Chorlton is the best bet, if you want my humble opinion. Whalley Range Climate Action Group latest news… Everyone welcome to come along to discuss the climate emergency with other concerned people and get involved in actions to make Whalley Range a more sustainable place to live. Glyphosate is a systemic, non-selective herbicide; it can be applied to foliage of any plant, where it then travels through the plant’s entire vascular system, resulting in its death. That’s the colour of their wheelbarrow. After seeing the tremendous engagement of residents with the Whalley Rangers, from picking litters to cutting brambles, I thought we could do the weeding of our streets ourselves and ask for the spraying of herbicides to stop. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is under fire in his position as Man Utd manager after a turbulent start to the season. WRACG does not have a manifesto; our first leaflet simply explains who we are local residents working on what we can do about climate change, with a simple list of suggestions to help anyone reduce their impact on the planet. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. When asked by now-defunct music magazine The Face if Whalley Range was a real place, the Stretford-born singer replied: “I’m afraid so. A year ago, I approached our local Councillor, Angeliki Stogia, and explained our proposal to end the use of herbicides in our community. Our verdict? Inquest opens into death of ‘beautiful and brilliant’ 19-year-old who died in University of Manchester student halls, Finn Kitson was found by security staff on October 8 2020, This food bank serving desperate people was broken into in March - last night thieves ransacked church once again leaving a community 'heartbroken', The food bank was broken into in March - last night, thieves struck again, One injured and 20 evacuated as fire crews scrambled to blaze in Ancoats apartment block, The fire broke out on the ground floor of a building on Great Ancoats Street, Disabled man violently attacked at Victoria station after accidentally bumping into thug, Gary Slack, Jake Vickers, and Thomas Hopley were all sentenced in relation to the incident. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Historically, Whalley Range is the first suburb of Manchester which is built by local businessman and banker Samuel Brooks. They may have rented a flat in a house for years but suddenly the landlord decides to sell the house and they have to leave.". For such a small place, it has to possess one of the most vibrant shopping centres in the north west.

A flat in Chorlton will cost you at least é80,000 but you could buy here for half that and still get roughly the same rent for half the outlay. Whalley is a small village located in the heart of the beautiful Ribble Valley in between Blackburn and Burnley. WHALLEY Range, the original suburb of wealthy Mancunians, is packed with magnificent properties but precious few shops, pubs or restaurants. I have lived pretty much all over south manchester and have really settled in Whalley range, personally, I think it's the most relaxed and probably the safest place to live. "And the prostitution has got less and less. To me they sound magical and when I started to describe them to people, showing them their flowers and their benefits to our wildlife, they were inspired. And while there is a lot of money coming into the area it is not consistent and there are still some very deprived areas. I had the same conversation with the man sweeping the street who left his vehicle idling for 30 minutes while he had his lunch break. The group grew in size steadily and we now have dozens of interested parties. Much cheaper, similar kinds of properties to Chorlton, and you're a 20 minute walk away from fourbanks. The shop has won more awards than you could shake an empty wine glass at and runs regular tasting events. We think it is likely that not everyone in the group will want to work on the same things. It is now worth between é67- and é75,000. I also enquired about the possibility to use the Our Manchester Local Investment Fund to purchase street carts, a shed and tools. People were outraged by the plastics they feel they cannot escape, wrapped around everything, all the time. Seasons is a one of several delicious ladies’ wear shops. Benedict’s, the dream of Hilary Cookson, is full of tempting things, much of it local including the eggs from the hens in Hilary’s garden. I was hoping to rent in Chorlton but this place is close enough to what I need for a good price. Nikki is delighted with business in Whalley, as the village is fast gaining a reputation as the place where fashionistas go.

For years I have been worried about the spraying of herbicides on our streets. and What would make Whalley Range a climate safe, buzzing, good place to live? It’s thanks to efforts like hers that the village is almost back to normal but that doesn’t mean that the sense of community has ebbed away. "And the houses here are beautiful. Is the area I’m looking at better/worse/about the same in terms of safety for a 23 year old girl? There is only one left now at é155,000. If you are living in rusholme nr moss side and it's fine for you, Whalley range is the same or safer/ nicer (or was when I lived in both places about 8 yes ago), It's fine, I know people near there and it's as safe as anywhere.

