I like your method but I think strikouts are off. Phoenix (5-1) Tendex: .638 — Week: W vs. Bos, W vs. Den. I sat down to what promised to be an important early season matchup between the Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers in my “Best of my Lifetime” super league using the Statis Pro Basketball system. Clearly that wasn’t the case.

I seeded 12 teams for a single elimination to test if out and the Braves and Brewers batters were right by each other on the Google sheet which made it easier.

With Mel Daniels and George McGinnis anchoring the paint, Reggie Miller has been free to be himself, overachieving to the tune of 29 points per game, including 32 in the win against Chicago. The Lakers have a worse tendex than several teams below them here, but the lone win of the week is closer to what we can expect out of LA than the two disappointing road losses. Atlanta can be forgiven somewhat since Dominique Wilkins left the loss at Kansas City with a minor injury. Chicago, despite having arguably the best player ever on their roster in Michael Jordan, had stumbled out of the gate to an 0-3 start. New Additions: Johnny Davis, James Edwards, Alex English, Ricky Sobers, C.J. Two points is all that separates the Bucks from a 3-0 start. This team got much better. The Piston defense has kept teams under 110 twice already, even holding Boston team to 108 that had just scored 150 the game before. For the Jazz, their second loss was much like the first.

Indiana (5-1) Tendex: .627 — Week: W @ Det, W vs. Chi, L vs. Buff. Only the 153 gash against San Antonio would be considered a poor effort. 3. 20. Analysis: Towns get a bit better, but Butler is a huge upgrade to the guard position for Kentucky, an area where they’ve been suffering. Cut: Ricky Rubio, Karl-Anthony Towns (16-17). The question for the Rockets was whether their backcourt could keep up. The Spirits are certainly an early season surprise. Statis Pro Baseball Card Creator Version 3: 06/26/2019 : DaveP--230: 0--2012 Excel file. It’s true that Larry Bird got in foul trouble in both contests, but Boston’s core simply hasn’t been as productive as expected in the two losses.

When the pitcher is batting, you skip the PB and always get the results off his card. Added: Jayson Tatum, Al Horford, Kyrie Irving, Jaylen Brown, Cut: Brandon Bass, Jared Sullinger, Chris Ford, Jerry Sichting. 24. Daugherty and James helped push Cleveland to a 45-34 lead after one quarter, and the Cavs maintained an 11-point lead heading into the final 12 minutes. The lack of real support behind Sikma remains the biggest worry. For a team that looked on paper to be the worst in the league, a 2-2 start is encouraging.

It probably also doesn’t hurt that their three wins come against teams that are a combined 3-13. The Supersonics boast a talented team that can shoot and play tough defense. Team Record (6-2) Key Stats: 24.8 ppg, 2.25 rpg, 2.25 apg. 12. 26. Analysis: Gay had one of his poorer shooting seasons with Toronto in 12-13, so Anunoby replaces him there.

The Lakers are 3-1 with him, so they are hoping he stays healthy from now on.

MVP: Fats Lever 12 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 steals, New Orleans Jazz 123 at Portland Trailblazers 152. They’ve been beaten by a total of 57 since that win. Of all the teams for the Pacers to stumble to, they did it to one of the league’s bottom dwellers. The Kings starting backcourt scored 51 while the Spirits’ starting front court combined for an atrocious 11 for 32. The difference? So if your range of hits is the average 11-23, just putting 24 by the Balk is accurate most of the time though some would be blank. The stout Buck defense has only shown up once. Anytime you want to create your own Statis-Pro cards - whether they be for and Asian or Western league or college or historic teams - or current new players as we created here - you can plug in just a few stats on the google sheet at. Their four games have all been decided by less than 10 points, and they were relieved to finally win one against New Orleans. The best Laker was Ingram, who will be a poor man’s Worthy in the rotation. Still, a team that has the scoring of Ray Allen, the defense of Paul Pressey, and the all-around games of Sidney Moncrief and Lew Alcindor are bound to be productive over time. Mike Mitchell continued to excel off the bench for the Cavs as well, scoring over 20 in his second great game. Isn't that twelve?

