Dazai Osamu

Whereever Dazai goes a tall man with reddish brown hair seems to follow. And sometimes “a little” is better than “not at all”. He became somewhat of an oddball in the mafia, known as 'the mafia member who doesn't kill'. 26[1] Twin Dark (former, alongside Chūya Nakahara)The demonic prodigy of the Port Mafia guerrilla squad The youngest executive in Port Mafia history Blue Mackerel (on Chūya Nakahara's caller ID)[1] Sorry-waste of good bandages [2]

bsd: c: odasaku, bsd: p: akutagawa/odasaku; Link; 0 comments; Reply; a life with someone to say goodbye to Aug. 27th, 2018 09:26 pm. Port Mafia Namesake However, while his suicidal tendencies are initially comedic, they reveal a truly dark deep hole that Dazai has and believes he cannot fill.


Likes It takes Dazai's input for Kōyō to finally stop obsessing over Kyōka's defection and let the girl grow and think for herself.

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Image Gallery, Sakunosuke Oda (織田 作之助,, Oda Sakunosuke?) Her kimono is pink overlapped by dark purple with bellflower motifs, tied neatly with a maroon bow which has white borders, and a light pink mantle which goes darker in color from her elbow to her feet.

Furthermore, in the series, this often alludes because the three used to meet in a certain bar, as seen in, His favorite food was curry rice by the restaurant. Port Mafia (former)Armed Detective Agency


Dazai, fortunately or not, knows the good the bad and the ugly about the world.

Fly High Oda and write a book while your at it…, Happy birthday Odasaku, my favorite mafia man, I can’t describe how much he and his relationship with Dazai means to me so I hope this drawing will help me.

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He wears a bolo tie, which is held by a brown ribbon and a turqu… Age

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But, in fact ,it works because characters are so alike and unlike each other. Armed Detective Agency vs. 77kg [2] The future would be rewritten and overwritten a countless number of times. Manga

Bien sabido es que Odasaku fue el punto de inflexión en Dazai, el que introdujo la luz en su mundo de oscuridad. His constant attempts to commit suicide with a beautiful woman could be an allusion to his real-life counterpart's attempted double suicide with Shimeko Tanabe and Hatsuyo Oyama. ", "Yo!

Odasaku (by Dazai)

"Do not pity yourself.

Also Known As He can’t do anything great, but he always gives Dazai a little push in the right direction.

There was little he could base his intention for Dazai to change except pure faith.