Six months after the Anti-bending Revolution, Tenzin traveled with Korra and his family to the Southern Water Tribe for the Glacier Spirits Festival. Back at the Future Industries factory, he stood by as Korra eventually managed to force Baatar Jr. to contact Kuvira to call off her conquest, though Tenzin had to run for his life moments later when Kuvira traced the radio signal back to their location and blew it up with her spirit energy cannon.[46]. After Ikki readily accepted the apology, the siblings ran off off to play a game of airball. Tenzin was informed by Kya and Pema about Zaheer's infiltration at Air Temple Island. Diese schmerzhafte Erfahrung der Zurückweisung und Geringschätzung, welche Kuvira von ihren eigenen Eltern beigebracht wurde, führte zu ihrer Verschlossenheit in ihrem späteren Leben. Kai got himself out, but Jinora told him to free the bison first. In the three years following the insurrection of the Red Lotus, Tenzin made good on his promise to Korra and sent members of the Air Nation around the Earth Kingdom to help where needed. Early into his acceptance by the team, Jinora expressed romantic feelings for Kai, blushing in his presence and offering to teach him the airbending moves she knew. As Kuvira gave her speech after receiving the Kyoshi Medal of Freedom, he glanced at Raiko, who was sitting next to him, in concern when the metalbender announced that she had no intention to relinquish the power over the Earth Kingdom to the newly crowned king, denouncing his authority altogether and appointing herself as the leader of the new Earth Empire. Kyoshi seems to be a little under 6'6" when compared to Korra’s 5'7". Tenzin remained at the entrance of the Spirit Wilds, where he warmly embraced Jinora when she made her way out of the vegetation with the rest of the tourist group. Metall-Clan (ehemals)Team Avatar (ehemals)Tonraq (ehemals)Baatar Jr. (Verlobter, ehemals)Bolin (ehemals)

While Ikki and Meelo subsequently got into an argument with each other, Jinora suddenly felt Korra's presence and guided everyone toward the banyan-grove tree. [23] Weeks later, a fully recuperated Tenzin presided over Jinora's ceremony, installing her as an airbending master.

He announced that, while she recuperated, the Air Nation would return to its nomadic roots but would serve people of all nations to help restore balance and peace. He raised a skeptical eyebrow at Wu's suggestion to capture Kuvira with the ruse of having won a tropical vacation, silently shooting down the idea.

Soon, the master found himself relentlessly being attacked by Zaheer, Ghazan, and Ming-Hua.[34]. Although distressed, the young airbender told Korra not to open the portal, but found herself silenced by Unalaq's dark spiritual technique. In one village, the team met Kai, a young orphan boy who had recently discovered his airbending ability. While Jinora's physical body was left in Katara's care, Tenzin, Bumi, Kya, Korra, Mako, and Bolin made it into the Spirit World, where Tenzin and his siblings split off from the teenagers in order to locate Jinora's spirit. Shortly after they started to escape, however, they found themselves confronted by three Dai Li agents, including the sergeant, who declared that they were committing high treason, a crime punishable by death. Aang and Katara are the character’s parents, while Sokka is his uncle. It allows for someone to change their guess for Aang’s height (in inches, sorry rest of the world, the conversion rate is 2.54) and get relative heights based on the static pixel height ratios. Erdkönigreich Witnessing the cannon destroying the United Forces' fleet in a matter of seconds, Tenzin and the airbenders retreated to the Future Industries factory where Varrick and Zhu Li were monitoring the manufacturing of the hummingbird mecha suits.

Tenzin praised Korra for all that she had already accomplished in her time as the Avatar. Much to the young women's surprise, he agreed with her on the fact that there would always be new conflicts and enemies to face, though he pointing out that the importance of it all was to learn from past enemies and better oneself over time, which was something she had done. He stated the future was bright and praised Korra as well for opening the portals and reviving the nation in addition to her willingness to lay down her life for them. Roku, who’s supposed to be all tall, stands at my height. Together with the other airbenders, Tenzin awaited the arrival of Kuvira's army from the top of a roof that gave them a vantage point over the battlefield. Mithilfe ihrer Kabel konnte sie sich jedoch und daraufhin auch Tonraq, der von Zaheer heruntergestoßen wurde, retten. In my first Height Chart, I put Wan at about 2 inches taller than Korra.

Sie scheint ihre Macht zu genießen, sagt aber von sich selbst aus, dass ihr oberstes Ziel die Wiederherstellung von Ordnung sei. Jinora is the most spiritual in her family, believing that she had always had a connection with spirits. Tenzin discussed the possible whereabouts of the missing airbenders along with the other members of Team Avatar. Aus Kuviras Aussage in "Das letzte Gefecht" wird klar, dass ihre Eltern nicht etwa umgekommen sind, sondern, dass sie ihre Tochter einfach weg gegeben haben, als wäre sie nichts wert.