Guests license age and older may only harvest legal antlered deer. All members are expected to work together in harmony to further the good name of the Dry Creek Hunting Club, Inc. FOOD PLOTS 2. Lifetime License holders are exempt from the Alligator Hunting License. Coon hunters may not hunt until 1 hour after sunset and must leave by 3:00 AM. The right of the public to use the public waterways does not include the use of motorized vehicles (ATV’s, trucks, etc.) Any unattended dog found on association land will be caught and the dog’s owner will be notified. 5. A link will be provided to purchase the alligator permit and license.

This provision does not apply to normal use of lights while driving, emergency vehicles, landowners, or agricultural leaseholders searching for livestock or lawfully hunting, trapping, or fishing. Liquid scents may be used. Deer hunting regulations are subject to change each year, and often do. Mississippi Hunting Clubs has 4,475 members. (A random drawing will be conducted by a third-party entity for all available permits in each of the seven alligator hunting zones. If dogs of non-members come onto association land, the owners will be allowed to retrieve the dogs. “If it were to come to fruition, this would be purchased with dollars that come through the agency and not general state tax dollars,” he said. Hunting Regulations & Requirements Mississippi Hunting & Fishing Landowner permission is required to hunt, fish, or trap on private lands.

To qualify for a permit you must be 16 years of age or older and possess one of the following prior to June 1: a valid Mississippi Sportsman License, All Game Hunting/Fishing License, Small Game Hunting/Fishing License, Apprentice Sportsman License, Apprentice All Game License, Apprentice Small Game License, Senior Exempt License, Disabled Exempt License, or Lifetime License. A place where you can post an look for places to hunt!. Read more Licensed trappers may maintain raw fur, green pelts, or dried fur in storage at any time.

Additionally, all species receiving protection under the Federal Endangered Species Act and/or Mississippi’s Endangered Species Act are Protected Wildlife.

“It’s not that it’s not good property, but the access is poor.”.

Any rule related to legal game may not be changed after the particular game hunting season has begun.


Landowners, leaseholders, or their designated agents may take nuisance animals year-round on lands owned or leased by them. , Mississippi Hunting Rules and Regulations, How to Build a Family Friendly Deer Stand. To request an officer to inspect your damage, contact the appropriate regional office.

The MDWFP Waterfowl Program is dedicated to improving waterfowl habitat and hunting opportunities... Mississippi is actually home to two subspecies of black bears. Members who already have stands on existing plots, or who have areas where plots are planned for the purpose of hunting, must provided seed/fertilizer for establishing the food plot. Deer dogs may be allowed on DCHC property up to the opening day of the first archery season of the calendar year for the purpose of exercising/conditioning only.   Mississippi hunting leases an club openings has 26,138 members. Animal Control Permits may be issued to scare, harass, and/or kill deer that are destroying crops only after an MDWFP officer has inspected the damage and requested the issuance of such permits. Dry Creek Hunting Club, Inc.

8. The DCA member will be responsible for keeping all animals and vehicles on primary roads and trails at all times. However, if the need arises, this money can be used to pay on the lease of land. 12. 4. It shall be unlawful for any person to disturb the traps of another or to take furbearing/nuisance animals from them unless authorized by the owner. Russ Walsh, executive wildlife director for MDWFP, said the MDWFP Commission has “approved the process of going down those roads of looking into it (purchasing the land),” after the potential of purchasing the property was brought to their attention by The Nature Conservatory.  Silver Creek Hunting Club Rules 2020 – 2021 DCHC members pursuing small game (rabbit, squirrel, bird, etc.) Any person 16 years of age and older must have both a federal waterfowl stamp (or temporary proof of electronic purchase) and a state waterfowl stamp (or proof of electronic purchase) in order to hunt migratory waterfowl (ducks and geese). 1. 13. Read more

In the highest flood on record dating back to the ‘20s, this camp stayed dry.  If a child kills a deer, both the club member and child must sign-out the deer. If a physical stamp is in possession, it must be signed by the hunter across the face of the stamp. The Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks is pleased to announce its latest efforts to ensure the public has... Sign up to receive monthly newsletters featuring all the latest news and happenings from MDWFP.

It is unlawful to buy, sell, offer for sale, or exchange for merchandise or other consideration, any game animal, game bird, or game fish (regardless of whether it was taken in or out of Mississippi), except as follows: The skins and sinew of legally taken deer can be bought or sold at any time, products crafted or made from deer bone or antlers not in velvet can be sold, any part of a wild turkey, except the meat, may be bought or sold, and any parts of nuisance animals may be bought or sold.