In response to questions, a campaign official said Krein does not have a formal role with the campaign but acknowledged he had participated in calls briefing Biden on coronavirus based on his experience treating patients and coordinating his hospital’s response to the outbreak. In October 2016, Biden promoted the administration’s moonshot in remarks at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. Such a situation could spur accusations of conflict-of-interest for a Biden administration or at least create an awkward appearance of his son-in-law profiting off the adminstration’s policies. He is the husband of Ashley Biden, the daughter of former United States Vice President Joe Biden. Krein told the Philadelphia Business Journal that Biden was “a big fan” of StartUp Health and had arranged the Oval Office meeting when Krein mentioned to his father-in-law that his business partners were in Washington. You can unsubscribe at any time and you can contact us here. [20] Krein has stated that he does not have a formal role in the Biden campaign but has participated in briefings on the coronavirus based on his experience treating patients and coordinating Thomas Jefferson University Hospital's response to the outbreak. He Even informal input or the perception of access can be valuable in health care, a heavily regulated sector that is influenced by federal policy and spending priorities. Pandemic May Create Startup Surge in Tech Industry, Vice President Biden's Daughter Is Engaged, Martha McSally Blasts Fox News' 'Irresponsible' Arizona Call, Madison Cawthorn to Newsmax TV: Trump Will Win in North Carolina.

Baer and a campaign spokesperson both said Biden did not facilitate StartUp Health’s participation in the conference. [13][14] Krein is a founding partner and co-director of the hospital's Herbert Kean Center for Facial Aesthetics. In June 2011, Krein’s brother announced the launch of StartUp Health at the Health Data Initiative Forum, a conference in Bethesda, Md., put on by the Department of Health and Human Services. Trump: How Did My Lead in Key Democrat-Run States 'Magically Disappear'? At the same time that Joe Biden’s son-in-law, Howard Krein, has been advising Biden’s campaign on its coronavirus response, Krein’s venture capital business … When asked about ethical safeguards in a Biden administration, a campaign official cited Biden’s statement last year that "I have never discussed, with my son or my brother or with anyone else, anything having to do with their businesses.

[1][4][8] He graduated from medical school at Thomas Jefferson University in 2000.

[2][5] He became a volunteer fire fighter at the age of sixteen. By signing up you agree to receive email newsletters or updates from POLITICO and you agree to our privacy policy and terms of service. Howard Krein is a Head and Neck Cancer Surgeon at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Some of that scrutiny focused on Oscar Health, an insurance company co-founded by Josh Kushner and backed by Thrive, which benefited from Obamacare and faced risk from Trump’s efforts to repeal the law. Three months later, during the final days of the Obama administration, Biden spoke at StartUp Health’s annual festival in San Francisco.

And to make that announcement, please welcome to the stage Steve Krein from New York City, who is going to make a big deal on a big opportunity. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola) | AP Photo/Elise Amendola.

. [3] The Catholic mass was celebrated by Father David F. Murphy, who was assisted by Rabbi Joseph Forman. A June 2019 Associated Press investigation of influence concerns posed by Biden’s cancer nonprofit, which shuttered soon after, noted Krein’s dual roles as a board member and venture investor. Krein — who has served as the StartUp Health’s chief medical since the month of its launch, according to his LinkedIn profile — married Ashley Biden in June 2012. Newsweek: Angry Fox News Viewers Turned to Newsmax Election Night... Watch Newsmax TV’s ‘Vote for America’ Coverage Today! “Those companies will take your calls,” he said. He is an assistant professor of otolaryngology at Thomas Jefferson University and is a founding partner and co-director of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital's Facial Aesthetic and Reconstructive Center. Krein’s brother told the Business Journal that he used the meeting to let Obama know the administration’s health reforms offered a potential “treasure trove” to health startups.

Park, who succeeded Chopra as the U.S. CTO, went on to serve on the board of the Biden Cancer Initiative alongside Krein. [1][8][12] Since 2007 he has been an assistant professor of otolaryngology at Thomas Jefferson University. StartUpHealth did not respond to interview requests, and the Biden campaign declined to make Krein or others tied to the company available for interviews. StartUp Health used the occasion to announce it was launching 10 “health moonshots” of its own — private investment initiatives — including a cancer moonshot. It is poised to spend billions more next year and possibly beyond. The firm’s marketing has played up its closeness to Biden. The company issued a release to mark the event, writing, “Today, StartUp Health, its global army of Health Transformers, and Vice President of the United States Joe Biden kicked off the 14th annual Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit, sharing an urgent message with nearly 2,000 health leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs: the time is now to organize, break down silos, and adopt a ‘Health Transformer Mindset’ to speed up progress in solving big health challenges like ending cancer, ensuring access to care, and improving the wellbeing of people worldwide.”. Biden’s son-in-law advises campaign on pandemic while investing in Covid-19 startups. The potential conflicts are not limited to the coronavirus for Krein, 53, a Philadelphia-based head-and-neck surgeon who got into venture investing not long after he began dating Biden’s daughter, Ashley, in 2010. Krein is the Chief Medical Officer at StartUp Health, a venture capital and health technology firm.

