I hope your mini-series Lucky will be better than Game of Thrones. That way I will always be thankful that I, and not you, am reading a free book. I believe the part of my opinion that bothered was that I suggested the “sermon” was a thinly veiled affirmation of violence against those who don’t share the Bayly’s political conclusions on the a-word. Been a fan since your first shows on W Nnn BC ! But if law should rule this decision then I would suggest that maybe those OldLifers who have earned banishment at the Bayly Blog (like DGH himself) be considered. I think I even saw some of the same poses in Napoleon Dynamite. Sophie 26 Feb 2020 Reply. I kind of like the Calvinists I know too so I will continue my dialog with them regardless. Difficulty continued to dog Imus after his school days: his undistinguished, infraction blotched stretch in the marines, onerous labor in a Superior, Arizona copper mine and a Grand Canyon uranium mine where an accident left him with both legs broken.

As far as “glory,” don’t think of it as my victory. You have done a lot of good and you'll be remember for it. And now I had my chance. In January, Imus announced his imminent retirement. We lost an icon. Doesn’t that make him Big Eleven challenged? Don’t do it! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Don and Deirdre continue to run the Imus Ranch Foundation donating to other worthy causes helping children with cancer, autism and all the environmental health problems with our children. Just because we are here doesn’t mean we belong here. Ah, I understand Jason. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. So I’d say process of elimination leaves Noll out in the cold. February 15, 2018 (http://eerdmans.com/shop/product.asp?p_key=9780802866370). at, by Liane Keeth I was worried. I’m an Ohio State alum, so I can’t think of an insult worse than calling someone a Michigander. I will really miss him. Deepest condolences to his entire family, may they know that his life touched so many others in a positive way. I was going to go the nappy-headed Wolterstorff route but I have been vulgar enough already. Limiting the kingdom to the Church will bring disaster upon the Church. Change ).

Michael M and John Y., I’m tempted by the wisdom of Solomon and send you each the remains of a split book. BEING THE SAME AGE I WAS SO IMPRESSED WITH HIM AND HOW HE COULD BE THERE EVERY NIGHT AND GIVE SUCH AN ORIGINAL AND VERY INFORMATIVE SHOW NIGHT AFTER NIGHT. The winner (the funniest) will receive a copy of the book. Imus was always wrong because Egan had a witty and sometimes degrading reason for which one actually did not belong. Even when I disagreed with him I enjoyed his comments. He inspired others to do better, and be better.

I am so sorry for your loss. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. May he be remembered as the awesome pioneer and philanthropist he really was!!!

I’m used to it though. I saw him overcome his own demons, meet the love of his life, create greatness, have it torn down, and the build anew. After all, isn’t the Reformation over? But especially impressive is his knowledge of Imus In the Morning. I feel the exact same way. Once Imus began broadcasting, fame and acclaim came quickly. Oh, sorry Lily; I meant to ask Zrim what it is that he could have said so as to get banned. He also challenged me to learn, in his interviews he would always have a word that wasn’t common to me so I would learn its meaning and use it for awhile until it was part of my every day diction. Anything else is not.”, That potentially offers defendants a legitimate business rationale for the termination — if the absence of a new agreement can be termed as such — but Wolf's attorneys at Wigdor say the "proffered basis for terminating Mr. Wolf was blatantly pretextual.". Civilized, principled conversation can be chafing; this has been fun. I’m coming late, but strong: DGH doesn’t belong inasmuch as he’s the only one who works for an institution whose pitchman is Rush Limbaugh. Two broadcasting legends are squaring off in New York Supreme Court, as Warner Wolf on Thursday filed a discrimination lawsuit against Don Imus. And yet I feel like I knew him. By Michael Riedel - The one and only time I had a twinge of nerves before appearing on television was when I made my debut in 2011 on “Imus in the Morning” on the Fox Business Channel. The other two posed for their own pictures. Listening to the Imus show, made going to school or work, so much funnier. His charity work is second to no one. God bless your wife and son during these difficult days. ( Log Out / 

