Interactive infographics and other content pieces can include hover pop-ups or click-throughs to other landing pages, quizzes, extra content and more, and can be a great tool for educating your audience on your particular industry or product. Twitter, Facebook Pages, Facebook groups and Instagram Stories each have built-in polls for you to use. Instead of using a hashtag to curate stories about your company or community, you can also tap into a trending hashtag to share your brand story. Research by Twitter has shown that tweets with photos get 313% more engagement. Quizzes can be fun, or help your audience determine where they stand, which can become an opportunity for you to offer your product or service. Nine-grid image: 3,240 pixels in height by 3,240 pixels in width. Just CTRL+Shift+L to use the Real-Time Translation feature and instantly translate the game in a language of your choice. While it isn’t a branded content, it has a nice three-act structure (a model often used in screenwriting) we can learn from: It can be tough to go onto a Facebook live without preparation. Create a Facebook photo album with the best 10, 20, or 30 photos. One of my recent favorite video stories is from Nike. Here’s everything you need to know about Snapchat Geofilters and how to build your own.—. The recommended dimensions for an Instagram story is 1080 pixels in width and 1920 pixels in height. Nike’s video told a powerful visual story purely with words. In the infographic below, Happify, a company that aims to help people lead happier and more meaningful lives, shares the importance of happiness and ways to make ourselves happier. Spinning off of the previous bullet, workbooks are a great way to offer value to your audience. When done well, it can look very appealing. ? #BufferCommunity is another hashtag we use often. While it feels like a hassle to read such Facebook posts, they actually receive incredibly engagement. Another benefit of polls and quizzes is that it can show yo… Interactive content includes any content a user can click on, click-through, answer, or play with. Each image can be a different option for your audience to choose from - you can use this method to let them help you choose your next flavor or product you may be looking to offer. Personally, I think it’s the best format for storytelling. A tool to help you with that is Instagrids.

But you don’t always have to make your branded hashtag go viral. These may be a little more costly to create, but can be really fun pieces for your audience to interact with. Experience crisper graphics and smoother animations. CoSchedule found that their tweets with memes and GIFs receive far more likes and retweets than regular images. It turns out there are many ways to use social media for storytelling! Most importantly, the hashtag has to be relevant and appropriate for your brand. The video doesn’t need to have stunning footage to work. We previously turned one of our blog posts, If Don Draper Tweeted: The 27 Copywriting Formulas That Will Drive Clicks and Engagement on Social Media, into a SlideShare deck. Coming from seemingly nowhere, these little bite-size pieces of content have been a bit of a hit with social media users. Now, a multitude of indicators point to a surprising conclusion: Stories are quietly eating the social world, fundamentally changing how we share and consume content on social media. In 2015, (RED) and Snapchat partnered for World AIDS Day to offer Snapchat filters in an attempt to raise funds for organizations fighting against AIDS. A study by Contently’s data scientists on 3,200 pieces of content created using the Contently platform found that infographics have a higher completion rate (73 percent) than blog posts (66 percent). If you run a brick and mortar business such as a hotel, cafe, or clothing retail, experiment with a Snapchat Geofilter that allows your customers to share their experiences at your place, like Starwood did. Apart from being popular, GIFs are entertaining and tend to perform well, too. With 10 stories, you can share quite a bit of content. Storytelling has always played a part in successful marketing. A good way to drive engagement and shake up your usual posting process is by utilizing interactive content. We curate user-generated content by sharing short stories from our community through photos on our Instagram profile. Perhaps you can consider videos if you have the resources and time. For example, we did a Facebook video for Thanksgiving last year. You can create carousel ads by selecting the “Multiple images in one ad” option when you are creating your ad. Not all social media shares are created equal. It can be meaningful enough when your customers and community understand the purpose of your hashtag and use it in their tweets, too. But constraints can help breed creativity. If you are up for it, feel free to comment below and share the link to a social media posts where you told a story. If you want your Facebook fans to read stories about your customers or your company (instead of driving them to another site), it might be better to write longer Facebook posts. Entrepreneur Chris Hall was able to get $0.001 cost per thousand impressions (CPMs) for his Snapchat filter and generated over 10.5 million views of his filter in just seven hours. Six-grid image: 2,160 pixels in height by 3,240 pixels in width. After all, the purpose of getting social media shares in the first place is to attract realbusiness prospects to your website, right? On Instagram Stories you can use the Poll Sticker to create a two option poll that will be live for 24 hours.

