They all have wearing components. (You must log in or sign up to reply here.). I was willing to consider models that were not mainstream because I like to be different anyway. This is everything I've experience with a TDI Jetta with 230k miles. The motor oil dip stick tube, made of plastic, broke off and needed replacement. Poor maintenance can cause shift flares, burnt clutches inside, and eventual transmission failure. I am a research-a-holic so it didn't bother me to spend the necessary time narrowing down my choices and doing multiple test drives. I considered older cars vs newer cars and I used actual costs to purchase them from ads available at the time. And you want to be very careful to avoid driving in ways that generate large amounts of soot, which will quickly clog up your intake and EGR system: that means it's OK to loaf along at 1000-1300 rpm, but if you stomp on the pedal at those revs you're asking for trouble. Use a can of Seafoam (fuel additive) every 5k or so. Just for fun, I got a quote from a local repair shop; $1,800. I'm with you all the way!!!

Transmission fluid needs to be kept clean to prevent internal wear on transmission parts and to avoid debris from blocking passages and causing solenoids to stick. These cars have their niggling plastic bits like all others. I drive roughly 15-20,000 miles a year. I love it. in mpg with, say, the gas powered Golf? That has to be done every 70-140k depending on wear and your luck. You may notice other little electrical issues too, but it almost always originates at the battery. It was my love for a long time. There once was a time when I really loved owning and driving a car. Well that would be troubling. If you’re getting knocking or rattling noise from your 2.0L TDI, stop driving it until you get the problem addressed. But a sensor failure can cause your car to shift into odd gears. Still no major problems. The automatic transmission (01M type) value body required rebuilding (which I did myself) because either the cheap ribbon tape connected to solenoids disintegrated or the plastic clips on the solenoids disintegrated which would not allow a good electrical connection. I researched common problems with the vehicles and developed a "true cost to own" based on the likelihood of a certain maintenance item vs problem (i.e., if I changed the timing belt at 100k as recommended I would likely avert major damage). Transmission maintenance tends to be pushed aside for many car owners. VW dealerships are nicknamed stealerships in all forums for a reason. I just had the timing belt and water pump (always change them together) done on my Jetta, and it cost no more than on my previous Hondas and Subarus. Engine only uses a quart of oil about every 1,000 miles.Even the interior is still nice. The engine starts getting very noisy due to lack of oil pressure, then the engine seizes up. hardlymoving from Memphis, TN on October 17, 2014: As a loaner car for my friends, I decided to keep my Jetta TDI. It probably won’t torch your whole car, but the wiring connections on top of the battery on early model New Beetles can short. It gives me a headache when I read peoples comments comparing their "trouble free" Honda stories. Golf is assembled in Brazil and Germany and for some reason does not experience the same level of deterioration that Jetta and Beetle do. When I was analyzing data, I considered the average life expectancy of the vehicles on my short list, using 250,000 miles as my benchmark, repair ratings and fuel economy. Either way, the engine would jump from 1st gear to 3rd gear, rev up and drop into 2nd gear. Will you be able to resist feeling bad when others get a new car and you are driving a well maintained 15-20-year-old efficiency expert? Replace the timing belt when it’s due. Why the Hellcat engine is the wrong long-term solution for the SRT Jeep. Nearly every manufacturer has been proven to be doing the same thing, VW was the first and bore the brunt of the scandal. Congrats on being nominated for a HubNugget! First and foremost, I demand a certain reliability out of my vehicle. In a few cases, drivers have reported that their diesel engines endured up to 1,000,000 miles. What do you think about the new hybrids and electric cars hitting the market? For it to fail you must have snagged it by leaving your engine cover off and chemically harmed it by spaying chemicals and/or oil on it. Volkswagen's electronically controlled dual-clutch transmission was hailed as a great step forward. And it must be F U N to drive. The normal replacement interval is 60,000 miles for most models, and it’s crucial to adhere to that schedule. VW TDI Oil Pump Failure. This includes your car, your home and a vast array of appliances and electronic devices. Dealership wanted about $6K to replace the head (due to the bent valves). I've been through a few computers since then, but I'll see if I can't dig up the spreadsheet from the archives. Replacement Cost: $1,500 - $200. We all have our prejudices, and I have a prejudice against being broken down on the side of the road. Michelle Simtoco from Cebu, Philippines on May 21, 2012: Hear ye, hear ye...your hub is a Hubnuggets nominee! What do you suggest I do to obtain a Volkswagen Golf TDI? Although I love the Beetle, it was too impractical for my current needs. Here's how I did it. Yeehaaa By the way, I am amazed at how you make your decisions by researching..gosh I have a long way to go in terms of that. I love diesel for the economy. But the Golf is a cute car with sporty dynamics, and the TDI makes it one of the most economical things on the road. Turbos can fail for several reasons including shaft failure, but most commonly it’s from oil contamination. Have a weekly, monthly and yearly checklist for your car, home and any major appliances. 100k miles the timing belt, pulleys and water pump require replacement - $1K plus. I will return the "like" on your page as well. You can use any $$ amount, just keep it consistent throughout your figures for each vehicle. You will need to analyze your personal situation, but this car has paid for itself over and over again. Were you also able to see through the nonsense of "Dieselgate? For some strange reason, the instrument panel LED display erratically goes on and off; that means the clock and odometer sometimes stay on. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Hopefully people take the advice and information from this hub. Could you buy a cheap used limo and make money renting it out? VWs (not just diesels) have very over-engineered cooling systems that require special coolant too. There is no magic. I love it! $16,000 over 30 years. We did it in his driveway for ~$1K worth of parts. Discussion in 'Volkswagen' started by kudadang, Apr 11, 2009. not only problematic but also costly to fix. At around 150k miles, the fuel injector tips wear out resulting in smoke and reduced fuel economy and the injector pump may start leaking. One of the keys to taking care of a TDI is taking proper care of it, and there are some special things to know.

