Riding Action: Swim.

Elemental Resistance: Strong against Fire (5 out of 5), average against Water, Lightning and Dragon (3 out of 5) and poor against Ice (1 out of 5). Gives Blue Mushroom x10. Retreat Probability: Paintball (Slight). I used two just in Turtle Beach.

Defeat while blinded (Slight). Retreat Probability: Paintball (Slight). The third area of Sandy Island is Rhino Rock. Blast them with water and continue your cleanup.

Skills: Jump Strike, Sleep Chaser, Sealing Needle, Speedseal, Slep Needle, etc.

The Recycling Machine here is around to your left by the beach. First you musts head to Oasum, where Hunters are assembling to plot their next move.

Welcome to the Island Saver: Fantasy Island DLC Trophy Guide! This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements.com. Perhaps if you follow the Barioth, it will lead you to the cabins. Boom Boom Book: Handle with care. This means there’s a Litterbug around and you have to blast it with water or shoot it into the ocean.

Gives you Hot Mist x5.

I’ve also seen some monster alternate between doing “3-2” patterns like Power-Power-Power-Tech-Tech. Learn more about the game by exploring our resources below.

Elemental Attack: 2 out of 5 for Fire; 3 out of 5 for Water, Ice and Dragon; 5 out of 5 for Lightning. Its Kut-Ku Tackle does minor damage to multiple targets.

Once you get back to Kiwi Cove and break through the wall that the big red arrows are directing you to, you’ll be on Turtle Beach and encounter one of the Litterbugs that created those rock walls earlier.

Skills: Blood Suck, Writhing Bite, Sav Thunder Breath, etc. Upgrading requires materials from the field, with each additional level upgrade requiring rarer materials. Healer’s Comp V.1: A slim pamphlet. Each additional egg after the first will start 10 minutes after the current egg is fully incubated. Easy! Battle Style: Tends to use Power Attacks (so use Speed Attacks against it). Use your Rider’s Use Cheer skill early on to deal more damage. When you’ve got the “Area Cleared” message for Turtle Beach you’ll see the turtles you saved form a stepping-stone bridge that leads to a key. It may be that you can get away with only grabbing one or two types of Kiwi’s desired items but know that this walkthrough will always instruct you to get all three types just to be safe.

You will need another 5 Tax Tokens to start the bot up again (this bot station gives you water). When in doubt, just clear your Quest Board and NPC requests as they come and all of these Monsties should show up as you get farther into the story (or, in the case of some monsters, clear it). The list also includes retreat probability rates for Paintballs for each Monstie as well as extra actions you can take to increase the chances of them running back to their Monster Den (e.g. Edmund (045):  This blue-sashed pig can be found at Pondry Hills somewhere outside the entrance of Mt. The rhino is an Apex Bankimal, which is a type you can ride and use to get into new areas. Press B button to go faster.

You’ll probably run into some waves of Litterbugs, who are now being extra cheeky and flinging goop at you. Defeat while trapped (Slight). If you spied it earlier, you’ll remember that it’s on top of Rhino Rock, which is where we’re headed. Monster Den locations also reset when you enter a town or dungeon. Hogworth (069): This pig with zebra stripes can be found at Darj Snowfields. From here, you can branch out to do one of three activities. To help travel more easily later on, you can also find umbrella stations that serve as hailing points for the Catavan, allowing to quick travel to places you’ve already been to. Full list of all 33 Island Saver achievements worth 2,000 gamerscore. Retreat Probability: Paintball (Slight). You can use the Dragon to reach the higher paces and Golden Eggs by pressing and holding to jump and glide.

Instead of smashing through obstacles, the gorilla can climb vines (you’ve probably seen plenty in the different areas we’ve cleared). Skills: Paralysis Spit, Paralysis Chaser, Overpower, Rewards: Genprey Scale, Wyvern Carcass, Paralysis Sac. You can run back to Croc Beach and Wallow Hole Way to deposit some of the litter to make room in your collector for seeds that you’ll need to plant. The default button for creating a nest is B. Skills: Breaking Jump, Defensive Stance, Royal Honey Power, Merciless Bear Claw, etc. As soon as you set foot in Sandy Stacks, Pigby will let you know another blaster upgrade is available. After clearing Bear Claw Bay I had roughly 240 coins in the bank and 30 tax credits in the Tax Machine (plus 10 on my person). Later on, you will also unlock the ability to do Local or Online Battles against other players using your Monstie allies, giving you another activity to do.

Filling a straight line of slots with skills of the same color or pattern will also awaken secret skills. You can also switch Monsties anytime without penalty if you want to take advantage of attack typing or swap out a monster with low health. Daimyo Hermitaur is susceptible to Fire and Lightning and tends to use Technical attacks as well as Power.

Each has a type advantage and disadvantage with another attack, which you’ll want to remember. Defeat while paralyzed (Slight). You do not need a Facebook profile to participate. Battle Style: Tends to use Technical Attack so use Power against it.

