Regardless of doubt, insecurity, and fear. We must wake up to the truth of how we’ve learned to operate in this world – to create space or a pause to witness and observe, with curiosity, not judgment. We're in a happy and uncomplicated relationship. People Skip to content. This is the way to meaningful, sustainable growth and becoming. I am so grateful. - EE Cummings. “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” - E E Cummings (via vimoh) About. It Takes Courage To Grow Up A voice in the void. In Stock. I just want to thank you for your hard work, input, shares, and being so vulnerable to us audience. It makes me laugh that today I see myself as “brave and beautiful.”. 57. I'll help you figure out how. Wow all I can say is wow! You want to live a values-aligned life and take responsibility for what you can control. This is a very brief synopsis of each big, important idea along with some questions you can consider to ponder the importance of each. I hope you gleaned helpful takeaways that you can apply to your life. We must move toward what we say we want, not because someone else says it’s a good idea but because we understand why it matters to us, how it aligns with our bigger life vision, in a way that respects who we are and leverages the strengths of our wiring, and from a place of being anchored in self-compassion. You may be a kindred spirit. Rainbowlove app And life is better when we witness the full, messy, glorious fullness of who we are, we like what we see, and understand that we have gifts to share with the world or a place of contribution (whatever that looks like). Show up anyway. Personal Pics, Facebook You see that life is imperfect and beautiful and instead of resisting the imperfection or messy bits of life, you want to say yes to all of it. Satisfaction Guarantee:We're convinced that you will be very satisfied with the quality of your item when it arrives. Thank you. We’re called to sift through external and internal pressures and ideas about how we ought to be, push back against outdated messages about gender roles or familial patterns, accept the invitation to peel away layers of self-protection or identity built up since childhood which no longer serve us. As funny as it sounds, it can take decades for us to become who we really are. Thanks for this great article. Can you see and feel the difference? You are needed. Before undertaking any changes to your nutrition, supplementation or lifestyle, discuss these changes and your goals with your healthcare team. Wow, such depth of feeling from this post. You’re already amazing, gifted, beautiful, worthy, likable, exactly as you are.