23. Kawhi Leonard and Manu Ginobli provide the best bench support in the league.

Hakeem Olajuwon, Moses Malone, Ralph Sampson, and Charles Barkley give the Rockets unprecedented depth, something they needed when Olajuwon got into foul trouble in route to Houston’s win at Seattle. Bullock is a nice upgrade from the brick laying Gordon. The Pistons have held opponents to 117 ppg, the best in the league (which is good in a super league), but they have only scored 115 ppg in return. Then, their defense held Milwaukee to 120, but the offense managed a pitiful 102. CD2, E4, TB or T3 can be standard, but below are ways they can be calculated. The others are marginal additions.

New Additions: Ernie Grunfeld, George Johnson, Michael Carter-Williams, Jabari Parker. Probably the best you can hope for from a 29 win team. When games average 125 points, Rodman reduces the Bulls offensive options greatly.

Offense was never going to be an issue with this team, but the defense has been better than expected. Previous #19. Seattle has only won once yet has a +1.5 point differential. (Statis Pro Baseball, Statis Pro Football, etc.) Kyle Lowry has willed the Squires to two surprising wins over Kentucky and New Jersey, and he’s had some support in the likes of Chris Bosh and Vince Carter. This weakness came through when James Jones got into foul trouble against St. Louis. 13. Instead, Glenn Rice and Alonzo Mourning stepped up to fill the void with impressive weeks. If the pitchers (Games+Games Started)/2 in Row 17 is 9 or lower, then his highest PB can be 2-7. They beat New Orleans head to head but are ranked lower thanks to their performance since that opening day win. Grade: C  King is a nice backup to Erving, Johnson is a rebounding and defensive force. The Braves, despite the 0-2 start, have reason to be optimistic as Blake Griffin rebounded from a horrible game 1 to score 35 points. 4. After drawing a balk number in a fast action deck the next “Pitch” card of YES or NO tells you if it was a balk or not – and if using dice you can roll one 6-sided die again and if the roll is 1 or 2 consider it a balk and if not ignore it. If you are planning to play a team from one year against other years, we we do with our match-up of 40 great teams from Honus Wagner's 1902 Pirates to the 2017 Houston Astros with the greatest three teams in history in between (1927, 1939 and 1998 Yankees), then you also need to look at the table to determine if you need to add to the SR. (e.g. Still, when Chicago has met a challenge, they have yet to deliver. Olajuwon, Sampson, Malone, Capela, Howard, and Barkley are better than any other team can claim. The first cut won’t happen for a several days, so there’s no limit yet. 25. They don’t measure a player’s ability in the clutch, favoritism some teams get from the officials, or the affect of momentum. Previous #3. Been awhile since some updates, but the first week of games are done. 23. His stamina remains unchanged. MVP: Larry Bird: 28 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 blocks, 1 steal. Added: George Hill, LeBron James, Larry Nance, Rodney Hood, Cut: Matthew Dellavedova, LeBron James (09-10), Timofey Mozgov, Iman Shumpert. A pitcher with the average number of hits and one balk number, who also had the average number of strikeouts on card (11) would have a range of 24-37 for strikeouts in most seasons. Grade: B-  Allen is a nice upgrade due to his top defensive stats. Collison may actually get some time as the lifetime Pacers’ team really lacks depth at PG. Like Bird, Durant’s Supersonics started slow at 1-3 but have since rattled off four straight wins. Saric gives the Sixers some range at PF. Grade: B  The upgrades to Davis, Holiday, and Evans may be small but these are all guys that get major minutes for the Hornets so it’s a good tradeoff. Memphis (1-4) Tendex: .463 — Week: L vs. Por, L @ Det  Previous #27. 9. 21. Analysis: Suns find little help for the C position, but Booker does make some modest gains overall. 2018-19 NBA Season (*.txt files) SP Basketball SPBInstall201718.exe 5 MB. In fact, only he and Kentucky’s Artis Gilmore have a TENDEX above 1.000, and Gilmore’s team is just play .500 ball. The Hawks are still playing above themselves, but it helps they are in the league’s weakest divison. Hill’s solid, albeit shortened, season gave him a significant upgrade.