“The President loved it and it became a talking point for him,” Krein’s brother told the publication. “If you have access to people within the administration, it can help you with regulatory issues and policy issues.”, While political access is no substitute for expertise, according to veteran health care investor Pete McNerney, a professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, such high-profile connections can provide an edge in fundraising and brand-building. One StartUp Health fund raised $31 million from investors, including the Swiss drugmaker Novartis and the Chinese insurer Ping An, in 2018. “Biden family members see that Joe’s vested public power is convenient for the creation of business opportunities for personal wealth,” Schweizer writes.

[6] He completed his fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Medical College of Virginia.

The influence concerns posed by the firm are compounded by its foreign ties. Howard Krein is an informal adviser to the Democratic nominee and part of a $1 million coronavirus-focused investment effort.

Since StartUp Health’s 2011 launch, when Krein came on as its chief medical officer, it has invested in more than 300 health care businesses, according to its website, which prominently features the term “moonshot” to describe its investment goals — language that echoes that of Joe Biden’s own signature Cancer Moonshot initiative. And what I will do is the same thing we did in our administration. [2][4][12] Krein also volunteers with Faces of Honor, where he performs reconstructive surgery for victims of domestic violence and veterans of the War in Afghanistan and the Iraqi conflict. The size of StartUp Health is unclear, but it appears to have grown considerably since its launch. President Donald Trump will most likely win North Carolina's hotly contested election by "one or two percent," Madison C . StartUp Health’s sprawling portfolio of investments, meanwhile, would make tracking potential conflicts of interest a daunting task should Biden win the presidency.

), Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate, Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016 in Boston, about the White House's cancer "moonshot" initiative — a push to throw everything at finding a cure within five years. “Signaling is very important for startups and investors alike, and one signal is high-profile individuals who can help provide access.”, Roy said the firm’s Biden ties could also help it land stakes in hot startups that can be choosy about the investors they take money from. Krein has advised the Joe Biden 2020 presidential campaign on its COVID-19 pandemic response in an unofficial role. The election results we're still waiting on, Joe Biden’s First Diplomatic Fight Will Be at Home. Following the death of his son Beau from brain cancer, Biden announced in an October 2015 Rose Garden speech that he would not run for president while calling for a “moonshot in this country to cure cancer.” Three months later, Obama officially kicked off the administration’s Cancer Moonshot initiative in his final State of the Union address, tapping Biden to lead it. He traveled with the vice president to appearances related to the administration’s Cancer Moonshot initiative, while his firm touted his role as an adviser to the initiative and launched its own for-profit health care “moonshots.”. Period. “StartUp Health is putting the full support of its platform and network behind building a post-Covid world that uses technology and entrepreneurial ingenuity to improve health outcomes,” the firm said at the time. [6], University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, "Ashley Biden and Howard Krein (Published 2012)", "Joe Biden Daughter, Ashley Biden, Howard Krein Wed", "Krein, Howard - Thomas Jefferson University - Thomas Jefferson University", "All About Ashley Biden, Joe's Youngest Daughter With a Civically-Minded Fashion Label", "Ashley Biden, daughter of U.S. Vice President, marries Jewish doctor", "Biden's daughter marries into the tribe", "Biden Cancer Initiative seeks to inject urgency into cancer research, foster hope for patients", "Howard Krein Is Famous As The Husband of Ashley Biden, The Daughter Of Howard Krein and Jill Biden", "Biden anti-cancer groups could pose influence concerns", "5 Giant Problems the Biden Cancer Initiative Can Fix | by Troy Bannister | StartUp Health", "Biden's cancer initiative could pose influence concerns", "Biden's son-in-law advises campaign on pandemic while investing in Covid-19 startups", "The Vatican And The Cura Foundation Host The Fourth International Conference In An Effort To Unite To Cure", "Biden Convenes Shadow War Room to Devise Anti-Virus Policy", "A Candidate in Isolation: Inside Joe Biden's Cloistered Campaign", "Biden Son-In-Law Advises Campaign on Pandemic Response while Investing in COVID Startups", "Questions raised about conflicts of interest around Biden son-in-law", "Biden In-Law Advising Campaign While He Could Profit Off Covid Policies", Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act,, American people of Russian-Jewish descent, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey alumni, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 November 2020, at 19:55.