sorry to dump all that stuff on you if it has nothing to do with fairies. I hope to get an answer thanks. Fairies will be dancing and making merry on the 1st May—the festival of Beltane. um i heard some voices and a little singing and a white light next to my bed. CINDY******* ########################################.

If you see it again and it makes you uncomfortable, try asking it to leave–that works sometimes… 7) A sixth sense does help you to see fairies but even without it, you can connect and communicate with the fae. I sent them a visual image of sparkling white champagne right back. Hope this helps… Natalie. just curious, is this because somebody in th fairy realm is trying to help me some way, or does somebody just REALLY not like me??? And out of the corner of my eye I have seen sparkels of light.

Anyways, back to the webshow, I was thinking about it the other day and I was wondering if the fairies would find it offensive. didnt work i put out a diamond braclet and that stuff maybe they dont beileve in me =(, hi i keep trying and it doesnt work at all!

i know! How can I find a way to believe in them again? Sorry im attacking you with questions im REALLY curious!

i mean i get in the position and close my eyes and feel relaxed but what’s the real deal? yesterday i saw two yellow streaks fly acroos the sky and then a black lighting bolt. Is that true? Do you know how I could prove to Devlin fairies are real? It would be best if you were kinda closer to my age. I just had my first faery encounter i’m pretty sure! And if they’re good, will I be able to contact them again, even after my first reaction? Yes. I live in bustling city that has very little natural scenic beauty. If even that will hurt thier ears, I won’t put that out either. Welcome and thanks for your questions. Before too long, you might find something missing because they love to play practical jokes by taking and hiding things you use a lot like keys or glasses. I know it can be scary when it’s late at night but maybe you could try and talk to them during the day and see if they respond to you–it’s worth a try, right? What is the difference between a fairy and a Pixie? That is where my camera decided to take its own pictures.

i just want to say that like Cindy i feel that there is something watching me sometimes. I will never forget her. Yes, there definitely are fairies in Ireland! Very tiny ones. You can find them here, here, and here. Even I don’t have a friendship with a fairy like she does. Good luck! i invited some fairies in for snacks tonight which if they come will increase my chances of getting a visit in mmy dreams,and it’s only been two days!omg!hopefully they come,i set out some fruit punch mixed with water (so it doesn’t stain if it spills) and a cookie and cheerios in a bag. Dip your hand in the water, touch your third eye, and recite: Meditate on what you want to attain or expand in your life. But sometimes she wants do do her own thing. Pixies are shy by nature so I wouldn’t guess they would love having their picture taken.

And just yesterday my daughter and I went outside and picked up some trash and pop cans from the clearing from a Halloween bonfire, this past October. If you know what I mean? because the day after i kept seeing the letters “CC” wherever i looked as if i had stared at a lightbulb, but these looked so clear that it looked as though they had been drawn before my eyes. I hope you can help me thanks. I sat at a bench to eat and saw a girl who is his friend looking sad. coul see them good on computer.

Fairies are more often than not found here: The key to a successful fairy garden is to create lots of hidden, secluded places. thats weird lol. You do know that you can’t have a fairy of your own – they aren’t pets, right? Any way, can you give me some advice on that also?

It is cold right now so I think they are keeping warm in the fairy world. Does me being magical affect how I can talk to the other fairies? me again! The things I discuss there are what I implemented in my own garden, and I now have a fairy paradise! What can it be? When you feel calmer, pour running water over the stone, and recite: Sit quietly for a while and inhale the healing powers of the Wellness Fairy. i think im alright about the passing out thing. How exciting to have an experience like that – please let us know if anything new happens. Now that you told me that they will hang out in the persons home during the Winter if invited, I will keep my living area a ‘bed and breakfast” for them! I have never really tried it at home that I can remember, running between world is this bad? You are very welcome! Not untill now. sorry i keep asking things but i really want to know!!! lol *)said that there are alot in the trees and they are like a centamiter long! I know others that are apart of this “bond” that somehow is never broken and we all have had supernatural experiences and we have “sparkly wings” on the back of us. @anonymous: well just plant flowers any kind. Herbs can sometimes be useful in strengthening communication too. This is from our “learning to see fairies” post: The “tween times” between day and night are often the best times to see fairies so try looking for them at dawn (between night and day) and dusk (between day and night).

i dont know how to explain them. According to the Elves, you don’t need to be afraid, they won’t talk to you if you aren’t comfortable with it. What do I say or show him that would prove to him fairies are real. So that’s why we are so sure about the things we tell you. We are working on answering them all right now and they should be posted soon. Raise the energy by singing the chant: This is a dream enchantment that can help you find the location of a lost person, object, or pet. Yes, that’s always a good idea to ask them first. You asked about seeing fairies in a forest and I would say that would be an ideal place to find fairies and nature spirits. I shared much of what I learned about designing a fairy garden in "How to Make a Fairy Garden." He won’t listen to what I say. if i am mad, they’re not going to let me see them…..sorry natalie!!!