Sabonis and Bogdanvoic may be sentimental additions, but they are improvements from English and Miles, neither of which had played yet. Karl Malone has yet to finish a game, and the Jazz will go about as far as Malone can take them. Seattle Supersonics (1-3) Tendex: .619. Gordon and Paul add to Houston’s weakness, backcourt, and give the Rockets five guys that can shoot at least six threes a game. Cleveland fans can also enjoy playing “what if” with a healthy Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. It’s a huge upgrade. Upgrades: Mitch Kupchak, John Wall, Bradley Beal, Marcin Gortat. MVP: Colin Rhys: 33 points, 3 rebound, 7 assists, 1 block, 2 steals, Dallas Mavericks 117 at Houston Rockets 133.

Charlotte (3-3) Tendex: .604 — Week: W @ NY, W vs. Buff, W vs. NY  Previous #29. After 7 games, he still leads the league in scoring by almost two points. Meanwhile, the Pacers were 4-0, looking every bit like a title contender. Grade: C+  Chandler helps one of the league’s weakest front courts. Surprisingly, the number one seed Raptors had only Valanciunas improve. Now for the important part - the calculations for the pitching cards are much easier than the old charts indicate.

Cleveland Cavaliers (2-2) Tendex: .630. Monday, February 2, 2009. By ars427x. Miami’s relatively high tendex rating might be because they have played all but one game fairly tight this year. Denver (3-3) Tendex: .613 — Week: W vs. Por, L @ Phoe, L vs. LAL. Martin can shoot threes but can’t play defense. In a real NBA league, these are the games you would expect Jordan to rise to the occasion, the referees to look the other way on a few calls, and the popular Bulls to manage a much needed win. Kyle Lowry continued to be one of the surprises of the season, leading all scorers with 20. Buffalo Braves 102 at Milwaukee Bucks 120. Yet, they also gave up 149 in an ugly loss to Seattle.

Grade: C+ Nothing too significant, but all three are liable to get some rotation time and provide some support. Seattle has yet to settle on a starting rotation, but an easier schedule should help Seattle find a groove. Kansas City has managed to hide their defensive weakness through strong rebounding and shooting at an impressive .474 clip from behind the arc. Charlotte started the year off with fight, losing to Houston in overtime and by two to Cleveland. Kansas City (3-2) Tendex: .633 — Week: W vs. SA, W vs. Atl, L @ Por. Day 5 Recap: Spurs, Rockets, Conquistadors Suffer First Losses of the Season. Defense is the biggest concern moving forward. Grade: D+  If it weren’t for Magic, Norm Nixon would be a great starter. Both Gary Harris and Nikola Jokic have better cards already on the team. Grade: B  Owens will demand time on the floor with his shooting and defense but Alridge will keep his starting spot with solid scoring/rebounding. Surprisingly, only Gasol looked intriguing, whose defense and rebounding make him an upgrade from Diaw. Here is a 1990-91 set of cards for Statis Pro Basketball. Analysis: Oladipo was going to be one of the major additions from this year’s cards and improves the Pacers already deep team. Ruland scored 34, 10 in the final quarter, but he was trumped by Andrew Toney’s 35, 12 of which came in the final period. Yep. Both Jabbar and O’Neal both fouled out trying to contain Gilmore and David Robinson and failed to score 20 points between them. This is the Excel spreadsheet that I use (with slight modifications) to create the card sets. Magic had missed three games, all losses, but his 11 assists and court presence were the difference in Denver.