Wall Plate (outlet/duplex, switch/toggle, blank, etc. Next, dip your object slowly into the water and bring it out again. Cams or Wheels – $55.00 It also depends on who coated it. Once you have thoroughly applied the base coat to your satisfaction, leave the rifle to rest for up to 24 hours for the paint to dry evenly.

Our shop also has a Minimum of $30, Ultimate Rifle Package (stock, barrel, receiver, scope), Deluxe Rifle Package (stock, barrel, receiver), Odd Shaped Double Dip Stocks - McMillan, Tactical Styles, Archangel Barrels, Deluxe Shotgun Package (stock, barrell, & receiver), Complete Shotgun Package (stock & barrel only), Complete Pistol Package (slide & grip/lower). All items will be done ONE at a time, from start to finish. Baker City, OR 97814 Email: sales@hydro-dip.com Phone: 541-523-6700 Business Hours: M-F 8-5 PST *Please note* All Prices listed are Starting Prices. Hydro dipping allows you to personalize your rifle to your liking. Before you dip the rifle, ensure to wear gloves to protect yourself from getting the paint on your hands. The prior owner had the entire outfit hydro dipped.

Now that you know what hydro dipping is and its importance on your rifle scope, here are some basics of hydro dipping guide to get you started. However, the process takes time to learn and master, depending on your rifle. I can't speak for other companies like Swarovski, etc. Then, fill a plastic container 3/4 full with lukewarm water and spray your chosen colors onto the surface of the water. I would recommend coating over it. With our new service, we will be selecting jobs and we will know what is coming and have a timeline prior to the arrival of the item. When rinsing, you should not scrap the rifle with your hands as this could remove all the paint. *Antler coating is extra. Guides may not retain print well. You are 100% good-to-go getting your scope dipped, and it will not void the warranty. Even if I can't remove it I want to find this guy so I can spray down my unit's Bradley Fighting Vehicles. 2300 Windmill Rd. **Limb Pockets (both) – $40.00 Have you tried sanding the surface, so stuff can penetrate? Hydro dipping is a unique process of applying graphics to an object; it is also known as hydro imaging, water transfer printing, or immersion printing. Hell, all I want anymore is this crap removed from the gold ring so the specs are visible and from the ocular number scale to appropriately set range settings.

The base coat should either be white or tan. If a bow comes to us assembled, a $25 charge will be applied to disassemble it, and it will not be re-assembled afterwards. TWN’s selection of camo hydro dip film features top brands in the camouflage industry including KUIU, Kryptek, Next Camo, Muddy Girl, MultiCam, A-TACS, and more.All of our camo hydrographic films are authentic and a portion of each sale goes to the respective camouflage pattern owner. Starting at $129.99. If skull is submitted for service uncleaned/unprepared it will be returned. Thanks guys. You can also use spray paint while applying the undercoat. This process allows any surface to be printed, including curves, angles, and other hard to reach areas.

The prior owner had the entire outfit hydro dipped.

ALL PRICES ARE FOR STOCKED FILMS; ANY NON-STOCKED FILMS ARE SUBJECT TO A $25 CHARGE ON ORDERS UNDER $200. As you spray the topcoat, ensure you avoid placing your fingerprints for better results.

XLR systems have lots of parts that will require extensive time for prep and dipping. Scopes are hydro-dipped at owner’s risk with no warranty.

Geeze. I'm betting they've had a re-do or two, themselves. Sounds like I will own/sell a hydro dipped scope.

In the past, we never know what was on it’s way to our facility until it arrived. Additionally, you can always buy a hydro dip kit that is already prepared. We do not warranty rubber items due to the possibility of adhesion problems and longevity, Standard Rifle Stock Only – $125.00 Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a professional, giving your rifle scope, a unique look is quite critical. *Please Note* All Prices listed are Starting Prices. Scott will personally send the customer a form to send in with their project. I would not attempt it on a scope. String Suppressor – $35.00. Although it could be easy to dry the rifle on the direct sun, the paint could easily pear hence make the entire process in vain.