Being authentic is a key aspect of storytelling, and there’s no other way to be more “real” than going live to engage with your audience. In the playlist, there are videos created by both Airbnb and its community. This could mean that people got everything they wanted from the post itself without having to click on the link. They found that the test group which was told a story through the ads converted at the highest rate. Quizzes can be fun, or help your audience determine where they stand, which can become an opportunity for you to offer your product or service. You can pack a lot of information into an infographic or eBook that include calls to action or fun pop up facts. Here’s a Twitter Moment we created to share the history of Buffer: Curate news and timely content relevant to your industry into a Twitter Moment to help keep your followers up-to-date with the latest happenings like Product Hunt did when Snap Inc. announced Spectacles. It doesn’t have to be a long video, one to two minutes long is great.—. If it fits your Instagram style or if you want to experiment with new ideas on Instagram, create an image on your profile with three, six, or nine images. This is because they not only use beautiful photos but also tell a short story through the caption of each photo. Here’s an example from Ryan Hoover when he shared Product Hunt’s acquisition by AngelList: To string your tweets together, simply reply to your previous tweet. Longer posts had more “Other Clicks” such as clicks to “See More”, which appears on long Facebook posts. Subscribe to Social Media Today: Subscribe to Social Media Today to get the must-read news & insights in your inbox. Hashtags can be a great way to curate stories from your community. Can’t fit your story into 140 characters or one tweet?

Over 70 million people visit SlideShare to learn new things, making it one of the top 100 most-visited websites in the world. Make sure your prize is brand related, and remember that simple is okay. Classic, old-fashioned contests and sweepstakes are also great examples of interactive content, and can be a solid way to generate more engagement. It might be helpful to note that Instagram captions are limited to 2,200 characters, and after three lines of text the captions become truncated with an ellipsis. It is such a clever way to tell a story and get results! Think about it – how many times have you stopped to find out what kind of pizza you are? The 'share' option will appear in the bottom right-hand corner and you'll have the option to share via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, email or to another user, among other options.

If the network you’d like to run a poll on doesn't have a built-in tool, you can always write out your options in your caption and have your audience comment the corresponding letter to their answer. Three-grid image: 1080 pixels in height by 3,240 pixels in width.

Here’s an example. Apps like Tweetstorm and Storm It make it even easier to tweetstorm. They can help you dive into the mind of your audience and create double the content (once when you post, and another when you post the results). To make it easier to navigate this article, the 20 ideas are grouped according to the various social media platforms. For your next Instagram post, share a short story about the photo with more than three sentences. This can be a live video where you share tips, a behind-the-scene video, or a question-and-answer session. Many companies have been using Instagram videos to tell short stories. That’s great if you are telling a story rather than trying to drive traffic to another site. Herschel Supply Co. has been recently using this method of visual storytelling on Instagram to promote their newest collection of bags. Stories enable us to build personality and create a connection with consumers. A creative way to share on Instagram is to use several posts to create a huge image on your Instagram profile. One of the test groups was shown three Facebook ads in a narrative sequence — introduction to the brand, an article from the brand, a call-to-action for an email subscription) — while the other test group was shown three Facebook ads with different creatives but same email subscription call-to-action. Here’s how to create a Twitter Moment and three more ideas to experiment with. It helps to give more details to your story or allows you to tell a longer story.