You don’t have that dream, “I’m going to be a backup most of my career and play for five teams. Really hard is relative.

In this case, we were 6-10 and now, they come to me at the end of the year and I ended up signing the highest contract in the history of going on Patriots franchise. Surgery, broken bones, torn ligaments, everything. They brought me in. I’ve known this guy now for 35 plus years. It keeps me close to the game and it’s a nice diversion and connection that keeps me close to a game that has been really good to me. One of the things that I would come to learn more and more is just how difficult your childhood was for you. [10], Millen currently works as a football analyst for KJR-AM radio and KCPQ television in Seattle, and lives with his family in Snoqualmie. "I felt like 1991 there was a feeling of great optimism, fun and hope. [Tweet “Everybody’s got different paths but at the end of the day, it all led to the right world.”]. I think you were All-Metro, right? I remember being in high school and seeing that and in the oddest way of analysis I remember thinking, “I want to be a player in that game and I don’t care on which team.” I would have thought, “If I could somehow navigate to the University of Michigan or Washington would be great.” I remember looking at that five years in advance saying, “I want to play in that game.”. It’s all happening in the right way so that we can continue to broadcast these episodes. [8] He did not appear in any game. I’m going to go to San Diego State but it was strange because we had already divulged we’re going there no matter what. Now, he is catching the ball. What a wonderful journey in terms of the way that particular team, the whole team was just inducted in the Hall of Fame. "It's like Dorothy said, 'there's no place like home,'" said Millen. Within two or three weeks, I had a functional foundation. I’m down to six games. By the time I actually played high school football, I was a junior. We talked about the tools in your tool shed, about really trying to hone your skills and when things aren’t going right, what can you do about it to overcome and go forward? I think life has the setbacks, they have the triumphs and then around the corner, it’s like waves on a beach. They drafted me and I was in perfect situation. We’ve been talking a long time about your life and how it’s unfolded. The pageantry of Michigan, they had always looked darker blue to me on television. That had been recommended by our high school football coach, Art Wiper. In the midst of the joy of winning, I was experiencing this pain. It was a good day for Washington. I can recall loving Mondays. Is there a sidedoor?

I was going to let the game tell me that I could no longer play. It’s always nice in a big high school like that, especially when you’ve had some chaos in your background, to come in and have your friends now be your best buddies. Yeah, I was. All good.” Click. It was probably a week before Christmas. His football career led him to play with 93 pro ball players and he learned from coaches that went to the Super Bowl. You ended up the walk-on, ends up beating out the highly celebrated, highly recruited, Chris Chandler who would go on to play on the Super Bowl and some Pro Bowls in the NFL. I got to play with a bunch of Pro Bowl guys too and their friends and great locker room camaraderie. I think I developed an affinity to school because I just would much rather be at school than be at home. You have to gravitate towards something. There is a potential opportunity,” but you saying, “Here’s the living situation, here’s the social situation.” Now I could start to envision my life in Seattle again, which really was going to center around my friendship with you and your parents’ willingness to take me in. I think because you’re able to be around all these great players, you could see their work ethic. One, you’re talking about such a young formative age and that you had the maturity to know between right and wrong. I really loved Boston and loved the experience. I think we can all look and say, “We fall short of where we need to be.” I think the purpose here is if somebody can relate to some of the stings of life. I may crash and burn, but I’m not going to let other people grab my ankles and hold me down and believe what they are telling me when I have a chance to push through.”, [Tweet “Some people are going to put the ceiling on for themselves. He pulls up from the side of his desk and we go sit by the sofa and a chair where he is making small talk and then he turns the subject. The bottom line is you didn’t quit and you kept your eye on the ball that, “I was going to graduate and be on,” and you were going to have your turn, which you did. To me, I know there are football fans out there that want to know more about the game. On that note, let’s go talk to Hugh. These are the plans.” The head coach said, “He’s going to go to San Diego State no matter what.” I always wonder if they would have given me a scholarship had he not said that. Sports was a great vehicle in that road and I think a lot of people have experienced that. Within those ten years, you were with five different teams. My stepdad was able to go ten rounds with him. I took a more direct path.