How to Get: Harvest Frozen Amphib Egg from Zarj Snowfields Monster Den Egg Nest. But the village is still in ruins. Retreat Probability: Paintball (Slight).

Toward the back of this area is a pink egg, one of Kiwi the parrot’s lost Nest Eggs.

Granted, not every Monster Hunter fan feels the same way (for traditionalists, make sure to check out our Monster Hunter Generations and XX Guide). The scorpion Bankimals here will give you a new foreign currency type: Dollars. As soon as you enter Frosty Floes turn left and cross the red bridge we purchased and opened up earlier (Note: you might need to jump your bear if it’s getting stuck and won’t walk onto the bridge). Here is a list of combos per weapon. This being a Monster Hunter game, there are a variety of quests and subquests for you to partake in.

Defeat while inflicted with status effect (Slight). This strategy is great when combined with a Qurupeco, which allows you to call a monster in the field to battle. It is also weak against Fire attacks. Discover the Island Saver story.

Monster Search: Reveal monster locations in the field. Defeat while downed (Slight). When you’ve got the “Area Cleared” message you’ll see one of the bison knock the snow off the Pay Gate you can use to get to the next area. Arzuros. Requires delivering 5 Ice Crystals. 4 months ago. Defeat within 5 turns (Moderate). Kinship Special Move: Lethal Tackle. Here's a quick look at what's different.

Areas also include initially inaccessible portions that you can get to later on once you have a Monstie with the requisite skill or Riding Actions such as Jump or the ability to climb vines. Before you can collect and use your first Tax Token, you’ll want to clean off the nearby Recycling Machine and then shoot litter into it until it’s full. Rewards: Aqua Sac, Sleepyfish, Ludroth Pelt, Location: Room of Trials and Whistill Forest (Story). Oink! Scrummy Recipes: Recipes for Shroom and Larva, and Tonguemato Salad. You can find the list under the section “Acquiring Monsties.”. Battle Style: Likes to use Speed attacks so counter with Technical.

Watch out when it assumes a blocking position as it will usually counter when attacked from this stance. When you’ve cleared the litter and goop away from the last vegetation in the area a Mega Bug will appear.

Blinds with Flash then poisons for 3 turns. The player selected will receive an invitation.

Otherwise, you can go for the riskier play, which is throw in Power once in a while because Yian Kut-Ku tends to use Technical more often. Lights bomb and unleashes explosive attack to a single enemy. Rewards: Raw Meat, Popo Pelt, Popo Tongue, etc. One of the new Bankimals that will appear is the gorilla. A New Rider: According to Lilia, another Rider was seen in Gildegaran.

Light damage to all enemies.

The first is located straight in front of you when you cross the initial bridge and enter the main part of “Oasis Island”. For regular attacks, Uragaan tends to use Power most and then Technical attacks. UPDATES: The guide now has a complete list of all Monsties, including the locations for the actual monsters as well as where to get their Monstie eggs. Patch Pop all the Bankimals in Bear Claw Bay, which should get you the “Area Cleared” message, and then exchange the currency back on Walrus Island. This means that you can go for the safe play, which is to use Technical because it earns a draw with Technical and beats Speed so you’re never at a disadvantage. Can find fishing spots and mark them on the map. Purchase the Water Heater upgrade then get to work collecting trash and clearing the area. From that same room where you found Shady (068), take the path that’s blocked by a cracked rock (use Yian Kut-Ku or another Monstie with the skill to break rocks) and follow it all the way inside.

With the exception of boss or story battles, you have the option of initiating combat by touching the enemy.

- sniff their own nestFrom Punchpacket, 15.01.2019:Players can already scent the eggs inside of a nest at short range. A list of monsters and their locations is included after the walkthrough.

Porky (005): Found in Darj Rock Baths. Retreat Probability: Paintball (Slight). A short cutscene will play showing where you need to use it. Lilia seems concerned, so you should search for that Rider…. When you’ve got “Area Cleared” the hippos will make a path for you. Elemental Attack: 2 out of 5 for Ice, 3 out of 5 for Water, Lightning and Dragon; 4 out of 5 for Fire. This is a great way for squeezing in some extra gathering or leveling up Monsties that you don’t have in your battle party. Battle Style: Likes to use Technical Attack (so use Power Attacks against it). Skills: Ground Thrustt, Paralysis Cutter, Heat Res, Evasion Instincts, Sand Breath, etc.

Defeat while downed (Slight). Retreat Probability: Paintball (Slight). Gives you Potion x3.

You can transfer wyverns and their eggs over, you can spawn them in with console commands, you can use mods to make them spawn naturally, but unless you are on the SE map, checking the special nest spots (even on SE they don't spawn in random places - these are set locations nests and their eggs can spawn), wyvern eggs do not spawn naturally, unless this is some very vague Valentine's event thing I am unaware of.