Press J to jump to the feed. Woman drives away from court... just minutes after a judge banned her for driving wrong way down the M60 and hitting another car head on. We have one for sale on Green Walk at é240,000.Sadly, the original windows have gone and the kitchen and bathroom need revamping but it is a lovely house, a perfect family home. Then we will have a good life that is also a climate friendly life, here and now. Massive policy change is needed, for sure, and governments must lead on the bigger changes. Whalley fully deserves its place on the Best Places list. Six months ago she bought a two-bedroom flat in an old block for é30,000, renovated it in six weeks and found tenants immediately. The part near the Tesco I used to call crack village some dodge people around that bit - further up withington road is a red light district at night. So, what does the fashionista of them all, Vivienne Westwood, think of Whalley?

People travel far and wide to Art Decor, although the quality of some of the artworks means that you do have to press a discreet buzzer to gain entry. Community website for people living in and around Whalley Range Manchester, Everyone welcome to come along to discuss the climate emergency with other concerned people and get involved in actions to make Whalley Range a more sustainable place to live. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Whalley Range is a similar suburb to Victoria Park in that it grew as an affluent suburb at the beginning of the Industrial Age, declined as the rich moved further away (it in fact earned the reputation as the biggest red light district in Manchester) and has seen a swing back towards popularity and … There are many spacious detached and semi-detached Victorian era houses where the wealthy past of the area becomes evident, but also many more recent flats and apartment blocks. They were certainly out in force when the floods hit the village over the Christmas when that tremendous community spirit swung into action. They also gave help when people had to make complicated insurance and grant claims. DISQUALIFIED company director Colin Shenton has bounced back to launch a new property venture. My headcanon now is that there are two "Whalley Range", the one near Alexandra Park (quiet, residential, nice) and the one near the Tesco and the other shops (apparently a bit dodgy).

Alexandra Park spans 60 acres and is on the border of Whalley Range.

Some people deny it, are ignorant about it or think it is nothing to do with them. These discussions were interesting, challenging and produced actionable ideas about what is important here in our own community. In addition to weed-killers for domestic garden use, glyphosate is applied to walls, footways and tree-bases in urban areas such as ours, in order to suppress weed growth. For those who want to toast Whalley, there are bottles from a few pounds all the way up to over a thousand, and there is even some locally-made gin. What used to be taken for granted, safe walking and children playing out, has become a privilege, that took a huge amount of organisation and preparation to bring about and lasted for less than half a day. The Whalley Rangers was formed by a local resident, Dave Saunders, who after a very successful litter picking event involving over 150 people, decided to set up a dedicated group to engage as many residents as possible to ‘Love Where We Live’. For years this semi-rural idyll was a place of tranquility, perfect for the aging population who call the place home. Houses here were selling for é50,000 two and a half years ago but now you would need to find é125,000 to buy something that will then need substantial amounts spending on it. Houses here went up 25% last year as investors and speculators realised the potential of the location.Mehmet Kutay has been redeveloping properties in Whalley Range for years but says that over the last 12 months the market in the area has been incredible. We started locally and small, using word of mouth to find fellowship, trying to remain humble and open to ideas. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Yes, Sam has his own vineyard!

Families too are finding their way here from other south Manchester suburbs where they have been priced out of the market.Andy Horrocks from Rains and Son said: "Families are now moving here from Chorlton because they want more space and they want the gardens that the houses here have. However, both denial and terror risk confining us to a similar, paralysed, state of inaction, so that nothing changes. While we fully support the national and international actions of Extinction Rebellion/Friends of the Earth/Climate Justice and all the other efforts being made to promote real change, the phrase  Thinking globally and acting locally also spurred us to think about what we can do right now, right here, in our own locality of Whalley Range. Sometimes though, cagoules and boots just won’t cut the mustard and something a bit dressier is needed. I love it and I feel safe living there, but I heard people have mixed feelings, and quite polar. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. There is a small centre with shops and supermarkets. He also takes pride in stocking local painters and even runs a framing service that is guaranteed to make that watercolour you produced last summer look even better. We will continue to reach out to all the members of our community…different ethnicities, religions, ages, interests.