This ruling may only apply to a single individual in Florida, however, the case appears to set an interesting precedent for any resident of the state to challenge the law that prohibits cannabis grows in the home. Florida law enforcement are prepared to spend a lot of resources and money in seeking outgrowing operations in the state. This means it carries a maximum jail sentence of 5 years as well as a $5000 maximum fine. And that number continues to increase at an astonishing rate with a whopping 10,000 new patients signing up each week.

Regardless of registration or not, you will be charged with possession if found with any marijuana plants. Required fields are marked *. The commercial grower’s license allows you to grow medical marijuana for distribution for those who have marijuana dispensaries.If a qualified doctor recommends you to legally purchase medical marijuana, then you can go for the license to grow.

Sadly, Florida law prohibits the possession of cannabis plants for personal use. How to access medicinal marijuana in Florida, To benefit from medicinal cannabis, you must visit a registered medical cannabis doctor. It doesn’t matter whether the plants are being grown for personal use or for a commercial purpose. Tallahassee, FL 32399 Physicians are limited to ordering no more than a 45-day supply of low-THC or medical cannabis, which cannot be sold, gifted, or otherwise transferred to anyone other than the qualified patient or their legal representative. Importing of medicinal marijuana is also forbidden. Florida does not currently have any recreational medical marijuana laws. Cultivating marijuana plants and leasing, operating or owning a grow house in the state is illegal. You cannot grow cannabis outside the state and then bring it for personal use or distribution. In cases where minors are residing in the same place as the plants are being cultivated, the offense may be classed as a 1st-degree felony. To benefit from medicinal cannabis, you must visit a registered medical cannabis doctor. Copyright © 2020, (All Rights Reserved) | Website Design and Hosting by: ... continuing to employ someone who uses, How To Make Cannabis Infused Artichoke Dip, Florida Medical Marijuana Statistics And Facts, Cultivation and Possession of Medical Marijuana in Florida, Amendment 2 on the November Ballot in Florida,, Marion County School Board Terminates Administrator For, The Trump coalition that smashed Democrats in, Trump supporters who voted for $15 minimum wage? Florida employers cannot deny you a job because you are registered with the … Current Florida State law does not allow low-THC and medical marijuana patients to grow their own marijuana plants. Although medicinal marijuana is now legal in Florida, the rules remain very strict around the control, sale, possession and use of the drug. Read the Full Text of Amendment 2 that will appear on the November 2016 Florida ballot. In accordance with Statute 322.055 of Florida Law, anyone who has been convicted of cultivating cannabis in the state will also have their driving privileges or driver’s license revoked for a year by the DHSMV in Florida. The physician must also monitor your illness and tolerance to medical cannabis and submit the plan to the University of Florida, College of Pharmacy on a quarterly basis for research purposes, You must have obtained documentation from your treating physician that you meet all of these requirements, In the qualified patient’s place of employment if restricted by their employer, On the grounds of a preschool, primary school or secondary school, any other debilitating medical conditions of the same kind or class as or comparable to those enumerated. The Department of Health shall register and regulate centers that produce and distribute marijuana for medical purposes and shall issue identification cards to patients and caregivers. Amendment 2 was placed on the ballot when United for Care submitted 716,270 valid signatures of Florida voters, exceeding the "683,149" required to place an initiative on the ballot. So far, more than 200,000 patients have qualified for a medical marijuana card in Florida. Under the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act, a qualified patient must be placed on the Compassionate Use Registry by an approved physician who has satisfied the requirements for recommending low-TCH or medical cannabis for patients. Campaign manager Michael Minardi said, “We had an uphill battle, honestly with getting a million signatures realistically from the end of August until December. In Florida, a medical marijuana grower can only have 6 flowering or 12 vegetative plants in accordance with the state laws. A list of state-approved physicians who are eligible to recommend that a patient be placed on the Compassionate Use Registry can be found here.

Florida’s first low-THC cannabis dispensary opened in Tallahassee on July 26, 2016. These include: Once the law enforcement authorities believe they’ve got sufficient information to secure a warranty they will come to search the property. The Compassionate Use Registry’s website is located at The Florida Department of Health’s Office of Compassionate Use maintains the Compassionate Use Registry, a state-run online registration system for medical cannabis patients and ordering physicians. Caregivers must be a “healthcare surrogate acting pursuant to the qualifying patient’s written consent” and must register with the Department of Health. You may be arrested if you are found to possess even a single plant over this limit. The doctor should record your data in the State’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use registry. We did believe with the movement and the momentum that we had that we could get this done, but unfortunately, we don’t think we’re going to at this point.”.

The circumstances in which such a charge could arise is if the defendant possesses a grow house together with 25 or more marijuana plants. Those charges range from third-degree felony for less than 25 plants; second-degree felony if found with more than 25 plants. An adult can only grow up to 6 plants and a maximum of 12 plants per household. In 2018, a court in the state rules that a single medicinal cannabis patient was permitted to grow his own cannabis for use in the plant-juicing regime his doctor recommended. Redacted copies of previously submitted applications, scorecards, and response letters to applicants can be found here.

It doesn’t matter whether the plants are being grown for personal use or for a commercial purpose. Information is often garnered from confidential informants who could be neighbors, friends or relatives who suspect you’re growing cannabis illegally. Some large companies claim that between one third and half of the customers rely on deliveries to get the drug.

Rather, it allows qualified patients to ingest cannabis via other methods, such as extracts or a physician-prescribed vaporizer.

The information they enter specifies the medical marijuana types you need or can afford on a daily basis as well as the number of days the order will remain active.