Hi Rose, That’s really great that you have a website about fairies – the more the merrier. Do fairies, like humans belong to different races? i’m pretty sure it was a fairy but there are other possibilities.

So basically, surround yourself with protective energies, bring in the positive and remove the negative when it presents itself. hey, I started my own website on fairys but I think yours is much cooler! i went to a funeral for my friend’s great grandma funeral about two years ago though. I AM SOOOOOO CURIOUS ABOUT FAIRIES! HI NATALIE, OMG! I s that good or bad?, love, ash0202, Nope, sorry, I am a mom of several teens myself so I am not close in age to you.

Yes, children/kids are usually very good at seeing and hearing fairies because they haven’t been taught that they don’t exist as much yet…. Sorry that I keep asking more and more questions but do pixies and fairies like each other?

What do you think? Working with them requires patience and interacting on their terms, not yours. Why don’t you go here and read for more suggestions, it should give you plenty of ideas. And well a few mintues after being down stairs on and the comp I heard it again but it was father away and seemed calmer as if to say watch yourself human….and well I was wondering if you had any suggestions as for a kind of I’m sorry gift?

Will they know who I am or no? Take some sea salt into your palm and pour it gently into the water. Dawn and dusk are favourite fairy times as they love to watch the sun rise and set. A small note of caution if I may…always try to keep your balance and rely more on your own truth and wisdom and less on the wisdom of others. It took me to 45 years to see one of these beautiful Beings., so if any young people are reading this.. don’t give up hope. Achieve your goals and wishes with fairy enchantments for everyday life. dont send ANYTHING unless i say its ok. its not that youre strange or anything, i just dont know you so pleas dont. But i am still very confuse with the difference between fairies and ghost. i really want to se one!!! I feel drawn to look between the two trees every now and then.

Make an effort to imagine your inner power as a beautiful flower and your aura as vibrant and beautiful. I guess I can’t say for sure without knowing more about what you have seen.

You can communicate with them through special rituals called enchantments. Anything shiny would be great too. Just so I know for sure so I don’t accidentally hurt them. Maybe it would help you if you understood that fairies aren’t here to please you, it’s not their job. if you understand it, good for you. Anywho, I plan on getting some chinese lanterns to place out there, at the moment I am making a bracelet to set out on a stump I moved over to a corner of my garden. and again,i hope for fairy communication,but how do i get around my parents!?! cya oh one more thing, she loves sugar, sorry for making another comment but i just relized i forgot to put the word ‘trats’ in between some and but and also after but i meant to put ‘i dont know if im an elf but i have Alice, Hi Natalie, I think i might be an elf or part elf but im not sure. We left food and shiny bangles out for them last night but no one ate/drank any thing that I can tell and the gift is still there.

What else do you think they would like and because i’m thinking of making a fairy house should i make it out of card board or actual wood and if fairies do come how many woulld visit in the house so how big should i make it? To me, it seemed like he was trying to reassure me that yes, he was real and, weird or not, that really was his name. help please i probaly live in the wrong state, yes there are two different emilys but i am 10 and i live in PA i am 10 and still beileve in faries i have sence i was 7 and under and my cousin is here and she beileves in them two and she is 9 we dont want one of our own we just wanna see one atleast we tried to communicate with one to.

Clean your tub, draw your bath, and shut off the water. I hope you get to see them again sometime soon . The amethyst cluster that you linked to is a type of crystal that is generally used to assist people with meditation, and to enhance connection to ones spirituality. Thanxx a lot, xxx.

Thank you XD. If there is anything you don’t feel comfortable with, just say so out loud and they will respect that. To "hear" fairies, clairaudience, and so on. then i thought “well why would a fairy have a transformation bottle, and what is one anyway?” i think along with the scooby doo gang that my sub-conscious mind was adding things in along with the dream that the fae may or may not haave intended. What should i do? You suggested that maybe someone is causing this to happen and I suppose that could be true but I really couldn’t say for certain. 2) What do fairies like besides coins — well, besides the things I’ve listed here before, let me add: any fairy pictures or jewelry, they love natural objects and things found in nature such as flower petals, stones, crystals, feathers, nuts (acorns), pine cones, leaves, twigs, seashells, and even a pretty dish with water in it would work well. when is the best time for me to speak to faries? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks Josh. That little glimmer you thought you saw, that missing item, or that movement out of the corner of your eye could be one of those. how to know if i’m an empath? And, yes, a shoebox should work just fine. , i was just wondering how do i make fairy cakes and what’s ale?

I have a small blown glass fairy that is quite beautiful.