Greatest radio personality ever. He was showered with the laurels of radio celebrity including inductions into both the National Association of Broadcasters and radio halls of fame. His comment about Lutheran Lilliputian and planting tulips got me laughing so hard I couldn’t stop. If he revels in the agony of others, as he jokes, it may just be because he’s had a little of that himself. Jaundice-yellow Yeazel, your post is so lifeless it’s going to need those funeral supplies you make, bejeebus. One part of Cardinal Egan’s shtick was the game, “which doesn’t belong and why.” He would name three people, objects, teams or songs, and then ask Imus to identify the odd one out. It got to the point that he would throw this or that slab of walnut with crystal crap glued to it against the wall of his office as a convenient means of intimidating horrified underlings. I guess my answer different from Bernard in that sense; the one that doesn’t belong gets a pass. Jason and Brian, you’re being way too tame. Hope that helps. Instead of no-show, I prefer to think of it as passive-aggressive, which apprently doesn’t get much love even amongst the brethren. Imus spent decades himself in broadcasting — both on radio and on television. Ranching was the family business and he was actually raised on a big cattle spread called the Willows near Kingman, Arizona. Give the whole book to the Maneater Man! But I listened whenever I could and subscribed to your podcast to get my Imus fix. I do not remember seeing Cardinal Egan on the Don Imus show (which I used to watch fairly regularly) so I could’nt fit anything by or about him in my quip. The Imus Ranch Foundation was formed to donate 100% of all donations previously devoted to The Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer to various other charities whose work and missions compliment those of the ranch. That sucks MM, Zrim, Jed and Bill (excuse my vulgarity)- I want that book. You should only apply gospel principles to Christian religious books. I WAS LUCKY ENOUGH TO FIND THE I-MAN ON TV IN CALIFORNIA ABOUT 6 YEARS AGO. Despite the occasional rough patch, Imus did spend a full twelve years in public school and emerged with no formal education…a product of automatic social promotion not even casually tied to merit. It’s gotta be Wolterstoff, the hands resting on the chin seems like the pose many girls used in their senior pictures in high school. Sometimes the Prayer Book Just Makes Sense (sorry for having the word “just” so close to the thought of praying), http://eerdmans.com/shop/product.asp?p_key=9780802866288&i=2, http://eerdmans.com/shop/product.asp?p_key=9780802866370. Hart moves it backward. So I guess Noll’s doesn’t belong since it contains a graven image at OldLife. I will miss him ever day for the rest of my life. His commitment to airing all sides of controversial issues became apparent to the autism community in 2005 and 2006 as the Combating Autism Act (CAA) was being discussed in Congress. | Cookie Settings. The book can’t be revoked on acccount of a badd pun, can it? Thanks for so many years of yucks as well as informative interviews and wacky characters.Condolences to Deirdre and Wyatt as well as Charles, Bernie, Larry, Rob and all the others.You were all a huge part of my life for many years.Rest in Peace, Don.

I need to keep this clean for the sake of a PG blog. It could be Wolterstorff, because he’s resting his head on his hand, while the other two are ‘looking on,’ as they say. Michael Mann for attempting some trash talk in a somewhat clean environment. He was different & extremely entertaining. It’s a great facility. I’m not done Yeazel, you Lutheran Lilliputian. “. Properly re-edited for effect (not having any exposure to the esteemed Cardinal Egan, I’m at a certain disadvantage, so I’m going by dgh’s description in the OP). I am the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valleys. We gladly refrain from any doctrinal discussion of TULIPS so we have to tip-toe through the tulips when in dialog with Calvinists. Dirty Darryl. Children’s Health Defense joins parents of vaccine-injured children and advocates for health freedom in remembering the life of Don Imus, a media maverick in taking on uncomfortable topics that most in the mainstream press avoid or shut down altogether. "In reality, Defendants discriminatorily terminated Mr. Wolf based upon his age," continues the complaint. at tcvoiceovers.com DGH, are you allowing people to channel Bernard? Noll also signed the original ECT (yikes! My wife is looking askance at my book budget, so I have to give it a try: WHICH DOESN’T BELONG AND WHY?! I listed to Imus for years following him from station to station. I keep reading all the beautiful condolences that people are writing about how much a part of their lives were effected by listening to him over the years.