to regulations which an architect could point out. I think, however, that under proper management, the expense need, not be greatly increased. When you’re through with your bulleted list, press Enter, and then click the Home → Paragraph → Bullet button again to turn off bullet formatting.

The narrator almost immediately presents himself with an extremely detailed scenario about his girlfriend being injured and trying to comfort her. Once you select a character or a group of characters, you can apply any of the formatting commands on the Home tab’s Font group (Alt+H). You may be squeezing it in with indents or stretching it out with additional line spacing. You can use any of the selection methods described in Chapter 2. And you lose all the benefits of paragraph formatting.

Aligns the lines in the paragraph flush on the left side and ragged on the right. 5:31 You can also use the Tabs box (Figure 4-17) for to control tabs. “Today is a day to find religion, to decide that one god is more right than another, to uncover in this sad reality a covenant -some promise of coming God.” In time of tragedy its normal for people to turn to religion for a sense of understanding and comfort. Adelaide Times (SA : 1848 - 1858), Fri 20 Oct 1854, Page 2 - THE PUBLIC CEMETERY. These examples show the same paragraph, with two different settings. In the first paragraph, the writer describes the graveyard in affirmative radiance, focusing on the serenity, tranquility, and beauty, while in the second he casts a negative shadow, focusing on neglect… This chapter starts with the basics: how to format individual characters and words—selecting fonts and making characters bold, italicized, underlined, or capitalized. Woolf uses the word “we” throughout the passage mainly to: a state involving dealings between people, parties, or ideas, make known to the public information previously kept secret, How does the graph support the author’s point that internal waves affect ocean water dynamics? Other styles define both character formatting and paragraph formatting. A quarter inch (.25”) is usually an attractive first-line indent. When you’re done customizing your style set, go to Home → Styles → More → Save Selection as Quick Style Set (or Atl+H, L), and then save it with a new name. 21 The information presented in Englander’s story is better explained than what Hempel offers us. Maybe you need a numbered list, or a special sidebar paragraph with a border running all the way around it. A main argument, or thesis, is presented first. There are various methods one can employ when. The diseases likely to be, induced or aggravated by the present state of the. Microsoft provides sets of predesigned Quick Styles. Second thoughts?

For one thing, it creates an amateurish, type-writer-like half-inch indent. At the top of the list is “Update Heading 1 to Match Selection.” This option changes all the formatting in the selected style so that it’s identical to the current paragraph or selection. _ She questions which stories to tell, she “keeps (her) guesses to (herself)”, she tries to be brave and comforting and distracting, but mostly what the reader feels is her anxiety in being unable to true to her own present tense tone – the scared, unconfident one.

Tabs are invisible on the printed page, like spaces or paragraph marks. Certain paragraphs, like headings, need to stay attached to the paragraph that comes immediately after them. 12

It was difficult to trust the narrator because we didn’t know much about her. . Type a name for your style set in the “File name” text box, and then click Save. This might also be something she was thinking about when she was deciding whether or not to lie and say she did spend the night with her friend. Hold your cursor over the margin boundary on the ruler, and it changes to a double arrow, as shown here. Sync all your devices and never lose your place.

I also felt the narrator’s anxiety in her questioning of her role with her friend, in that uncertainty about being between (as Amina pointed out) wanting to cheer her friend up and feeling sadness for the impending loss. They help you create project and document outlines, as well as legal documents divided into articles and sections.

Text flows backwards from the tab stop, from right to left. 11:36 The preview window in the center shows an example of the style in action.