Politicians are sometimes threatened if they don't uphold public policies based on Catholic doctrine, but those would carry much less weight if Catholic leaders have fewer members to cite. Until then, your name is used to indirectly contribute to the stature and power of the Catholic Church because they can report you as a member, thus boosting their perceived popularity among American religions. Many members have told me that they find my work inspiring and faith-promoting. I love the Mormon church. Emergency Response. I love helping them transition to spending time with people who are not their parents. Do you still have doubts about believing in God and are keeping your options open in case you want to return to the Church? The simple answer is yes. I feel that I receive blessings from God as a result of this service, and I love being able to help other peoples. Being excommunicated would be embarrassing, and it would also be hurtful.

Obviously, if this is your situation, you would not wish to wear temple garments or pay tithing, and you would not want to hold callings in the church. My neighbors are active Mormons.

Some of their problems with the church are similar to mine, others are not. People frequently ask me, as a vocal and public critic of the Mormon church, if I worry that I will also be excommunicated.

Excommunication. People often then ask if I care about being excommunicated from the Mormon church.

Excommunication is the greatest punishment that can be given to members and is reserved for members who commit grievous sins and are unrepentant. You may or may not continue to have visiting or home teachers, who come monthly to check on your needs and give a church message.

(Though I hasten to add that my own bishop has never suggested any disciplinary measures against me.) It is possible to be excommunicated in a specific, official pronouncement, but this is rarely done.


I love Mormonism and I love Mormons.

I stopped attending the church about 10 years ago and I moved to a different city over a year ago and don't associate with any members. You are no longer allowed to pay tithing or give any offerings to the church (at least not directly). Elders Quorum. So as a result of this interaction I am angry.

Being excommunicated would be embarrassing, and it would also be hurtful. What Does it Mean to Say "I Believe" Something Is True? All rights reserved. come to my door and ask for me by name. I don't write to try to contain all truth in one form.

If you have a concern with the Church, you could search for a resolving answer and see if there is one. They tell me that they need to know that there are others out there who ask the same questions because they feel so alone, muzzled, and shamed. Press J to jump to the feed.

Austin Cline, a former regional director for the Council for Secular Humanism, writes and lectures extensively about atheism and agnosticism. Faith in Jesus Christ. Politicians may feel that they have to adopt more Catholic policies to appeal to Catholic voters, but if the numbers of Catholics are reduced then politicians may feel freer to take positions consistent with secular values. When these Mormons try to "correct" untruths they see in my writing, I am a little amused. Elder . I also sincerely value being able to serve in a calling in the Mormon church. I have watched them and I know that they have gone on to have good lives, perhaps better than they had when they were angry with the church.

Divorce. I never want these people to find me again. I hope who I am is still allowed to be Mormon. This opens up options for ex-Catholic friends to find ways to help each other get excommunicated. Antireligion and Anti-Religious Movements, Conspiracy Theories: Masons and the New World Order, War in the Name of Atheism - Theology Myths. Many non-members have told me that my essays and books about Mormonism have led them to a better opinion of the church. Still, I love them and I believe that the Mormons who know me well also love me. Catholic officials may be hoping that former Catholics will eventually fear death enough to seek some sort of reconciliation with the Church. Periodically the news media gives extensive coverage to a high-profile case of a Mormon being excommunicated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. That means that you are no longer considered baptized, sealed to family members in the temple, or ordained to the priesthood (if a man). State that you do not consider yourself a Catholic anymore and want your name taken off the official rolls of Catholics.

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We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote. They really won't like it. These people commend my bravery, and beg me to keep asking because they don't know how they can continue to attend church if the same policies continue.

I feel like I was literally stalked by mormons. If Mormonism demands that I cannot respectfully and honestly give voice to real questions and real concerns then it cannot be the place for me to stay. This would be impossible, but it is also simply not my interest. You can't just fill out an online form and get a certificate of excommunication, after all. Read the Book of Mormon if you haven't.

How To Get Excommunicated From the Catholic Church.

That seems too easy to be real... but I went for it. If you have been through the temple, you are asked to stop wearing your temple garments (which are reminders of temple covenants).

Employment. Unless and until you are excommunicated, you are still counted as a Catholic. If you don't hear back after a little bit, send the letter again—but this time registered mail with a note that this is your second attempt. To those who have come to hate the church, these changes may be desirable. Eternal Life. Your local priest can't help you; instead, you must write a letter to your bishop. Family.

This appears to be the attitude of Catholic officials themselves and why they don't make excommunication easy. But at this point in my life, I don't want to follow their paths. Some would continue to be friends with me, but perhaps not all. Two, I continue because the years I kept my mouth shut were the years that I was suicidal and could not believe in God. People often then ask if I care about being excommunicated from the Mormon church. Endowment. Tell him of your apostasy; you must describe both an intention of apostasy and an outward manifestation. I think that if I am to keep up my mental health, I must continue to be open about my true self.

I do not speak often in church, but it would be hard to know that I was not allowed to speak. I do not hate the church, no matter how vehemently I criticize it.

They also knew my maiden name (a name that died with my father 5 years ago). Many people find answers to questions or doubts. They were not excommunicated formally, but they no longer wanted anything to do with Mormonism. This appears to be the attitude of Catholic officials themselves and why they don't make excommunication easy. If you just ask them to remove your name from the church records, it’s possible that the clerk won’t because they forget to, but otherwise, that’s the most straightforward, simple way to do it. Catholicism encourages misogyny and anti-gay bigotry for example, both of which have caused an incredible amount of psychological, emotional, and even physical harm over the centuries.

Aside from denying the Catholic Church any more power than it deserves, there are a number of good reasons why a former Catholic should formally renounce their ties that organization. It's neither true nor false in any objective sense and doesn't try to be. That will give you huge insights into the true beliefs of the church. I just had missionaries and the bishop (i assume?)

Apostasy doesn't count if you didn't intend it or if it didn't amount to anything. How do I excommunicate myself from the mormon church?

Get all the latest election results from across the country, with up-to-the-minute maps and more. He was also excommunicated for having created a hugely successful platform where others gathered in agreement with him. I believe that Mormons are well-intentioned and I would feel wounded if I were cut off from their community. There are few more definitive and public steps you can take on behalf of the rejection of religion.