A guy I worked with had that happen @ 89K miles (when the interval USED to be 90K). Q: Back during the oil crisis of 1973, many automakers came out with small (1.8-liter and 2.0-liter) turbo engines. Next, it must appeal to the efficient and basically cheap side of me. TheRightWord (author) from Sunny California on May 21, 2012: Thank you. I have mentioned the importance of routine maintenance. That goes doubly for DSG transmissions. IF you fail to change the belt on time and it snaps, that's exactly right that you're looking at bent valves and $2k+ in engine damage (I know, I had it happen to me on an Acura when I was young and ignorant). If you don’t know when it was done last, don’t take the chance of failure – get it changed sooner rather than later.

The oil pump on 2.0L TDI engines have been a point of contention for years. They are far less powerful, and they do not have the mileage range that a diesel VW has. I think it's important to share our experiences, good or bad, to help others make informed decisions. A well-maintained diesel engine can easily go 400-500,000 miles. Really, your going to list a plastic dipstick housing and hood insulation as problems relating to the reliability of a car? TDIs require very special oil (the valve lifters create more heat than most, breaking down normal oils) that is NOT available at your neighborhood Jiffy Lube, and even dealers often screw this up. While replacing your timing belt, have the water pump replaced also. How do you arrive at the $3k and some change comparison number? The ring gear welding to the torque converter. Extremely active and knowledgeable forums about every TDI (and VW) topic under the sun, though there are a few overly vocal a-holes who are hostile to hypermilers.

A list of some of the most commonly used terms and phrases in America's most popular motorsport, NASCAR. I keep an eye on major items like cars, appliances and even real estate—I like to know what is going on, even if I'm not in the market to buy something yet. A diesel engine can easily manage 500,000 km and still have room to keep going and going. It’s not regarded with as much importance as engine maintenance, though with intervals of 60,000 to 100,000 miles, timing is critical. This article will detail my struggles with the German car. I love the VW design and performance. How Many Miles Do Jeeps Generally Last? During my research I found that Golf models are far more reliable than Jetta and Beetle. Trust your VW high mileage repairs to the shop that knows VW best in Brooklyn, L&M Foreign Cars. The engine hood insulator disintegrated and required replacement. Its hard to know for sure without knowing your habits, maintenance schedule, knowledge, and skill level. Question: I enjoyed your article and appreciate your thorough research. If the timing belt goes on that car your engine is screwed, the head will be done at the very least and they are expensive to fix $2K if I remember. Ride this way for the excitement of reading and voting!!! Answer: I love diesel technology.

Since then the Ring Gear welded on the the Torque Converter wore out. I can live, somewhat vicariously, on someone else's purchase of a wonderful new stove or shiny fridge. A replacement oil pump isn’t cheap but it’s significantly less expensive than a replacement motor. The TDI engine may last up to 500k miles but everything around it won't. Assuming all other factors are the same (cost, repairs, etc), this car has already saved around $13,300 over 9 years or an average of $1488 per year in fuel costs alone (20,000 miles / 42 mpg = 476.2 * $3.44/gal = $1638/year). We bought our TDI with 142k on it and I have no worries about its longevity. This DIY works for Audi and VW across the board depending on year. It only has 498,000 miles on it, and so far has only had the auto trans rebuilt as it was dripping trans fluid slightly. I'm driving an '89 Silverado diesel with the Detroit 6.2L diesel. That said, it is NOT something you have to stay up at night worrying about AT ALL.