it.

We procure Italian Birth, Marriage and Death Records from Towns and Municipalities throughout Italy.

I have lived and worked all over the world and would put the service that I have received from Marco among the best that I have received anywhere. Everyone else waiting with us had been at this much longer than I, so I know that I lucked out when I found ICAP.”, “Hello Dr. Masi, I went to the LA Consulate yesterday and my application was approved, the process took less than 15 minutes! ». And for other post-Court steps, like AIRE registration and others. -- Mark S, Los Angeles. The biggest difference being that you need to petition the Italian Court of Rome to achieve recognition as an Italian citizen. How can I apply for an Italian Citizenship 1948 Case ? If you go to Italy with a visa and permission of stay for the purposes of work, you will be permitted to work during the citizenship recognition process. Upon receipt of your payment (based on the nature of the service), we will contact you again by phone or e-mail to plan together the next steps. The Italian Citizenship Assistance Program can be applied to Italian Citizenship by Descent, Italian Citizenship by Marriage and all Citizenship programs offered by Italian Government. Italian Consulate will never be involved. Before starting the Court Process, we will deeply advise You on all documentation needed, and we review every single documents. They are smart, hard working, thorough and effective.