56. Why Gold Does not Present a Silvery Shine as Most Metals? 42. When it melts, it becomes more dense.

Salt is the solute because it dissolves in the solvent (water). 55. Can a Substance Solidify Upon Heating? If you put pure magnesium in your hand, it may react with the water in your skin and ignite, but it won't melt.

13. Chemistry Questions | Science Questions with Surprising Answers. Not interested in chemistry at all? 63. 4. For one thing, chemistry is everywhere in the world around you, so brushing up on it will help you choose the best foods, medicines, and household products. Does catnip repel cockroaches better than DEET? It's yellow and lacks a metallic luster. Your email address will not be published. What Is the First Time that Chemistry Has Been Used?

25. ), The Best AP Chemistry Review Book (Ace Your Exam in 2020! How Many Water Molecules Are in a Bucket? You even knew the answers to the tricky questions.

57. 82. 15. 98. What Happens if You Mix Half a Liter of Alcohol and Half a Liter of Water? 81. What is the main gas found in the air we breathe? Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Food coloring dispersing in water is an example of diffusion. More mass per unit volume means the level of the liquid drops slightly. Similarly, if you mix half a liter of alcohol and half a liter of water, the total volume of the liquid will … In a mixture of two fluids, the solute is present in lesser quantity compared with the solvent.

14. What are Churchane, Housane, and Padogane? How much salt (NaCl) is in the average adult human... 2. 73. 54.

Can We Make Anthropomorphic Molecules? in 2020, Best Books to Learn Chemistry in High School (2020 Guide), The Best General Chemistry Textbook (2020 Updated Guide), The Best Inorganic Chemistry Textbooks [Reference Guide], The Best Organic Chemistry Model Kit [Ultimate Buying Guide], 100 Fun Chemistry Facts (With Awesome Explanations! Can You Put Out a Candle with Home Made Carbon Dioxide? Why is propane stored in household tanks but natural gas is not. 1. Log in Copyright by Chemistry Hall or by third-party sources, where indicated. What is the first element on the periodic table? Stibnum is the old name for antimony.

If you fill a glass to the brim with ice water and the ice melts, what will happen? What kind of crystal are crystal drinking glasses made out of?

24. A glow stick is a self-contained light source.

51. hemistry any time soon. Mendeleev's table grouped elements according to common properties and periodic trends. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. The state of matter of a substance is due to the kinetic energy of its components.

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71. Why Do Fresh Eggs Sink, and Rotten Eggs Float?

What’s Especial About Vanadium Oxide? How bad of an alcoholic do you have to be to have your brain affected? Is There Helium on Earth, and How Do We Collect It? Put simply, an acid is any substance that has pH of less than 7. Adenine is a nucleic acid, not an amino acid.