Elemental Workshop I and II will net you a total of 12,500 Crafting (and Smithing) experience, with relatively low skill requirements and being fairly easy to do. Do quests that give Crafting experience for early levels. At higher levels, kill blue dragons in the Taverley Dungeon with a toxic blowpipe for dragon bones. In addition to normal training, doing bird house runs for bird nests will grant you a notable amount of Hunter experience over time. Players are likely going to have around level 80–83 Slayer when they have gathered enough bones and ensouled heads for level 70 Prayer. Toxic blowpipe is the only viable option for general Slayer training in terms of damage output, but it is faster overall to use Melee than use a toxic blowpipe and kill Zulrah for the Zulrah's scales. Alternatively, players can kill Ammonite Crabs as they offer fairly fast experience and they are very afkable. Low-level Ironmen can alternatively collect spores on the seafloor next to the patches. Players stop failing to pickpocket Master Farmers at level 94 with the hard Ardougne Diary perk, or at level 99 when wearing the Thieving cape. OSRS Ironman Guide P2P. Smith the bars later into iron dart tips for early Fletching training. At higher levels, bank the logs necessary for Construction training. Alternatively, continue making arrows until level 52, this however requires spending some gold. These bird nests commonly contain high-level tree and fruit tree seed, rings and a rare chance to get a clue scroll. 35+ Fletching, 30+ Woodcutting, 10 Crafting. Be sure you have bought a house before doing Wintertodt, as otherwise you will not get any Construction experience from repairing braziers. If crafting your own cosmic runes without the Abyss, you would ideally have 66 Agility and a. Beware if crafting Air or Earth, Slayer is the sole way to upgrade some of the best-in-slot items, and making loads of money in the process, and at a certain point becomes something you, 65 Thieving (80+ recommended), completion of The Feud, partial completion of Rogue Trader minigame, Rogue equipment. Alternatively, players can use a steel axe until level 60 Woodcutting and then purchase a rune axe from the Woodcutting Guild, assuming they have at least 75% Hosidius favour. Killing Twisted Banshees is also an option if you wish to make money and get pure essence for Runecrafting training. Once access to Managing Miscellania has been obtained, it is strongly advised to put 5 workers on teak or mahogany woodcutting when maple logs aren't necessary for Fletching training. Checking bird houses on Fossil Island will yield you bird nests, which sometimes contain seeds. Train low-level Slayer and do Pest Control (for Void Knight equipment) with the Dorgeshuun crossbow for early experience.