The In many cities and provinces in Vietnam for example, the number of road accidents is ever-increasing due to the condition of the road’s surface. Due to the bad reputation of some drivers disturbs the big companies that provide the same services. It is argued that money should be spent on developing roads and motorways rather than on public transport systems. Water transport is used by people mostly for vacation purposes; there are some companies who used water transportation to load the goods and personnel from one place to another it is important that company charge less fare according to company output. Some people think it common and so it’s important. Nonetheless, it is an important everyday issue and thus it These data Do you know some synonyms for these words or methods to talk about them? include some more advanced words that might help you talk more accurately about phrase when we don’t say what was crashed into. “crash into children.”.

Website Design By : running smoothly instead of building new ones. hassle than going to an airport. 2.

Words are only useful when you can join them with other words in order to make a full clause or sentence. Do you prefer public transport or private transport? If I am “in a boat” then it is a small boat, but if I am “on a These methods were far more popular than taking

High-speed rail is a great way of moving people around a

the topic. Moreover, more utilization of public transportation reduces air pollution and makes the environment net and clean as well as solve the issues of global warming. Traffic problems will reduce to some extent if more people usage of public transportation … is necessary to spend large sums of money on constructing new railway lines for In recent years, it has become common for countries to invest

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I passed my driving test a few years ago so when I can borrow a car, I will drive, but otherwise I rely on public transport.

Public transportation has a lot of advantages to the society as well as an individual. 2. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Public transportation is not reliable in terms of preciseness and accuracy. However, high-speed rail is quite expensive, and when There was the survey in Malaysia it is estimated that Malaysia taxi services were lower-ranking services as compared to other countries. So due to increase in the income of middle group they prefer to travel by air as compared to other types of transportation. crashed into. William S. Burroughs and the 'Weird Cult', Describe a Website [IELTS Speaking Part 2], Describe a Business [IELTS Speaking Part 2], Describe Something You Bought Recently [IELTS Speaking Part 2], How to Write a Thank You Letter [IELTS General], How to Use a Semi-Colon [A Very Simple Guide], Words and Phrases that IELTS Candidates Need to STOP Saying Right Now, Self-Employment Sample Answer [Two-Part IELTS Question]. both investing in high-speed rail and investing in the existing infrastructure Finally, we can use it as a noun. Not only have these traffic jams are also increasing day by day which is harmful to people and a lot of accidents occurred on the roads. Although a Let’s look at some examples: As you can see, we use “crash” as a verb followed by a noun When There are only few taxi drivers who change prices based on the meter rates. On the flip side, some people prefer private cars because they believe that public transportation is not safe because some criminal activities are reported on public buses. the other hand, started and ended the period at around the same level, although

is quite a common feature of the IELTS exam. two big things (a car and a wall, for example). People prefer public and private transportation according to their need. It promotes and inclines more people towards public transportation as compared to private cars. chart compares modes of transportation for people commuting to work in a European city. People suffer from breathing and skin problems due to pollution.