Elijah tried to remind them that it was careless and destructive behavior that had cost them homes in the past. Once again he had invaded my dreams. Elijah and Klaus stood by the riverbank looking for Marcel's body and Klaus was furious at his brother for killing Marcel. Elijah agreed to the plan and let Vincent link him to the spell before Hayley staked him in the heart with a tree branch. Klaus disagrees. Klaus & Elijah having a moment on a bench in New Orleans. This mirrors, Elijah is absent for only three of the fifteen episodes between his first appearance (, Elijah, Rebekah and Klaus are the only characters known to have met, Elijah is one of only ten recurring characters to appear in more than 10 episodes during their inaugural season. Rebekah thanked him and hugged him, before hugging Elijah, knowing this would be the last time she saw her brothers. When he meets Elena, he respects her for her bravery and willingness to put herself in harm's way to protect her loved ones, which is something that Elijah himself has done for his family many times. When they realize that something bigger is about to happen, after hearing of Monique Deveraux resurrection, Hayley tells them that Celeste might be the one to die for Davina to resurrect. Elijah senses there is someone else there he leaves his sisters to see who it is. After Klaus had discovered that his blood healed Lucien before Lucien was killed by a guard, Elijah comforted his brother when they prepared to burn his body.

Klaus arrived with Freya and Aurora prepared to shoot Elijah. Elijah also began to dress more casually, wearing leather jackets and t-shirts instead of expensive suits. Elijah then takes charge of the operation to put an end to the war between the witches and vampires. My brother was my greatest ally. Elijah tells Klaus that they need her. They notice she has the White Oak Stake she then turns it into ash.

Hayley is then brought out by other witches and Elijah asks for a moment alone with her. When he is free again he runs to Marcel and orders that every vampire is going to help him find Rebekah and Klaus, and then he plans to kill the witches. And once the hallucinations begin he'll start to see things and says she must leave him here but Hayley doesn't want to. When Marcel showed up, still furious about Davina, Elijah told Klaus to give him time but Klaus wasn't so sure since they ruined the one chance to save Davina.

Tristan de Martel † (1002)Aya Al-Rashid †Many Members of The Strix † Wanting to ease his own pain, Elijah listened to Declan talk about the loss of Hayley and over the course of the conversation, Declan realized that Elijah was the man that had broken Hayley's heart in the past. She says she killed eight wolves before she got to Francesca – she says those were her own people and there was no nobility in that.

He doesn't believe that his mother's forgiveness is sincere and wants to know what she will tell Elena. Elijah, somewhat amused by the circumstances, realized that meant that some of the Hollow's bones were in Mystic Falls. Even before Hope was ready to be birthed, he was the first person to accept the baby. The family has a standoff, but after Damon kills Abby, the witch spirits leave Esther, causing her and Finn to disappear. Then one night, his mother was killed by "Mikael". Why do you hate Hayley? Hayley stands beside him and gives Elijah something to drink but he just immediately starts to cough. And they need Freya to help. In Queen Death, Elijah was held captive by the Hollow, with the branch of the rose bush still embedded in his back and it poison from the enchanted thorns slowly killing him.

Elijah did his best to help both his sisters as Rebekah also started to lose control of herself, attacking Hayley. Elijah and Klaus met Tristan and a large number of The Strix in a warehouse for the exchange. Hayley then tells him that she is sorry and asks him why would he choose dead over living. They discussed what to do about Tristan, realizing that with both the Serratura and Hayley, he had the advantage but Freya suggested capturing Aurora to even the playing field. He says he doesn't want to "unleash that shakespearean rage". They talk and the effects of the Dark Magic that reside in both himself and Klaus begin to manifest, such as the roses in the bar wilting and the water in glasses turning to blood.